Chapter 25: Chaos

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What will people do when they are hungry and see no hope?

The people of Jinzhou City are now providing an answer!

At this moment, ordinarily obedient citizens are blocking the county government office, leaving no escape. Not only here, but also at the city gate, people are aimlessly charging forward.

If Liang Sheng were here, he would recognize that many of the most agitated people in the crowd, wearing headscarves, are the monks that previously came to the city with Jinshan Temple for a funeral ceremony.

They intermittently incite the people and immediately relocate after speaking, never revealing themselves.

For a short while, outside the County Government Office, the crowd was abuzz, but the main gate remains tightly shut, with a group of constables blocking all people.

Outside the county government office in a secluded corner, Master Hongzhi and a few others are watching the situation without any expression.

"When Zheng Wanchun appears, we'll be ready to act," The speaker is the leader of this riot, Yang Laifa, the protector of the No-Life Sect.

As he spoke, he glanced at Hongzhi in a gentle tone, "Master Hongzhi, when will your master, Saint Monk Xuan Ji, arrive?"

Upon hearing these words, Hongzhi couldn't help but frown slightly, his tone a bit harsh, "Jinshan Temple is only cooperating with you, not serving under you. There is no need to report my master's whereabouts to you."

At Hongzhi's words, Yang Laifa just furrowed his brows slightly, but the other people's eyes seemed to spit fire, restrained by Yang Lafia's stern gaze. He then raised his hand to soothe them, urging them to stay calm.

"Master Hongzhi, I offer you an apology. My words were harsh just now. Our Holy Sect is also greatly grateful to you for smuggling our fellow followers into the city."

Upon hearing this, Hongzhi's disposition improved slightly. He gained control over his emotions before speaking: "My master says that the situation in the city is not quite right recently, he is feeling restless, so he has decided to wait and watch."

"Huh? Your master doesn't plan to take action with us?"

Yang Laifa was a bit puzzled before nodding, "If that's what your master says, then our plan will be postponed. After all, Jinshan Temple has been deeply rooted in Jinzhou City for years and understands the situation here better than us."

Having said that, he turned to another subordinate, "Inform our people not to act hastily, wait and watch for now."


The follower of the No-Life Sect was clearly anxious upon hearing this, but at a glance from Yang Laifa, he could only comply with reluctance.

He quickly rushed to the scene of the disturbance, lowered his head to infiltrate the crowd, then located his scout to whisper some instructions before retreating swiftly with his men.

Due to the overcrowded citizens, the constables did not notice them. After all, these country folks were acting a bit crazy.

Hongzhi did not expect Yang Laifa to make such a decision. His estimation of them rose slightly. He also thought of how they had saved face in front of Liang Sheng last time and his expression softened.

"Protector Yang, now that our two parties are in cooperation, we must of course work together sincerely. This is a major matter, and we can only take action when we are a hundred percent sure."

Seeing Hongzhi like this, Yang Laifa smiled, "Master Hongzhi, there is no need to worry that I will have grudges. Our Holy Sect has been planning for hundreds of years, and we will naturally not be impatient."

Upon hearing this, Hongzhi said nothing more, he glanced at the direction of the disturbance and couldn't help but sneer.

With the common people unable to eat, he wondered how those gentries would handle it?

Finally, Yang Laifa and Hongzhi retreated along a narrow alley with their men. However, on a tall building outside the county office, a few people were calmly watching the disturbing scene below. These were Xia Zhiqiu, Liang Ying, and Wu Chang.

"County Lord, it's been so long and the No-Life Sect has not made a move. It seems the citizens are acting of their own accord. Should we open the warehouse and distribute grain?"

Wu Chang couldn't help but suggest. Despite many grain stores in the city being burned down, the granaries of the local gentry families and the county office still have a large amount of grain.

This is a noble family, after all, they have been able to stand tall for hundreds of years, how could they not have corresponding preventative measures?

At this moment, Xia Zhiqiu shook his head, "It's not yet time, No-Life Sect has not appeared, anything we do now will be in vain."

Upon hearing this, Liang Ying and Wu Chang did not say more. After all, the other party was the parental official of Jinzhou city. Since he had spoken thus, why should they meddle further?

They briefly discussed the situations they were each responsible for, then Liang Ying and Wu Chang excused themselves to leave. They did not dare to leave their family for too long, especially since Jinzhou City had been in total chaos recently.

Not long after they left, Zheng Wanchun came upstairs. Xia Zhiqiu did not turn around but directly asked, "Has there been a letter from the state government yet?"

"Sir," Zheng Wanchun was obviously excited at this point, "The Dragon Suppression Guard has arrived twenty miles outside of Jinzhou City, hiding in Miaoshan Mountain."

"Good, let them be ready at all times. The No-Life Sect should make their move soon, after all, we have given them a large gift, causing them to expose themselves early. I guess these pariahs cannot endure for too long."

"Yes, sir!"

Zheng Wanchun was extremely enthused, seeing that his superior was a man destined for great success. Perhaps no one would have guessed that the death of the county magistrate was not the work of the No-Life Sect at all.

At this moment, Xia Zhiqiu, looking down over the entire Jinzhou city, had a small smirk on his face, "I want to see just how long they can endure!"


During the unrest in Jinzhou City, Liang Sheng hid within his mansion, not daring to make a single move. However, watching from the outside, he also saw many things that those inside the struggle could not see.

The Liang family had been mobilizing frequently, their internal strife was incessant, and the number of white banners raised in the Liang family area, as well as the mournful wailing, had increased an unknown amount compared to usual.

Showever he at the Wu family's area, he discovered that the Wu family's circumstances were the same.

On the whole, during this chaos, it was the county government's losses that were minimal. Although the county government had lost its magistrate, Liang Sheng found many suspicious points about the magistrate's death.

Why did the No-Life Sect not declare their identity after the deaths of the previous secretaries and clerks? Why did they specifically choose to expose themselves at such a crucial moment?

When Liang Sheng connected all the events, he found a blind spot in the situation. Over these three months, the Liang and Wu Families had suffered heavy losses, and countless members of the No-Life Sect had died or been injured.

Only the county government, apart from losing a few "bigwigs", did not lose much of its armed force. It was almost as if everything was under control of the county government.

The Shengde Building had previously been attacked and suffered significant losses, but fortunately, there had been no casualties. At the time, Zheng Wanchun had come to visit Liang Sheng and felt relieved when he saw that Liang Sheng was unharmed.

However, whenever Liang Sheng thought about the deep meaning behind Zheng Wanchun's eyes at the time, he became more convinced that the unrest in Jinzhou City was definitely not as simple as it appeared on the surface.

However, Liang Sheng felt more at ease because of this; since this was the case, it meant that all the parties were jockeying for power and they were certainly not eyeing him, the "waste".

After all, during the previous unrest in Jinzhou City when the No-Life Sect did not bother him, why would they care about him now, when it was almost time for the final decisive battle?

Moreover, Liang Sheng himself now had some confidence that, even in the event of an accident, he now possessed a bit of the power to protect himself and he wouldn't be like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

After several months of hard cultivation, Unmoving Ming King Seal had finally advanced to the third layer. It took him full ten years to go from the second layer to the third layer.

The Talent of Innocent Foolishness, without the advantage of a high realm to cultivate from the beginning, was extremely slow to practice. However, the benefits brought by the breakthrough of the Unmoving Ming King Seal were also astonishing.

This is because his Golden Dragon Technique was about to break through the eighth layer. That is to say, Liang Sheng was about to break through to the Post-Natal "Eighth" Level.

At that time, his strength would rival Wu Chang and Zheng Wanchun. Who else in the city could match him?!