2 Midtown High

"Hey, Pete wait up!!!"

I heard someone shouting behind me while I was navigating myself to the lockers. I turned around to see a slightly huffing MJ. She looked like the MJ from the original Spider-Man trilogy, and from my memories, she had the same personality too. She wanted to become an actress and the old peter had encouraged her as well.

He also had a crush on her...since she had been helping him a lot after his uncle and aunt's death which probably helped those feelings. I am also thankful to her but I don't have a crush on her anymore and thankfully I am not affected much by my memories.

Now that I think about it, MJ has always been trying to get into the group of the "popular guys and girls" which is understandable because she needs popularity to be successful, and being there might help her build her personality. All that is good but my memories also show that she has a crush on Harry...poor old Peter, he never had a chance.

As for me well I will just treat her as a friend. I am not attracted to her romantically but I do like her as a friend and there is no harm in being friends.

After this monologue which happened in a split second, I wryly smile at MJ and shortly wave towards her and say, " Hiya MJ! sorry I was busy in my thoughts since this morning. I am working on a personal science project"

MJ looks at me with concern and a look of understanding comes on her face, " ahh so that's why you looked so lost when entering the school"

"Yeah it's just some small science project I am doing for fun don't worry about me I am fine" I shrug and give a small smile.

MJ nodded and seemed relieved, " ok then, I don't think I can help much with that but if you wanna talk about anything just tell me ok? I can at least do this much for a friend"

"Haha, you have helped me a lot already MJ, don't worry"

"That's good, well I gotta go now Pete. My English class should be starting soon, cya later!!" She smiled and shuffled away.

I watched her go on her way and thought that she was just like I thought she would be. I just shrugged and continued towards the chemistry classroom.

After a few minutes of walking, I entered the classroom and found it almost full. We had to share the table in groups of two so I was searching for a partner when my eyes fell on a Spider-Gwen look alike.

'Huh...who would have thought my favorite heroine from the Spider-Man series would be here' I was inwardly shocked.

I did remember having Gwen in my class, but it seems that old peter had such a dedicated crush on MJ that he didn't even register any other girls in the school properly. That's quite amusing really.

This changes a few things. I never thought school might be worth it, but if I could become friends with Gwen then it would totally be worth it. I don't know if I like her romantically because I am a believer in the thought of "personality comes first" so the fanboy in me would probably look at her as if she is an idol. Truthfully who hasn't wished to meet their favorite fictional characters? I know I do!

Alright!!! So it looks like she doesn't have a lab partner yet. Should I go? I don't know...I hope I don't mess up in front of my idol. Gwen was known to be a genius in Biology and Chemistry so she would be pretty good in this class but I am not so sure about myself.

The old Peter insisted on only learning content to the point where it is required in school so that he could "fit in" with the others, but I think that was quite a foolish thing to do. He could have read ahead easily and even been at university-level easily if he tried and used his gift of intelligence. I guess this adds one more thing to do for today after going home.

While thinking I went towards Gwen's table and asked Gwen whether I can join her.

Gwen looked a bit surprised but still nodded and agreed with a smile. She seems nice.

The class started and we did the lab experiment which found quite easy to do after briefly reading the theory quickly. Seriously? this is what they are teaching here? These labs are too easy.

I was in an engineering course at university in my past life and had to do chemistry A levels as one of the three subjects, that we had to choose in high school. It was an absolute nightmare...and having a bad teacher made the subject harder for me. Still, I got through after putting in a lot of effort and taking some tuition classes so I made damn sure to remember the stuff I learned for life. Yeah... that's how I keep my grudges haha. I have always been like this, if I find some subject hard I do my best to conquer it and after I am done I make sure to never forget it.

While I was reminiscing, in parallel I did the experiment as instructed and finished taking the results. After having finished before the others I got started writing the report so that I don't have to do it later.

After the class, I went back to the homeroom with the other students. Gwen didn't talk much and I didn't bother her either.

Arriving in the homeroom I silently went to one of the corner seats by the window and sat down. Just then a teacher whom I recognized as our homeroom teacher came in and after a sweeping gaze class through the classroom said, "Alright everyone, settle down!!!"

"There is going to be a trip organized by the science department with the support of Oscorp in two days, it is mandatory and we think that it would be a great opportunity for y'all to see how a real company works and what they work on. I hope y'all gain something from it, if not then just treat it as a fun tour. That's all." Then he sat down on the teacher's chair in the middle of the room and got busy marking some papers.

Well, isn't that a surprise, this must be the trip on which I can get an opportunity to find the radioactive spider. I am excited to go there now. I wonder what will the building be like? like the one in the famous Spiderman trilogy movies or will it be like The Amazing Spider-Man movies. I hope I can find the spider though. Does the bite hurt? Will I be unconscious immediately or will I be fine till reaching back home? I hope it goes alright...Why am I thinking so fast? This is so weird...

The rest of the classes went by with nothing interesting happening then as the school bell rang for the end of school, I collected my stuff from the lockers and without gathering attention stealthily left the school. Wouldn't want to be in a cliche situation like confrontation with the bullies, do I?

After a 20 minutes walk, I reached home, set my timer for 2 hours, and after changing my clothes I directly I lay in my bed decided to take a nap for a while...

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