Immortal Spider Man: Multiverse Traveller

Author: Nyxio
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What is Immortal Spider Man: Multiverse Traveller

Read ‘Immortal Spider Man: Multiverse Traveller’ Online for Free, written by the author Nyxio, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A Uni student finds himself as Peter Parker in the Marvel World. What will this new Peter do now that he is immortal? Wi...


A Uni student finds himself as Peter Parker in the Marvel World. What will this new Peter do now that he is immortal? Will he be a Hero, Villain, or something in between? WARNING!!! There is no real risk to MCs life and life of those he likes. If you don’t like this, then don’t read it :) This fanfic is wish-fulfilment so the MC is gonna be OP. Also, the first world is AU so there might be differences in the timings of events... ~Well this is it from me~ Hope you enjoy it ~ No Harem :3 First World: MCU+Mutants Second World: Miles Morales: Into The Multiverse movie universe. Third World: Back to MCU+Mutants Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from marvel who appear in this story. The artwork and characters belong to their respective owners. I don't earn anything from this story and it is written only as a Hobby.

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Hello there! This novel is a bit different to usual fanfics because there is no risk to MC's life!!! yay!!! or .............maybe no yay? Anyways, as I said, no risk to MC's life and he has a few powers that let him resurrect, age or even de-age. You get it right? OP as heck! So why am I even writing this fic if MC is already OP? Well I kinda wish that if I ever reincarnate I can get the option to get his powers xD So well it is kinda a SI cuz I want a risk-free adventure in an MCU+Mutants world. I wanna explore the heights my MC can reach. MC at the start of the story has only a few options for attack(ageing/de-ageing kinda like that particular quirk from MHA). He doesn't have mid/long-range attacks and no regen(he can resurrect though). So throughout the novel, he will collect more abilities starting from....Spiderman!!! He will keep the costume theme to be spiderman cuz I like it, and as a homage to his first superpowers, hence the title and cover... Hope you enjoy the novel!!! I read all comments and reviews and would love it if you share your views <3 I am also trying to improve at writing so that I can write what I am thinking in my head better xD so any help is appreciated!!


I really like this fanfic so far. I used to consider myself a picky reader, but after reading this story I realized that I am not the picky one. Although there are a lot of mistakes, I still liked it a lot, but I have to break the points because I keep my comments objective.


Nice going. Keep it up! No harem, please. No harem, please. No harem, please. No harem, please. No harem please.No harem, please. No harem please.No harem, please. No harem, please. No harem please.


Ok so its a cool story but here are some downsides to it. The MC has the power of immortality which is cool BUT he can also “ressurect” anyone he wants to. For me this just makes everything pointless, an MC that cant struggle or experience loss is just a waste of time for me (the author states he is tired of over dramatic novels so he wants to make one where the MC can live freely) Another issue for me is precisely this, the MCs happy go lucky attitude is just once again not very interesting to read. I dont need nor do I want an edge lord MC, i want a realistic and relatable one. Not a naive child who was given power over life and death running amok lol Other than those 2-3 points the novel is pretty good. If it werent for those things id have given this a full 4 stars easy. (P.S. the MC bringing up how “smart” he is gets annoying lol)


Nice Fanfic............................. But pls don't drop in midway.........................................................................................


The Mc should definitely use age manipulation, you can do some crazy things with it, it can also help with hiding his identity by making it look like he’s older just from the build of the body, and when he wants to go back to normal Peter, he can just go back to his original age.


Very good Spiderman fic and I really like it, with the antihero and egotistical mc. I suggest reading it for all of you for those who don't like Spiderman punnihero fic


honest review not hate review, this novel kinda messy a bit, the whole novel is like typical "redo" novel but he already got few too OP powers from the start. His "giga chad" kinda cringe a bit. he is low key but at the same time kinda stupid for letting his secret trump card out just like that.


very good story. i will miss this story a lot. stay strong author. we all will wait for your return. ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Bro Noir is my favourite Spider-Man and Second Favorite Hero the First one being Batman, Anyways here's an 5 Star for having Noir as the Cover.


5 Star for no harem 🎉🥳🎉 . .


Hello guys,I am rebooting this Story In My Own Way & I plan to continue with the story but with a different Origin Story & Changes You Can Give It A Read If you'd like to I am still in the process of writing further Chapters & Changes & You Can Tell Me Your Suggestions & Leave A Review If You Can So I Can know what I need & How I Can Improve the Story, Thankyou 😇


Very good, please update please update please update please update please update please update please update please update please update please update please update please update please update


To the AUTHOR, Hope the MC becomes ANTI-HERO with Strong sense JUSTICE, But in a balance way of the world in Grey not in Black and White. As it is mix of comics(Earth-616) N movies(MCU). Make his suit mix of black and grey Assassin type suit with the mix of Uru, Admantium, Vibranium with defensive runes and magic in Nano-Tech instead of Spandex. Change Mutants into Meta-Humans. MC- Make him a Nigh Immortal with unlimeted potential, Master in Combat Arts(All Martial arts, Weaponary as well as Chi, etc.,), Magic , Runes , Smith/Smithery, Science( Math, Che , Phy, Bio), a brain better than super-computer all in all a master to every thing to level according to author leveling system. Make MC save Earth from Pollution, making the Earth richer in Natural, Chi, Ki/Qi Mana and cosmiic energy and teach people of Tech-Magic(Technomancy), Chi and Many other Arts. Also kindly Bring the Asian Characters as there are Western Characters. Make MC better than all of them as Jack of all trades and as well a master of all so to say "Perfectum" but make all of them get powers above as it cited in Paragraph. As it an OP comment not make it OP just make it slowly step by step for making MC more OP. Thanks- Reader!


This was great while it lasted, hope you feel better, focus on yourself not in your rage, as rage only brings yourself more down, and just know that your abuser is just a victim himself. Take care of yourself author, stay strong.


Love interest scarlet witch... As a brainless sw fan I can't stand it anymore I have to give this story 5 stars. I'm tired of scarlet witch being taken into the harem and acting like a brainless woman in stupid chinese novels.


Peak good to read if trying to pass time and just good to read in general


this is the best fanfic I have ever seen


Muy buena historia me encanta,El Mc es genial, me gusta el humor de la historia,en mi opinion una de las mejores que e leido, recomiendo esta historia es una historia 10/10. En mi humilde opinion


Great story(I am at chapter 4) That's all you need to see. Trust me. I wasn't interested in this story at first. Until I check my reading list.


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