I Want Mechas, Not Wives!

IT'S FAST PACED! (But you will also experience slow moments but no slow chapters!) "Let's play pretend kissing, chu~" she said, and two seconds later, as I looked at the girl who had melted into a puddle, I realized. "I recognize that seductive face. Could it be that I am Ryker Yukline from "Stardom Academy!?" A sci-fi world, numerous of heroins, a scummy villain, whom I created for that world. Ryker Yukline is the antagonist who often hinders the protagonist from trying to win the heroines for the election. Not content with just obstructing the achievements of the protagonists, he also sets traps, and in the bad endings, he seduces and turns the heroines into submissive females. Naturally, Ryker faces every antagonist end, as in any heroine's route, destruction awaits him. "I don't want to be killed, so I'll just power...as a backup plan I will also try to curry favour from the main Heroins! And try to live without involving with the FL's." Despite my intentions, the heroines of the game keep coming closer. Um, wait, isn't she starting to look a bit... seductive? A story where the protagonist, who becomes the strongest through game knowledge, tries to casually curry some favours, only to end up seducing the heroines. Caution: This is a sci-fi based fast-paced novel, and to build world, backstory, and character trait, I have given a lot of info dump(kindly forgive) in early 3-5 chap! But the info will be really interesting and there will be story progression in the same chaps too! Please try it! A'sN: Saffron's not the real cousin sister of Ryker! :) And, it's harem :D and hopefully, not lust crazed just sweet and heartwarming!

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The Plan

"First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ryker Quest. I'm a former prince of this country and currently a duke. I'm still young, so it's natural to underestimate me, but I'd like you to treat me as your lord."

"However, don't feel intimidated; rather, feel free to approach me casually."

As soon as I finished speaking Karen was the first one to bounce back on me.

"Understood! Lord Ryker! Can I hug you!?"

"It's fine. Later, Karen."

"He called my name hehe... and even gave permission... hehehe."

'I can hear all her words, sigh...!'

I averted my gaze from Karen, who has a Shotacon tendency and looked at the others.

My greetings seemed to make them more bewildered than appreciative. Perhaps because they thought of me as a child, there's an unsettling feeling of unfamiliarity.

Well, they don't seem dissatisfied, but that doesn't matter. If they don't work to the full of their capabilities I know what to do hehe.

"And this person is General Lorenzo. He's my guardian."

"I'm Lorenzo. Let's get along well."

Well, with his background, it would be strange if they didn't know him. After all, he was the first Vanguard of the kingdom.

"Now that introductions are out of the way, I'd like to proceed with my plans for the meeting right away."

First, I looked at the mayor.

"Mayor. I read the data, and it says here that Milenia has many vacant apartments, right?"

"Y-Yes. It's been declining for a long time, so with the decrease in population, there are quite a few vacant sectors."

"All those vacant houses, get rid of them. Specifically, let's divide the area into four sections centred around the bridge where the river and the road intersect. Erase the sector format of the dutchy."

"Then, for redevelopment, demolish all the buildings in one section, one with low population, except for the shops facing the main street. Mayor, I'll leave it to you to relocate the residents of the demolished section."


"What's the matter? According to the documents, even if all the residents from one section move to the vacant houses, there will still be plenty of empty ones, right?"

"W-Well, that's true."

It's understandable that the mayor is bewildered. I'm aware that what I'm suggesting is outrageous. But leaving vacant houses as they are is not an option.

Besides, there are no resources or anything profitable in the duchy, so we need to create something that generates income.

"I understand there may be various issues, such as resistance from the residents. But rest assured, Mayor. I intend to use all the money available to the ducal family as compensation."

"...Even so, emotionally..."

"I'll leave that to you, Mayor. Your humble nature makes you beloved by the people. If anyone can convince them, it's you."

"Me? Doing something like that?"

"Only you can do it. Your help is essential for this town to regain its former glory."

"...I-I understand! Let's give it a try!"

Those words work best for someone lacking confidence. Well, it's not a lie, so it's fine.

"Now, Pond. As the head of the guild, I want you to use all your connections to promote this town."

"That's fine, but what kind of promotion?"

"Anything will do."


"Spread rumours to attract people, whether it's about something amazing happening here, why it's beneficial to settle here, why it's good to invest, just spread rumours to gather people."

"Spreading lies!?"

"Yes. Lies can turn into truth once they come here."

To redevelop or revitalize commerce, we need people. The more people gather, the stronger the scent of money, for better or worse. Once people gather, merchants will naturally follow, and industries will develop.

So, we'll forcibly gather people with lies.

"I'm a prince. General Lorenzo is a prominent figure in this country. There's no way there's nothing in a duchy where two important people have been sent. Though there is really nothing here we won't mention about that."

"Spread rumours to gather people. As the head of the guild, there's nothing you can't do, right?"

The truth has not yet spread among the masses. It will likely be revealed when Saffron achieves success, and the royal family boasts about it.

So, we'll take advantage of that time lag.

"Wait, are you using my name too!?"

"What are you saying, General? I'll have you use all my connections, not just my name to spread rumours."

"Umm... Okay..."

Despite his dissatisfaction, he agreed to it anyway. On the other hand, Pond has a sour expression. Can't be helped, his reputation will be greatly damaged for helping me after all.

Wait, maybe...

"Do you still lack confidence? Then how about this?"

I took out a large crystal from the bag at my feet.

"W-What's this?"

It's a crystal from the Cybernetic Labyirinth. 


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