I Want Mechas, Not Wives!

IT'S FAST PACED! (But you will also experience slow moments but no slow chapters!) "Let's play pretend kissing, chu~" she said, and two seconds later, as I looked at the girl who had melted into a puddle, I realized. "I recognize that seductive face. Could it be that I am Ryker Yukline from "Stardom Academy!?" A sci-fi world, numerous of heroins, a scummy villain, whom I created for that world. Ryker Yukline is the antagonist who often hinders the protagonist from trying to win the heroines for the election. Not content with just obstructing the achievements of the protagonists, he also sets traps, and in the bad endings, he seduces and turns the heroines into submissive females. Naturally, Ryker faces every antagonist end, as in any heroine's route, destruction awaits him. "I don't want to be killed, so I'll just power...as a backup plan I will also try to curry favour from the main Heroins! And try to live without involving with the FL's." Despite my intentions, the heroines of the game keep coming closer. Um, wait, isn't she starting to look a bit... seductive? A story where the protagonist, who becomes the strongest through game knowledge, tries to casually curry some favours, only to end up seducing the heroines. Caution: This is a sci-fi based fast-paced novel, and to build world, backstory, and character trait, I have given a lot of info dump(kindly forgive) in early 3-5 chap! But the info will be really interesting and there will be story progression in the same chaps too! Please try it! A'sN: Saffron's not the real cousin sister of Ryker! :) And, it's harem :D and hopefully, not lust crazed just sweet and heartwarming!

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Seated in the front row, my cousin Saffron and I sat side by side, attentive to the lecture delivered by our teacher.

His OptiSight glasses caught the light as he stood before the blackboard, imparting knowledge in the grand lecture room of the royal castle.

"The federation consists of four countries: Orionlite to the north, Sylia to the south, Ravenhurst to the east, and Astromark to the west. Currently, the heads of the four countries are bedridden, leading to a lack of coordination among them."

"Fortunately, the only alien civilization we know is currently experiencing civil war and does not have the capacity to intervene in our federation, so peace is expected to be maintained."

Resting my chin on my hand on the desk, I glanced out the window. Saffron, not minding the class at all, kept drilling holes in my cheek with her fingers.

Hey, lewd redhead. Stop poking my cheek.

"However, the current lack of cooperation indicates that each country must operate independently, which will result in small-scale achievements in all aspects such as economics and technological development."

"Additionally, it is predicted that in times of emergency, it will take time for reinforcements from other countries to arrive."

"Therefore, our country, which shares a border with the main continent, requires cooperation between military factions and royalists. Policies such as the adoption of Princess Saffron from the Starfall's house into the royal family have been implemented—"

Hey, lewd redhead. Don't lean on my shoulder, it's heavy.

"Back to the topic, since the leaders are absent, each country is seeking proxy leaders."

"However, due to leaders still being alive but bedridden, it is impossible to hold elections under the law, and there is a tangled motive to set up their own people as proxies to gain advantages, thus the idea has been shelved."

"Therefore, each country is currently in the process of selecting candidates for the next head of state for the upcoming federal election in 13 years!"

Don't suck my ear, just stop it! Stop wrapping your arm around mine! Let go, you lewd redhead!


As I tried to push my cousin sister away, I was yelled at by the teacher with OptiSight glasses.

"What do you think you're doing, not paying attention to the class even though you're supposed to be one of the candidates for the next head of state!?"

"N-no, I am paying attention."

"Then, please tell us about the content!"

"We want to change the leader because they're not functioning properly. But for various reasons, we can't change them, so each country is selecting candidates for the next election to pursue their own interests."

"Hmm. Well, roughly speaking, that's correct. But listen more seriously, please."

"Why don't you get mad at her instead of me?" I pointed with anger at Saffron, who gave her ugly (cute) puppy eyes to the teacher.

"It's fine for Princess Saffron. Despite being a princess, in a negative light, she's effectively a hostage. She cannot be a candidate, only you, prince, will be represented from the Astromark kingdom."

As the teacher said, it was true at this point. However, this will not be so true in the future. After all, she gains immense support from the king as she grows up, and after my father dies, she will be the representative candidate from Astromark, not Ryker.

Due to her achievement in preventing the invasion of the demons, my cousin sister's popularity would skyrocket.

And since this country wanted to remove the leader from our family, YUKLINE, they would easily switch from me to Saffron Yukline (Starfall).

By the way, in the game, because of this, Ryker, who wanted to be the leader, would become jealous of Saffron, and their relationship as siblings would deteriorate. Then, Ryker would do everything he could to steal the candidacy or representative place from Saffron.

"It seems time is up. Let's end the class here. Make sure to review what we've covered."

With the teacher leaving the lecture room, I deliberately stretched Saffron's cheeks to the utmost as she jumped up in pain and confusion.

"It's over, wake up!!"

"HAA!!, Ryker, your waking-up method is very rough! How can a brother lack this much love for his sister!"

It can't be helped. Interacting with this cousin sister means getting involved in the story. Moreover, this cute face will turn me into monster food alive in 10 years. It's unavoidable to become indifferent.

However, it's not good to leave a bad impression, so I'll treat her kindly.

"What then? Do you want me to be your hubby-like? Disgusting!" I retorted, but as expected, Saffron completely ignored my words and proceeded to do what she wanted.

"Then, I'll sleep now, so wake me up. You know how to wake up a princess, right?"

Closing her eyes, she puckered her lips. This lewd redhead.

She's getting addicted to kissing.

Even though she's my cousin sister, it's not appropriate for siblings to kiss like that. It's about time I put a stop to it.

"I won't kiss you. It's not something to be done so easily!"

"Don't act innocent now after doing it so many times!"

"No matter what you say, I won't do it."

"Ugh, no way! Especially since lately, you've been going out at night and not kissing me!"

Hey, what's with that ominous line?

I thought she was sleeping. I made sure to check her out, but... why does she act like my wife every time?


More importantly, does she know about my nocturnal outings?

"If you don't kiss me now! I'll stick to you all the time so you won't be able to go out!"

"Even while sleeping!?"

"Yes, mhm mhm!!"

Uh, that's not good.

If it was just me, it'd be fine, but if this noisy stepsister follows me, she might discover that I've been leveling up in the cybernetic labyrinth quietly.

Although she is the one who taught me to use the NBE cannon module, I can't let her tag along with me.

Since this guy has always skipped classes and ignored everyone, he has practically no lore knowledge, neither how to pilot a mech nor its various modules.

I can see why his father felt repulsive towards Ryker.

Apart from that, I've been going to the cybernetic labyrinth to level up in order to obtain the Quantum Pulse Rifle.

Although I can't equip it since my proficiency level is just at [I].

If this matter is exposed, I might be stopped from going out by the guards, and I might even be monitored in the future.

If that happens, I won't be able to obtain the Quantum Pulse Rifle, and I might face a future of destruction.

"Okay, I understand. I'll kiss you."

"Really? Let's kiss a lot then. Mwah!"

Once again, my sister's face melted into bliss.

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