3 I Will Not Render Forgiveness!

As Anne lay in the hospital bed, connected to an IV drip, the memories of someone's childhood flooded her mind while she remained unconscious.

However, she felt different kinds of pain slowly glide into her both emotionally and physically.

Anne's real memory was kept somewhere in her brain but now, the memory of a stranger fuelled her head.

She saw glimpses of a once-happy family, of laughter and warmth, before tragedy had struck, and the stranger—a slightly older beautiful woman with hair that looked almost golden, had lost her parents in a tragic incident.

The memories were bittersweet, a stark contrast to the pain and suffering that the same woman had endured in recent years.

'Senorita Chen?' Anne asked herself while her lips remained still. 'This is all like a dream but at the same time, it feels real. All these memories feel like my very own.'

Anne also remembered the loss of her— Senorita's only friend, who had travelled with his parents after she lost her parents to the tragic incident and never returned.

It was a wound that had never truly healed, and Anne felt Senorita's lingering sadness over the years of loneliness that had followed.

Slowly, Anne's eyes opened and she looked at her body.

Just like she had thought, she was no longer Anne Mu.

It was very easy to accept this because she knew about transmigration from the books she had read.

And not only the books, she knew someone very close to her who had transmigrated and she learnt that if one did not accept the new person he or she had become, the soul would be rejected and seize to exist.

Anna saw this as a one-time opportunity and she did not want her life to end just because she refused to be who she was now.

She would be too dumb to start panicking.

She was given another life, just like the female leads she often see in those books and it would be dumb to spend the quarter of the life she was given in denying who she was now. She knew the consequences if she did so.

And besides, this felt too real. The pain, memory and everything was too real to her.

Now, as Anne inhabited Senorita's body, she couldn't help but empathize with the woman whose life she had entered.

The pain Senorita had gone through resonated with her, and Anne felt as if she were experiencing it firsthand.

She knew that Senorita had been a victim, and she was determined to break free from the chains of abuse that had bound her for so long.

Anne couldn't help but feel a deep sympathy for the woman. She whispered to herself, her voice trembling, "Senorita, I promise I'll make things right for you." She paused and her own memory came to her too, "and for my previous self, Anne Mu!"

"I know the life I have chosen now is a far worse...maybe not but I am not determined to die in pain anymore."

"I believe people with rotten hearts can never change. I thought those girls were going to change but I was fooled. I do not believe bad people can ever change and therefore, I will not render forgiveness."

"I must revenge for two people... and even for people who have fallen in the hands of these evil hearts."

"Anna Mu, you are now Senorita Chen, a more beautiful woman. Now that she can't revenge herself, do not let those people go scot free."

"If you must go to hell, please do so!"

"Owww...Jesus... my belly freaking hurts."

"Oh... Senorita Chen...I mean...I was hurt by my husband..." She closed her eyes to try to bring back a clearer memory. "...when I was about to announce that I was pregnant. He was such a stupid man. I would have left him since!"

But the new Senorita knew that it was all mouth talk, if it wasn't, she wouldn't have fell in the hands of her evil coursemates. She was so dumb then.

Just then, the doctor entered the room, a caring and gentle presence. Anne turned her gaze towards him, her eyes filled with uncertainty.

"Good evening, Mrs Li. How are you feeling today?"

The doctor was an old man, with a very pleasing smile. Someone who looked like her father.

The new Senorita couldn't do but shed tears as she recalled everything she had to go through and how her mother was reported as a murderer.

Senorita replied, softly. "I... I don't even know where to begin. Doctor, can you tell me something first? Am I still pregnant?"

"Yes, Mrs Li, you are indeed still pregnant. You almost lost your baby but miraculously it survived."

Senorita hesitated for a moment, her heart heavy with the burden of her decision. She knew what she had to do to protect herself and her unborn child even though this was not something good.

Because she knew too well that if she had lost her baby, it would have been easier to move on but then...she knew a child was still special no matter what circumstance revolved around it so she wanted to protect the child.

"Doctor, please, I beg you, don't inform my husband about the pregnancy."

The doctor looked concerned but at the same time, he was curious to understand why his patient who was married and had been expecting a baby for almost three years now say something like that.

"I understand your request, Mrs Li but may I ask why you don't want your husband to know about it? It's important for him to be aware of such matters."

Senorita knew she had to confide in the doctor, to let someone in on the horrors of her marriage.

"Doctor, you have to understand. My husband, Miguel... he wasn't always like this. He used to be kind, but he changed, became a monster. He... he abused me, physically and emotionally."

The doctor was surprised and then he immediately asked, "He was the one who did this to you?"

"Yes...Dr Lee."

"He did say you were beaten up and he was on his way to report to the police. In fact, you have been unconscious for three days because of these and some injuries might leave a scar."

Senorita couldn't reply.

Doctor Lee sighed. "We have heard familiar cases. I'm so sorry to hear that, Mrs Li. You don't deserve to go through such suffering. But still, why keep the pregnancy a secret from him? He should know nevertheless."

Anne bit her lips, "Because I'm planning to leave him. I can't stay in that hell any longer. I want to escape, to seek justice. But... but he has connections to dangerous people, and I'm afraid they'll harm me if they find out I'm leaving."

The doctor listened with empathy, realising the gravity of his patient's situation.

"Mrs Li, I want to help you. It's crucial that you consider informing the authorities about your abusive husband. Your safety and the safety of your child are of utmost importance."

With a desperate tone, Senorita replied, "I know, but it's not that simple. Miguel's connections... they're dangerous. I fear for my life if I take such a step."

"I understand your concerns, Mrs Li. We'll take things one step at a time. For now, let's focus on your recovery and keeping you and your child safe. You have my support, and together, we'll find a way to navigate this difficult situation."

Senorita nodded. Suddenly, she felt weak and decided to lay her back. Just when the doctor left, a nurse came in to check on her and with a smooth smile, she exclaimed, "Mrs Li, you are awake."

"I am, thanks for your care."

"Good, Mrs Li. I will like to ask you a personal question. Should I go on?"

"Yes, please."

"Your husband...is he a jobless man?"

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