I Transmigrated and Abandoned my Scum Husband for his Evil Boss! Book

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I Transmigrated and Abandoned my Scum Husband for his Evil Boss!


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In a world where some view women as mere tools for pleasure or punching bags, Senorita's husband takes pride in being a true monster. Just like the marriage vow—for better, for worse, Senorita decided to endure every hardship until one day, she got beaten to death. Anne Mu, once a tormented college student, now inhabits Senorita's body. She took on a daring move; to escape her vile husband for her childhood friend, Mr. Qin – an enigmatic and cunning corporate tycoon who turns out to be his boss. Their deal? A loveless contract marriage bound by a shared ambition. ______ "Mr. Qin, see my ex-husband over there? He works for you." "What should I do about him?" He asked. "Termination?" Senorita suggested. "No, Sena, there's a more delightful way to break him. Whoever made you cry all these years while I was away, surely deserves a pain far worse than death." _______ With scores to settle and fates hanging in the balance, Senorita and her childhood friend-turned-husband navigate an unorthodox alliance. As they blur the lines between friendship and passion, their sham marriage embarks on thrilling twists and turns. _______ Senorita surrendered to Lorenzo's arms, a man as icy as his allure. She savored her wine, tears etching her cheeks, and murmured an apology. "Forgive me, Iceman. I feel like such a burden." "No need," he retorted, his voice cold yet caring. "Thank you for rescuing me," Senorita choked, her voice trembling. "I love you..." Silence hung between them, Lorenzo's heart racing. He clenched his jaw, torn by emotions. "...as a dear friend," she continued, unaware of his desires. "I missed those days. You promised to marry me but then you disappeared and return as a very rich man." A bitter laugh escaped Lorenzo as he gazed at her. "Now I married you." With her heavy eyes she told him, "It's a contract marriage." Yawning, she added, "I can't imagine us together as real couple..." Lorenzo clenched his jaw again on hearing her, he wanted to ask her why he could not be a man that she desired but saw that she was fast asleep. "I love you too," he confessed, his words unheard by her. "Not just as a friend, Senorita, but as a woman."