I, Superman's Younger Brother, got the Thanos Template

This is a translation!! I liked this mtl so thought about translating it for webnovel so it has a bit more reach!! _____________________ MTL Synopsis: Batman: "You can't deny that your brother Superman attracted Zod, and the battle between the two almost destroyed half of the metropolis, and countless people died in that disaster-you have to look at the death list that is enough to drown people Is it?" David: "He was adopted." The Flash: "Why don't you stand up like your brother and lead the heroes to rush to the front line to protect the world." David: "I don't have his power." Wonder Woman: "You mean Superman was punched flying by Darkseid, you go up and beat the Dark Lord in a military style?"... Traveling through the DC world, David found himself the newborn child of Superman's adoptive parents The next son, he was born to get the Thanos template. And as long as it affects the emotions of the characters in the plot, can it accelerate the integration of templates and open new ones? Hyperion Template - Loading, Million Star Sentinel Template - Loading! Celestial Judge Alitham Template, Complete Phoenix Force Template, Golden Planet Devourer Template... _________________ OP MC,STRONG TO STRONGER,DC,TRANSMIGRATION,NO ROMANCE _______________ This fanfic doesn't belong to me. Author: Purple Potato Can Fly mtl link: https://www.69shuba.com/book/49959.htm

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Don't Force Me!



The First Redemption Church sent a message. The 'Redemption,' who is regarded as a messenger of God by millions of Catholics on Earth, will meet the 'Beyonder' who has saved the world several times, to discuss the disposal of the mask of Phycho-Pirate.

"There's grasslands as far as eyes can see. No need to worry about damaging anything and there are no cameras.

If anything happens, it's simply the best place to fight."

Aquaman shook his head, feeling uneasy about the meeting place the other party had chosen.

"Maybe he just genuinely wants to secure the mask?"

The Flash shrunk his head, quietly suggesting a possibility.

But others were clearly not as optimistic as him, especially Batman, who never trusted anyone. He knocked on the table.

"Regardless of his intentions, the mask must not be handed over to him."

He knew the mask had already been returned to Diana's hometown Paradise Island by David. As the Amazons who had guarded the Mother Box of Apokolips for countless ages, he felt more at ease with the mask being there than in the hands of the 'Redemption' who suddenly showed up.

Additionally, apart from 'Redemption,' the First Redemption Church was a Catholic sect supported by some wealthy people, without any power to protect the mask.

"I've looked into the past of a priest named Hightower. He once talked about his experiences during a sermon. He said he participated in a battlefield that was like a meat grinder. Some of the details, along with his age, mostly point to World War II."

Cyborg frowned.

"Maybe if you give me some more time, I can find out more about his detailed background."

A priest who had participated in World War II.

David knew they had discussed before that there wasn't much to dig into regarding the 'Redemption.' His life could be easily traced, with evidence from neighbors, teachers, and classmates. Before joining the First Redemption Church, he was just an ordinary person devoted to God.

"It was the mysterious 'Hightower' who discovered the real gold in a pile of rubble, turning Jared into the 'Redemption.' This man with no trace of his past is the most suspicious."

"The meeting with the 'Redemption' is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Is that enough time?"

Hal Jordan coughed, asking.

Before, he didn't really care about the 'Redemption' issue. He had a personality that didn't worry about tomorrow's events that hadn't happened yet. But the trend shown by the 'Redemption' was more than just a possibility of shaking the world.

A mysterious meeting, and a special mask that could drive any religious fanatic insane.

"There was no internet during World War II..."

Cyborg looked embarrassed.

To be honest, he wasn't confident that in just one day, relying on vague clues, he could find the real identity of Hightower in a large amount of online information, especially considering that Hightower's identity might not even be recorded in the online world.

"It's okay."

David slowly stood up.

"Regardless of his identity or purpose, he will use the hand of 'Redemption' to accomplish it.

In the end, it comes down to power."

He wanted to see how much the 'Redemption's' power could grow once his fame spread globally.

Clark and the others knew that if nothing unexpected happened tomorrow, there might be a fight between the two, and no one would have the power to help them. Tomorrow's battle might be a battle between the two strongest humans.


In the quiet night, starlight shone through the large glass windows into the church.

'Redemption' Jared, dressed in blue armor like carved marble, knelt at the pulpit, a hint of confusion in his brows, praying devoutly in a low voice.

"I know bearing the beliefs of too many people puts a great burden on your heart."

An old and gentle voice drifted in; Hightower, wearing a nightgown, came out from the brightly lit bedroom behind the church, holding a cup of hot tea.

"Would you like some tea?

Tea can soothe the mind."

"No, thank you, Father."

Redemption's tone was bitter.

"It's not just the expectations of others on me, the faith of the congregation in me as the belief in the Lord. My power has now been raised to unimaginable levels.

I don't even dare to speak loudly now, for fear of shattering the houses and people in front of me.

This is more dangerous than the situation with Nyasir last time."

Last time with Nyasir, he couldn't control the sudden surge of power, causing a military base to vanish along with hundreds of lives.

This time, not only did his power skyrocket, but compared to the increased power, the energy he originally possessed in his body was simply insignificant, like a rabbit suddenly gaining the strength of an elephant.

"I'm truly sorry about Nyasir.

None of us wanted that."

Hightower took a leisurely sip of tea.

"But you must control your power with patience and faith.

My child, we have relied on each other and have gone through the most difficult journey.

The sudden appearance of dawn is a revelation from the Lord. Should we be so weak as to ignore the Lord's help?"

"We have the opportunity to spread the glory of the Lord throughout the world immediately, as long as we obtain that mask.

Let us not disappoint the Lord's gaze upon us. The Lord is watching us."

Upon hearing these words, 'Redemption' straightened his posture, a hint of excitement gradually appearing on his face.

His abilities were a gift from the Lord. His coming to the Earth carried the will of the Lord. As Father Hightower said, he was chosen by the Lord to be a messenger spreading the gospel.

"What are these trials of faith compared to the tests faced by Abraham and Isaac?"

Hightower shook his head and chuckled.

At these words, a fervent zeal filled the eyes of 'Redemption,' as if he were a crusader ready to martyr himself at any moment.

This was a biblical allusion, a test of Abraham's faith in God. Abraham was asked to take his only son Isaac to a mountain, a journey lasting three days and three nights, and sacrifice him to God.

When the young Isaac followed his father to the mountain without any sheep but to sacrifice himself to God, he saw his father raise the knife. Realizing what was about to happen, Isaac did not resist, obediently bowing his head in devout submission.

The loyalty of the two endured the test, and just as the tragic scene was about to unfold, an angel intervened, and the Lord's gaze continued to watch over them.

"I participated in the most brutal war in human history.

When my comrades and I were ordered to press against a German front line, we dropped tens of thousands of corpses, but we still couldn't break through that line."

By the window, Hightower, holding a cup of black tea, ran his fingers over the cold windowsill, gazing at the moonlight pouring like frost onto the ground.

He seemed to have returned to that cruel and merciless, hopeless cold night when more than 20,000 German soldiers, armed like demons, launched a late-night assault. Their defense collapsed at the first blow, and everyone was about to die under the barrels.

"Under the flames spewing from the barrels, in the trench, I knelt on the ground trembling, weeping bitterly, praying to God to survive, to return to my hometown, to see my parents again."

"In my despair... the Lord generously cast his gaze down, and a miracle happened!"

A blue light radiated between his praying hands, brilliant and sacred. After that, the light illuminated the entire battlefield.

"Under the Lord's protection, I survived that meat grinder of a battlefield.

Since then, I have sworn to spread the glory of the Lord to every corner of this world!"

His eyes emitted a blue glow, and the glass reflected him as if he were an angel of power under the throne of God, exuding a sacred majesty.

"Until the last moment of death, my faith in the Lord never wavered, and I passed his test.

Perhaps tomorrow is the Lord's test for you, Jared."

Hightower took a sip of tea, turning his gaze back.

"You don't need to endure a test like Abraham's, and you are luckier than me. You don't have to face death."

'Redemption' shivered, and clenched his fists, as if he had glimpsed a corner of the gates of heaven opening to him. His voice was firm and powerful.

"Father, I understand. I will retrieve that mask."

"You are the source, and I am the engine. We are the two chosen by the Lord to change the world. No matter how many thorns, difficulties, and tests lie ahead, I will persist in the Lord's faith!"

"Very well. After you depart tomorrow morning, I will lead the congregation as always in praying for you."

The glow in Hightower's eyes intensified, and seemingly in harmony, 'Redemption's' body also emitted a powerful blue light, like a blue sun containing boundless energy.

"—to assist you in fulfilling the will of the Lord!"


In the heat, a cool breeze passed through the waist-high grass, and occasionally, one could see hyenas, cheetahs, lions, and elephants passing through the savannah.

'Redemption' crossed his arms, hovering in the air with closed eyes. The powerful magnetic field of life emanating from his body made even the fiercest predators on the savannah shiver and retreat. Not far away, a herd of elephants, lifted their trunks and emitted terrified trumpets, suddenly retreating.

Even the elephants, who had never faced a threat on the African grasslands, were fleeing at the first sign of danger.

"You're late."

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked up.

"Half an hour has passed since the time we agreed upon."

Radiating a rich purple light, descending slowly from the sky, David wore Shazam's purple battle suit with a golden lightning symbol on his chest, giving him the appearance of a majestic god with his hands behind his back.

"I'm here, and that's good enough. Did I say I would meet you at a specific time?"

Several hundred meters away, Clark, Diana, Batman, Cyborg, and others landed nearby, their expressions serious, ready for any situation.

"The Beyonder set out half an hour later to give me time, but I still couldn't find any information about Hightower."

Cyborg looked somewhat frustrated and disappointed.

Both Batman and he had a premonition that the mysterious Father Hightower might be the key to the situation.

"Maybe his identity information has long been secretly sealed by his country in written records."

Batman frowned, suggesting a possibility to console Cyborg.

They searched for clues about Hightower from his sermons, where he mentioned that on the battlefield, the Lord's mercy toward him had never been greater than before, allowing him to survive and realize his mission.

What could have happened to be considered the Lord's unprecedented mercy on the battlefield in Hightower's case? It might have been something quite unusual, perhaps leading to his country sealing all his information.

"Now we can only rely on David. We don't know if we can be of any help later."

Watching the two figures confronting each other from nearly half a mile away, Clark clenched his fist. The last time 'Redemption' appeared; he displayed speed surpassing even Clark's. Now, they didn't know how much 'Redemption's' power had increased and whether David could handle it.

"I hope that guy isn't too powerful," Hal Jordan muttered, unsure of what else to say.

Do other Lanterns encounter situations like his? Not to mention handling interstellar affairs, he is not even capable of addressing planetary issues on his own, relying on the team to maintain world order.

"As long as that guy doesn't surpass my speed, I should be able to assist the Beyonder in the fight."

The Flash twisted his wrist, expressing confidence.

"Where is the mask of the person who attacked Metropolis, Beyonder?"

Ignoring the gaze of the Justice League members in the distance, Redemption, like a lion preparing to pounce, released his arms indifferently, his voice cold and stern.

"You must hand it over; it's very dangerous."

"Whether it's dangerous or not, you don't need to worry. I'm curious why you want it."

David, seemingly oblivious to Redemption's threatening posture, remained calm.

"Do you really want to seal it up as an item created by the devil, or do you use its power to achieve the ulterior purposes of you and your church?"

"Redemption is different from before."

Seeing Redemption's aggressive expression through the screen of his mech suit, Batman immediately frowned.

Their previous encounters and some images of Jarrod showed hesitation and kindness in the young man's demeanor, but now he resembled a Templar incited for a purpose and nothing else.


Facing David's unabashed suspicion, Redemption ignited a massive blue flame on his body. He exuded immense energy, like a super volcano on the verge of eruption. The scorching high temperature instantly charred the earth, and the energy ripples spread, causing fierce winds.

"Hand it over, don't force me to take action. I can't control the power I have now!"

A sharp and warning growl echoed over the grassland, carried far away.

"What do you mean? Are you afraid you might accidentally kill me?"

Leaves turned to ashes, and the intense heat of a few hundred degrees rushed forward, causing an alarming energy fluctuation. However, David remained calm, as if facing a gentle breeze, just raising an eyebrow.

"The energy index he's emitting has surpassed that of any human nuclear reactor."

The system issued a piercing warning, and Cyborg looked horrified, staring at the astronomical figures scanned in front of him.

"Even far beyond!"

"Fall back, we must fall back!"

"What do you mean?" Hal Jordan in midair put down his arms, not calm.

"Do we even lack the ability to stand here and watch?"

Their teammates were about to engage in a fight, and they were not planning to step forward and help, but now they were being told to retreat?

"If you think you can survive a nuclear explosion, you can ignore this."

Cyborg warned in a deep voice, pulling Arthur to retreat rapidly.

"Cough...cough, I think I can provide remote support for the Beyonder. Come on, Barry."

Seeing that the two in front were on the verge of a battle after exchanging only a few words, Green Lantern raised his hand, creating a platform to lift the Flash, and they, along with the others, retreated.

Only three people stayed behind.

Clark, Batman in his Fenrir Armor, and Diana carrying her Shield, focused intently on the distance.

There was no need for further words between David and Redemption. From their attitudes, it was clear that neither was willing to compromise. One had no intention of surrendering the mask, while the other was determined to obtain it. If there were to be any change in the situation, it seemed that only one of them would overpower the other with their strength.


"As I expected, you guys have different plans for the mask."

As the two confronted each other remotely, sparks flew in their gazes. David's face was cold and ruthless, and the atmosphere seemed to respond to his emotions. Dark clouds rolled in, and thunder echoed in the sky.

On his tall and powerful body, dazzling divine lightning emerged and surrounded him. A low wind swept across the grassland.

"I'm not interested in whatever plans you have with the mask. But if you think you can cause trouble by wanting the mask in the future, I'll settle it right here!"

The reason why he agreed with this meeting was, firstly, David has no reason to give in, and secondly, if Redemption really has evil intentions, he might 'visit' the Justice League headquarters to get the mask, which is very close to Metropolis.

And Redemption is not someone with ordinary strength. If the two fight, the entire city and the nearby towns may suffer disaster.

"Is this your choice, Beyonder?

You are defying the will of the Lord!"

Redemption roared, and his energy erupted with a force like a dazzling sun rising on the ground. The explosive power shattered the earth for hundreds of meters in all directions. Like a comet with flames, he rushed toward David, throwing a powerful punch!


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