I Refuse To Be An Archon [Genshin Impact]

Author: TrashHeap
Video Games
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What is I Refuse To Be An Archon [Genshin Impact]

Read I Refuse To Be An Archon [Genshin Impact] fanfiction written by the author TrashHeap on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ivan figured he must be one of the most unlucky people to walk the face of the Earth. One day in particular cemented that opinion for him when he found himself falling into a world he found familiar, Teyvat. Specifically, Inazuma. What happens when somebody who only played Genshin Impact casually ends up stuck in a world fraught with danger around every corner for the average man?

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Really god startup has potential to be one of the best if not dropped I have high hopes for this fanfiction. The plot is solid and the golden finger isnt insane very balanced


A novel that got some fan but no review? here's your starter pack.


I see so much potential in this fanfic this will probably be one of my go to fanfic in the future just waiting on more chapters this is really good


My only complaint is there isnt more im excited to read the rest but im dreading finishing it all hopefully the author publishes some more!.


Very interesting and entertaining with some original ideas around MC with the plot having a good pace. The writing is also good, or the only thing missing is a little more consistency with the chapters


So yeah just started reading this and it has a very good flow so far It has good conversation, fascinating characterizations and overall has that another world vibe done well without being tiring. Overpowered but not truly. It’s like a story about the traveler but a gamer from the modern world. He also has a back ground that is mysterious that attracts attention and over all 5 stars and i have high expectations for it.


Alright I have to say.....This is one of the best genshin fanfics I have read upto date, I hope this continues!


It's crazy cause I don't even like Genshin Impact but I can't stop reading this story. Help. I'm sure the author has vexed me somehow.


One of the best fanfics I've read, in this fanfic. It has a lot of potential to be in a very high ranking in the future. Thanks for your job.


I find this fanfic to be pretty decent, but the problem is that it's got "Harem" on it's tags, I've seen so many pretty good fanfics that has "Harem" in them that it's just getting too annoying and tiresome, but I guess I can do no shot about it.


this is really good I hope you don't drop it. it is really rare to have a nice genshin fanfic and I hope you don't make it premium




Gad dam this so good man😮😀😆Hope you keep up this great novel of yours...Expexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexp.............


This is 👍👍👍👍👍 good. It's refreshing to see a FanFiction that's not constantly rushing towards the plot 24/7. Rate 4.5, could be higher but I want to see where this is going first. Right now, it's still in the buildup phase.




one of the better genshin fic i've read here, i love the way you have the Mc's ability set up and having the world more expansive than what is protrade in the game. i see a lot of potenal in this book and hope you are able to get it over 300+ chapters. there are some iffy spots but hay it's still a great novel and i'm sure this book will evolve as a time goes on 8.7/10


It's fun, but it's slow paced. Has it been less than a week? When you think like that, the interactions between the characters become quite unrealistic. Authors should not fear summaries and time skips. Of course this is my advice as a reader.




really good, i have no complains for this novel, the interactions between the characters are fun to read, the action is a bit confusing but still good, the plot it's pretty interesting and original, the only thing that i could complain a bit is the world building but i don't care honestly, LOTM and shadow slave ruined it for me, the world building im those novels are compleately something else


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