I Just Want To Have A Quiet Life, So Why Did I Become A Herrscher?

Follow the story of a poor soul who had the misfortune to be reincarnated in the world of Honkai Impact. Your goal: just live a quiet life. But unfortunately for the protagonist, both Honkai and humanity have different plans for him. (English is not my first language.)

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Chapter 68

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"Hello, how are you? Is your headache better yet?"

Ryusuke sat in the chair and tried to start a conversation with the girl in front of him. He asked with a friendly smile.

The girl just stared at Ryusuke with a little doubt, her bad mood softened a little after a few seconds. She suddenly furrowed her eyebrow as if she had realized something while observing Ryusuke.

"Are you really like me?" The girl asked with a mixture of curiosity and expectation.

Even though she is still a little confused at this moment, she still decided to trust his intuition and instincts a little.

At this moment, she felt the power of the Binding around her. She didn't quite understand what the power of the Binding around her was. The only thing she was sure about was that it was very dangerous for her and that she shouldn't be touched by it, or else she would suffer.

But this Binding power is not affecting her, no, in fact this power is avoiding contact with her.

The Honkai energy around her is being contained to prevent it from spreading to the surroundings, and yet this power that could harm her is avoiding coming into contact with her.

And she knows that the one who controls this power is Ryusuke who is sitting in front of her.

Just now she also felt a presence very similar to her when she was held by Ryusuke.

Now she just wanted to know who this boy was who seemed to be the same type as her.

"This is a little complicated to explain. How much do you know about your current situation?" Ryusuke asked.

Despite appearing calm, Ryusuke was a little surprised by Herrscher Mei's attitude.

(Author's note: Guys, I just want to inform you that I have decided to call Mei's Herrscher personality Herrscher Mei for now so as not to confuse the two.)

As someone who had already seen the game and comic content of Honkai Impact 3rd, he expected Herrscher Mei to have an indifferent, cold, and hostile attitude towards him from the start. But what happened here was that Herrscher Mei, despite having been in a slight bad mood at the beginning, seemed to show curiosity and a little expectation towards him.

It was then that Ryusuke noticed an important detail, a small mistake of his now.

The current Raiden Mei is not the Raiden Mei from the time of the game.

In the plot of the Honkai Impact 3rd game, Raiden Mei lived a good life as the daughter of the president of a large company. Although her father, Raiden Ryouma, couldn't spend much time with her because of his work, little Raiden Mei still had a good family relationship, she also had a good relationship with her employees.

She lived a comfortable and beautiful life.

But suddenly her father was falsely accused of embezzling funds by Cocolia and was arrested in 2013. ME Corp's assets were frozen and she no longer had employees to help her survive.

That's when Cocolia took control of ME Corp herself.

At first, when Raiden Mei had to cook her own food, it tasted horrible because she had never had to cook it before.

At school, before all this happened, she was surrounded by people who approached her with sycophantic smiles, wanting to be friends with her. Still, all it took was for her to lose her status as heiress of a large company for them all to turn their backs on her and point out the accusing finger to the daughter of a criminal.

That hurt Raiden Mei's heart a lot, before being admired, she ended up being despised and excluded by others. She went from Heaven to Hell in a short time without having done anything to deserve it.

How would she feel going through all of this?

Of course, she would resent and hate everything inside her heart; she had no choice but to close her heart to bear all this pain.

She has almost reached the point of losing any hope for humanity.

Of course, not everything was a story of suffering for her. Shortly after that, Kiana Kaslana transferred to Chiba Academy. Kiana approached Raiden Mei without any ulterior motives. She just asked for Mei's food, that's all, and little by little, because of Kiana's personality and sincerity, Mei's heart gradually opened to her.

A while later Cocolia made the Third Honkai Eruption happen artificially and Raiden Mei awakened as the Third Herrscher. Her Herrscher personality at that moment was cold and malicious, and she saw all other humans, with the exception of Kiana, as scum and didn't care about their deaths.

'Are Herrschers' personalities influenced by their hosts' memories and emotions? If that's the case, then the current Raiden Mei who didn't suffer at the hands of Cocolia would have no reason to hate humanity and this could somehow influence Herrscher Mei.' Ryusuke thought calmly and with relief when he realized Raiden Mei's situation.

"How much do I know? I just know that you're similar to me. And that your power is a little uncomfortable for me." Herrscher Mei spoke with a doubtful frown.

"I see, in this case I'll have to explain it to you from scratch." Ryusuke spoke.

"To begin with, there is something called Honkai..."

Ryusuke then started to explain some things to the little girl in front of him. About the Honkai and the Herrschers.

The explanation lasted about five minutes.

"So I have to destroy humanity?" Herrscher Mei asked a little hesitantly but with a bit of nervousness.

"Do you want to destroy humanity?" Ryusuke asked Herrscher who was at the front.

"I..." Herrscher Mei opened her mouth but she couldn't utter any words.

After listening to Ryusuke's explanation, she felt that she understood some of it, and instinctively, she understood that she was a Herrscher who was involved with the Honkai.

But she, who saw Raiden Mei's memories, was hesitant. Should she really destroy this world? Based on Raiden Mei's memories she didn't see much bad in the girl's life, in the past there was a kidnapping incident, but that was a very old memory that Raiden Mei has already overcome.

She also saw that Raiden Mei lived a good life.

"If you don't want to destroy humanity then you don't need to do that, after all you're not a true Herrscher yet since your Honkai eruption hasn't happened yet." Ryusuke spoke trying to reassure Herrscher Mei.

Herrscher Mei listened to Ryusuke's words with a bit of relief.

"Please calm down and think about it... What do you want to do?" Ryusuke asked.

Herrscher Mei didn't know what to say to Ryusuke.

Ryusuke stood up and spoke with a small, calm smile.

"You don't need to answer that question right now. Take as much time as you need to reflect. You can give me your answer whenever you want." Ryusuke spoke with a small, calm smile.

"OK." Herrscher Mei nodded, now she became a little calmer.

After that little conversation and all of Ryusuke's actions, she trusted him a little.

"Hey, my other self woke up. What should I do?" Herrscher Mei asked, a little agitated, not knowing what to do.

"Could you swap with her? I want to try and explain things to her too." Ryusuke spoke.

"Okay..." After thinking a bit, Herrscher Mei agreed with Ryusuke.

She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them. The color of her eyes was no longer bright purple but returned to the girl's original indigo color.

"Eh? But what happened just now? Was that real?" Raiden Mei woke up a little confused, she was unconscious before but she still remembered the conversation Herrscher Mei had with Ryusuke.

"Hehe, Raiden-san, that just now was very real." Ryusuke laughed a little awkwardly as he scratched the back of his head.

And so he started to explain some more things to Raiden Mei.



Ryusuke let out a tired sigh as he sat on the sofa in the living room of his house.

After the conversation with Raiden Mei ended, Ryusuke received a ride from Raiden Ryouma to go back to his house.

During the conversation with Raiden Mei, Ryusuke used the Herrscher of Corruption's powers to send a text message to Raiden Ryouma explaining what happened.

Ryusuke and Raiden Ryouma didn't talk in the car because of the "accident" that happened today involving his daughter. The two didn't know how to start a conversation.

But the good thing is that Herrscher Mei didn't have an aggressive personality, at least she didn't cause any problems at the moment.

"Oh Ryusuke, you're finally here. How was your lunch with Raiden Ryouma?"

At that moment Yae Rin arrived and sat down next to Ryusuke. She asked with a curious smile while she had a glass of soda in her hand.

"It was very stressful." Ryusuke blurted out tiredly.

"Come on, it can't be as stressful as dealing with a Herrscher, right?" Yae Rin tried to cheer Ryusuke up.

Ryusuke just looked at her with a look too tired to speak.

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