I Just Want To Have A Quiet Life, So Why Did I Become A Herrscher?

Follow the story of a poor soul who had the misfortune to be reincarnated in the world of Honkai Impact. Your goal: just live a quiet life. But unfortunately for the protagonist, both Honkai and humanity have different plans for him. (English is not my first language.)

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chapter 67

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"So you're from Hinomari Academy? What kind of academy is it, Aikawa-kun?" Raiden Mei asked a little curiously.

"It's not as impressive a gym compared to Senba gym but it's a nice place." Ryusuke spoke with a polite and slightly awkward smile.

He didn't know what topic to talk about with this ojou-sama.

Ryusuke felt that talking to Griseo and Kyuusyou was much easier.

Ryusuke didn't even know how to start a fun conversation with Raiden Mei.

Should he talk about anime with her? Ryusuke was a little hesitant. After all, he didn't know whether this would give a good impression on Raiden Mei.

Raiden Mei also seemed to be going through the same thing, she didn't know how to start a conversation with Ryusuke.

Her father told her to talk to Ryusuke and be able to make friends with him. But all of this was so sudden that she didn't even know where to start a decent conversation.

In the end, she had to ask him some questions about his school, and the conversation followed this slow path.

It's been 1 hour since Raiden Mei and her father arrived at the restaurant. During this time, the three of them were able to enjoy the restaurant's good food while they awkwardly chatted amongst themselves because of their lack of common interests.

"Mei, I'll go to the manager to pay the bill, you can go talk to Ryusuke some more to say goodbye." Raiden Ryouma spoke as he got up from the table and left.

Only Ryusuke and Raiden Mei remained at the table. What followed was a small silence lasting a few seconds while the two tried to find something to talk about.

"Aikawa-kun, how about we get up and go to my father?" Raiden Mei suggested as she stood up from her chair.

"Clear." Ryusuke agreed with a courteous tone.

Inside Ryusuke felt a little regretful and discouraged for not being able to find interesting topics to talk about with Raiden Mei. Because of this she might have a somewhat dry first impression of him.

'Later, I'm going to talk with Raiden Ryouma. If he had informed me about Raiden Mei in advance, I could have prepared myself better to have a good conversation with her. I wonder if she thought I was dull. After all, as a young lady from a big company, she must have already met a lot of people out there.'

Ryusuke couldn't help but feel a little dissatisfied with himself for not being able to find a better way to talk softly to Raiden Mei.


When Ryusuke got up from his chair Raiden Mei tripped over an untied shoelace on her shoe.

When she was about to fall Ryusuke extended his left arm to help her, when he extended his arm he ended up holding her by the stomach. He managed to prevent Raiden Mei from falling.

But the moment Ryusuke touched Raiden Mei he felt a shock run through her body, it wasn't a literal electric shock, but he felt the Serenity Gem resonate inside her body.


At the same time Raiden Mei placed her hands on her own head, she seemed to be suffering from a severe headache.

Ryusuke felt a small amount of Honkai energy leaking from Raiden Mei's body, and the amount that was leaking from her body was increasing to visible levels little by little.

'Oh shit! Why did this have to happen now? Couldn't it be another time?'

Ryusuke could do nothing but complain mentally. Even he didn't expect things to turn out like this the first time the two met.

'Is it serious that just touching me made the Conquest Gem like this? Well, is it true that I have the Serenity Gem inside me and how both Herrschers Gems once belonged to Sirin and is it possible that they had some kind of resonance with each other?'

'Mental note to self, don't touch Seele or Kiana while the Serenity Gem is with me.'

Ryusuke became a little thoughtful and wrote down some concerns in his own mind. But soon he focused his attention on Raiden Mei.

Ryusuke placed Raiden Mei back on the chair. He used the power of the Herrscher of Binding to contain the Honkai energy that was leaking from her to prevent the Honkai energy from spreading throughout the restaurant and infecting the other customers who were sitting nearby.

Ryusuke was careful not to use the Binding power on Raiden Mei, as he feared that his interference could cause severe reactions to Raiden Mei's Herrscher Stigma or the Conquest Gem.

Ryusuke was very afraid of a Honkai eruption happening at that moment. Even if he was able to stay relatively safe in the middle of a Honkai eruption, he wouldn't want ordinary people to die because of the consequences of an accident caused by him.

Fortunately the Conquest Gem calmed down and the Honkai energy stopped leaking out of Raiden Mei's body.

{Hey, what happened!! Is there a Herrscher around here?!"} The Herrscher of Corruption asked with great surprise. After all, she didn't expect to feel the presence of another Herrscher coming into contact with Ryusuke.

When the Herrscher of Corruption saw the outside through Ryusuke's vision...

{What is this damn bitch doing here?!!! Let me out of here so I can tear you apart with my own hands!!!}

The moment the Herrscher of Corruption saw Raiden Mei she was completely filled with hatred. After all, young Raiden Mei is practically a carbon copy of Dr MEI.

'Look carefully, she's not Dr MEI. This girl is Raiden Mei, someone who was born in this Era and who is also the candidate to be the third Herrscher of this Era.' Ryusuke tried to calm the Herrscher of Corruption, but it was a futile attempt.

The Herrscher of Corruption continued to scream and curse at Raiden Mei in every way she could imagine.

Ryusuke, already used to this pattern from the Herrscher of Corruption, decided to watch Raiden Mei closely.

"Hey... Damn..."

At that moment Ryusuke saw that Honkai energy was no longer leaking from Raiden Mei's body, but that did not mean that the storm had passed.

Raiden Mei no longer had her hands on her head, she no longer seemed to have a headache.


Her eyes, which were previously indigo in color, were now glowing an intense purple.

She was staring at Ryusuke with a slightly grumpy expression.

'Oh shit!'

Ryusuke cursed in his mind. Having to deal with a Herrscher is not something he wanted to do anytime soon.


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