I Just Want To Have A Quiet Life, So Why Did I Become A Herrscher?

Follow the story of a poor soul who had the misfortune to be reincarnated in the world of Honkai Impact. Your goal: just live a quiet life. But unfortunately for the protagonist, both Honkai and humanity have different plans for him. (English is not my first language.)

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chapter 69

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"Thank you for answering my video call at this time of night, Ryouma-san. I'm not bothering you, am I?" Ryusuke asked with a calm smile.

Right now it's 1 am and he's the only one awake in the house while Yae Rin, Yae Sakura and Kallen are sleeping in the other rooms. Yae Rin is sleeping in the next room while Yae Sakura and Kallen are sleeping together in the same room.

Ryusuke is talking to Raiden Ryouma via video call on his smartphone.

"Don't worry, I'm not tired yet." Raiden Ryouma responded with a calm tone.

As the president of a large company, it's normal for him to be busy until late at night.

"How is your daughter? Did she come home ok?" Ryusuke asked.

"She's fine, so far Mei hasn't shown any worrying abnormalities. Although..." Raiden Ryouma spoke in a calm tone but it was clear that he was worried about his daughter's well-being. He wouldn't deny that he was afraid that his daughter might be in danger because of the Herrscher inside her.

"Ryouma-san let me tell you something about that girl. She is also Raiden Mei, or in other words, she is another aspect of Raiden Mei's personality."

Raiden Ryouma began to pay close attention to Ryusuke's words.

"Herrscher personalities are born from the desires and curses in the hearts of their hosts. If Raiden Mei went through a difficult situation and she harbored hatred against the world then the Herrscher would also hate the world. Honkai does not create negative feelings like that out of nowhere, the Honkai influences and amplifies the negative feelings in a person's heart. Although Honkai can perhaps do something like constantly whispering in the Herrschers' mind."

"That girl didn't seem very motivated to destroy humanity when I asked her, that means she still doesn't harbor any hatred towards humanity."

Ryusuke explained to Raiden Ryouma with a bit of seriousness. Ryusuke knows that Raiden Ryouma cares about his own daughter and would do anything in his power for her safety. And that's exactly what he fears. Ryusuke is afraid of Raiden Ryouma antagonizing Herrscher Mei and making her hate humanity.

To be honest, Ryusuke isn't very committed to getting Herrscher Mei to help humanity. He won't lie to her and ask her to protect humanity because there is good in humanity.

It is true that there are some good people in humanity, but it is also undeniable that there are also extremely nasty bastards among humans.

Reality tends to be disappointing.

Rather than beautify humanity with some smooth lies, Ryusuke prefers that Herrscher Mei see the world with her own eyes at her own pace. And let her make her own decisions.

Of course, the fact that Raiden Mei is a little girl who lived a comfortable life could greatly influence Herrscher's decision. But Ryusuke doesn't care much about that.

As long as Herrscher doesn't cause problems for him then he won't care much about what she does. If she wants to protect humanity, that's her decision.

And if she wants to be neutral in the conflict between the Honkai and humanity then he can welcome her with open arms.

Is this irresponsible of him towards humanity? Absolutely, but he doesn't care much about it. As long as he can live a peaceful life before the situation gets worse, he won't care about the state of the world.

"So what should I do?" Raiden Ryouma asked.

"Just act normally. Your daughter and Herrscher are not in conflict, so Raiden Mei's safety is not threatened. What your daughter needs is to be calm in a welcoming environment, nothing too different from what she is experiencing now. In Herrscher's case, please don't antagonize her; if possible, treat her normally as if you had a second daughter." Ryusuke spoke casually.

"That's it?" Raiden Ryouma asked a little skeptical and not believing what he heard. After all, the matter was very serious and he was very concerned about his daughter's well-being.

"Don't look at me like that, Ryouma-san. It's not like I can magically erase Raiden Mei's Herrscher personality. If I did something like that to her then she would definitely harbor hostility against humanity. Maintaining the current situation is the best result for now, right?" Ryusuke spoke.

Raiden Ryouma was silent. It was kind of obvious that he was a little dissatisfied and a little worried about the current situation.

"Look, don't be so discouraged. If you want, I can talk and help your daughter and Herrscher Mei understand each other. After all, it was technically my fault that the situation got to this point." Ryusuke spoke.

"I understand, thank you." Raiden Ryouma could only speak with a slightly relieved sigh.

"Now I think it's time for me to tell you why I called you." Ryusuke spoke with a serious tone.

"I want to discuss with you what to do with that Cocolia."


(Author's note)

Hi everyone, sorry for the short chapter and the delay, several things happened here.

First, I finally managed to finish reading lb6. I simply loved the story and the characters, I also really liked Oberon, he was very well written.

In the FGO SR ticket, I chose Baobhan Sith and now I have her NP 3 and I took the opportunity to level her up to level 100 together with my Morgan who is also level 100.

Because of this I had an idea.

Should I make a Fate/Grand order fanfic?

This idea has been in my head for a while now and it won't go away. The story would be about a guy who was reincarnated in the nasuverse and was chosen to be the forty-ninth candidate for master of Chaldea. He won't have any op powers that will make him beat up powerful servants like they were nothing, he'll just be a normal master with an above average amount and quality of magical circuits... Well maybe I'll give him something so he'll be able to not die immediately .

Maybe I'll give him a system, but I'm sure he won't gain power with that system. This system will not be like solo leveling or like those systems that give special items and Quests to do. I'm already tired of those fanfics where a human master is able to become equal to a servant suddenly and in such an abrupt way.

Don't get it wrong, there are some stories where I like a strong protagonist, but there are times when that gets boring too.

I've already decided who my protagonist's first servant is. I'm just going to give you a tip, it can be summoned in the FGO tutorial banner.

The situation here in Porto Alegre is quite alarming, luckily my neighborhood wasn't invaded by water, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared to leave the house in the next few days.

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