4 Second Attempt, Rapid Growth

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[This simulation has ended.]

[Rating: G]

[Dungeon completion: 11%]

[Accumulated points: 1]

[Comment: You only lived a mere 8 years and you achieved nothing. You had some usefulness in filling the stomachs of human scum.]

The long-lost mechanical voice rang in Su Mu's ears.

However, he was still immersed in the pain of his previous life.

One would never know how terrifying famine was without experiencing it for themselves!

When people were driven mad by hunger, they ate each other.

Li Tiezhu and the others were no exceptions.

It would not be a surprise to know that the entire human race was going to cannibalize itself to extinction!

In such a hell, it might not be a bad thing to die early.



After letting out a long sigh of relief, Su Mu calmed down and began to review his experiences in his previous life.

Everything else was fine, other than his short-lived reanimation.

Some supernatural forces had turned him into a little skeleton.

As fragile as that body had been, he was still a supernatural existence for a time.

This meant that death was not the end!

Su Mu had already vaguely guessed how this Death System worked, and all he needed to do now was to verify his guess.

However, before entering the instance dungeon for the second time, Su Mu needed to make some preparations.

First of all...

After obtaining 1 point, the system's store was activated.

All sorts of strange things were sold there.

There were tools, talents, and some other things that Su Mu couldn't understand at the moment.

However, 1 point was too little and he couldn't buy anything.

After searching for a while, Su Mu spent 1 point to buy a booklet on skeleton-type monsters.

"I hope I can get some information from it."

With this thought in mind, Su Mu opened the booklet.

After flipping it open, the first thing he saw was the introduction.

"The Dao is divided into Yin and Yang. Humans are Yang, and ghosts are Yin. Life is Yang, death is Yin.

"The transformation of Yin and Yang is will of the Heavenly Dao."

Su Mu mumbled to himself, not fully understanding.

He continued to read the main text.

The first ghost recorded in this small book was called the "bone child."

"Bone child: a little skeleton formed after the death of a child. It is mischievous and does little harm."

After looking at the bone child's brief introduction, Su Mu was certain that this was the last thing he had transformed into in his previous life!

What's with the 'mischievous' part?

He was just too weak. He could not even take a single step without falling apart.

Su Mu guessed that the bone child he had transformed into was not complete, or was highly deficient.

But as the saying went, "no use crying over spilled milk."

He had been too inexperienced at dying.

Perhaps he should try dying a few more times. Su Mu believed that he would be able to gain some experience and evolve into a more powerful demon!

Perhaps this was the function of the death system.


Su Mu had originally wanted to flip to the back to see other skeleton-type demons.

That was when he learned of the con.

It costs one point per page!

If he wanted to continue reading, he would have to give more points.

The impoverished and dejected Su Mu cursed the system.

After that, he organized his thoughts and prepared to enter the next life!


After the basic attribute points were distributed, his next life immediately started.

Therefore, there was no way to change the basic attribute points.

Fortunately, his skills could be re-selected.

Su Mu felt that the three talents he had chosen in his previous life seemed completely pointless.

This time, they might as well change all of them!

After eliminating those three, there were only seven talents left.

He also put [Good Fortune] and [Happy Funeral] aside.

Su Mu couldn't even live past the age of eight, let alone eighty or a hundred.

Therefore, these two skills were completely useless.

With that, only [Premature Death], [Heaven's Scorn], [Nirvana], [Resentment], and [Taiyin] were left.

After thinking for a while, Su Mu made his choice.

First, he chose [Nirvana].

If he couldn't live past 30, so be it.

He wouldn't even live past eight years old, anyway.

Then, Su Mu chose [Taiyin].

This skill would make it easier for him to attract evil spirits.

Su Mu believed that the bone child he had transformed into was severely lacking in Yin energy, hence the hilarious level of weakness.

If he chose this talent, it might make him a more powerful being after death!

As for the last skill, Su Mu was at a loss. He felt that all of them were hidden traps.

Helplessly, he could only add [Happy Funeral], which he had excluded from the start.

At the very least, this talent would not trick him.

After choosing his three talents, Su Mu started his second life!

[Simulation begins!]

[Host: Su Mu]

[Physique: 5]

[Intelligence: 4]

[Vitality: 1]

[Talents: Nirvana, Taiyin, Happy Funeral]


As the virtual panel in front of him faded away, Su Mu's consciousness fell into darkness.

He was once again born in that small village.

But this time, his life had undergone a huge change!

Not long after he was born, Su Mu found something unusual.

In this life, his appetite was frighteningly huge!

Correspondingly, his growth rate was several times that of ordinary people.

When he was three years old, Su Mu was already as tall as his mother.

Then, his mother died of illness.

When he was five years old, Su Mu's height caught up to his father's.

And then... His father died of illness.

Su Mu's fate had not changed.

At the age of five, he became an orphan again.

The only difference was that in this life, Su Mu, who was only 5 years old, was already as tall as a short adult!

He finally understood the use of the [Nirvana] talent.

At the cost of his lifespan, he was going to experience accelerated growth.

Dying before the age of 30 would be inevitable.

Under normal circumstances, this skill would not be of much use. On the contrary, it would be a huge trap.

But to Su Mu, it was a divine skill!

He was destined to be orphaned by the age of five and needed to survive alone.

Three years after struggling as an orphan, a terrible famine awaited him.

In such a disaster, the chances of survival for adults were many times higher than that of children!

With the talent [Nirvana], Su Mu finally saw the hope of survival!

However, this talent also brought him trouble.

What Su Mu needed to do now was to eat his fill and survive.

In his previous life, he had acted cute and pitiful in order to get some food from the other villagers.

But in this life, Su Mu's growth was so fast that it was almost demonic.

There was another strange coincidence.

When he grew to his mother's height, his mother died.

When he grew to his father's height, his father died.

As a result, Su Mu became an ominous person in the eyes of the villagers.

None of the villagers were willing to give him food, and some even wanted to drive him out of the village!

But how could Su Mu, who had just died a violent death, starve to death? Or even be driven out to wait for death?

You won't give it?


I'll get it myself!

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