I Have A Demon God Simulator Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

I Have A Demon God Simulator

First Demon

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One day, Su Mu transmigrated to an alternate world. This world had martial arts practitioners, Qi cultivators and also various types of terrifying ghosts, monsters and demons. In such a hostile environment, his otherwise-perfectly fine reincarnation system became a death system. For him, death was not the end, but rather, a new beginning. From the system, he experienced the profane lives of tens of thousands of demons! In one simulation, he was cut up, thrown into a pot, and eaten. Then, he became a Bloody Skeleton. In another simulation, he was forcefully conscripted and died in battle. His corpse did not decay, and he became a Drought Zombie. In yet another simulation, he was struck by lightning, and his extreme Yin Qi was converted into Yang Qi. He became a Fierce Thunder Ghost. In one more simulation, he consumed spirits, and his murderous aura filled the skies. He became an Undying Ghost Chariot. Some people cultivated to become deities. One other person died a hundred times to become a demon!


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