I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Li Xuan found himself in a predicament after transmigrating without the luxury of a system or plug-ins. To evade notice, he took refuge in a small mountain village. However, one day, he was mistaken for a reclusive expert, he was forcefully adopted as a master by an eager disciple who refused to take no for an answer. Struggling with his moral compass, Li Xuan initially rejected the disciple's proposal due to his commitment to honesty. Yet, faced with persistent insistence and tempting offers, he reluctantly crafted fictional cultivation techniques. Much to his astonishment, the disciple not only embraced these fabricated teachings but successfully cultivated with remarkable prowess. Witnessing his disciple's thunderous muscles, resilient bones, and potent vital force, Li Xuan couldn't fathom the inexplicable success. Bewildered, he exclaimed, "I fabricated it all! How did you manage to cultivate so successfully? What kind of monster are you?" To add to the perplexity, a mysterious Golden Finger manifested: "Your disciple mastered the technique you invented from scratch. Your flawless completion of the technique has enhanced your strength a hundredfold compared to others at the same level!"

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Chapter 13 - Understanding Skills (Request for More Reading) _1

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Xu Yan was invigorated after gaining insight into a cultivation technique.

"I must not hasten. The next step of the cultivation technique can be understood soon. It's time to cook now; I need to relax my mind, stay calm, and immerse myself completely in the act of cooking."

"Discard the distractions of cultivation and focus on the present!"

Xu Yan finished his exercise, his strides light, his entire demeanor radiating a different kind of vibrant energy.

At this moment, with his thoughts unburdened, he felt an unexpected sense of ease, illumination, and liberality.

"Each of my master's words and actions carry deep meaning. I've finally understood the true essence of his saying 'A heart devoid of distractions, cultivates as if divine'.

"I've truly been somewhat slow in comprehension."

Xu Yan sighed inwardly, full of regret.


Li Xuan looked at his disciple with a hint of puzzlement. Why did his usually serious disciple seem so utterly cheerful and jubilant today?

The light steps, the satisfied demeanor, his whole disposition had become spirited, shedding the solemn and respectful manners of the past. He had returned to the spirited charm of a youth.

"Could it be that he feels he has progressed in his cultivation? Perceived his vital energy?"

"Impossible, it was all made-up by me, how could he possibly sense his vital energy?"

"Well, if he could maintain a relaxed and cheerful mood, it's not a bad thing. On the contrary, I don't have to worry about him bottling up too much and having a mental breakdown one day."

With these thoughts, Li Xuan decided he should encourage his naive disciple to relax more and maintain a good mentality. Otherwise, after a long period of cultivation with no gains, he might just break under the frustration.

Therefore, during mealtime, Li Xuan spoke up, "You're in good condition today. Keep it up, and you'll achieve something worthy!"

"Yes, Master, I understand!"

Xu Yan was thrilled to receive his master's approval. Indeed, his enlightenment was correct!

Unfortunately, he had been extremely obtuse.

He has only now gained a deep understanding of his master's intentions.


Li Xuan nodded, the disciple was obedient, which was excellent!

Two days later.

In Xu Yan's mind, a flash of enlightenment occurred, and he instantaneously understood the true meaning of another cultivation technique!

"I understand now!

"The technique of molding blood energy into a golden body like a dragon involves condensing the blood energy into a dragon, circling the body, looping around the bones, and constantly circulating. It can surely break through and smelt golden bones!"

At this instant, Xu Yan understood the method to smelt golden bones.

"I understand!'Nourishing the real intention by observing my heart; forging a golden body with blood energy like a dragon. So that's how it is!"

"Blood energy nurtured within the bones, smelted directly into the marrow, circled outside with the blood energy dragon, a combination of internal and external, mutually entwined. In this way, one can further smelt the bones."

"And thereafter, smelt golden bones."

Xu Yan's eyes glittered, his fists tightly clenched: "As expected, I needed to perceive and understand. Even if the master directly explained it, even if I knew, I wouldn't be able to comprehend the intrinsic meaning, and couldn't smelt or breakthrough."

"Only by understanding it yourself within the cultivation technique can one truly comprehend its essence!"

Taking a deep breath, as his blood energy surged, Xu Yan began bone refining.

Consolidating his spirit, entering a state of selflessness, carefully observing the flow of his blood energy, its circulation, identifying its weaknesses and where the defects lay."

"The second rib bone, the refinement isn't smooth enough. The left-hand joint refinement has a flaw. There are weak spots on both knee-caps..."

By carefully observing the circulation of his blood energy, Xu Yan quickly identified the insufficient places in his bone refining.

Despite having perfected Copper Bones, the strength of the bones around his body were not consistent. Some parts were relatively weaker.

So, Xu Yan began refining those weaker parts again to ensure that every bone in his body was just as strong, with no weak points.

Three days later.

Xu Yan finally perfected the refinement of Copper Bones. His entire body was now unified, with no weak spots, no disparities in strength.

"Now, I have truly perfected the Copper Bones!"

"Next up, I should smelt the Golden Bones. I have already gained insight of the smelting method. I'm certain I can smelt them!"

"I can take no longer than a month, at most one month, and I must smelt the Golden Bones!"

"After the refining of the bones, it's time to refine the viscera. You must grasp the basics within a year, or else, if your aptitude is too poor, how could you be worthy of being my disciple?"

Xu Yan's gaze was firm.

A year's time, in fact, was fleeting.

The speed of refining the viscera would certainly be slower than that of refining the bones.

His master had said to be careful when starting with the viscera refinement, so as not to harm his own internal organs.

But the visceral organs are fragile. Initial tempering would inevitably be slow.

He must seize the time to temper his golden bones so that he can make it within a year.

Moreover, Xu Yan felt a surge of energy. His master had given him a year, but he couldn't really wait a whole year to grasp the basics!

The earlier he got it, the better it would be. It would also make his Master happier!

Xu Yan continued to refine his bones, as his vitality turned into clouds of mist, constantly seeping into his bones. Although slow and in small amounts, it was just the beginning.

As the vitality slowly seeped into the bones, the long-lost feeling of numbness and itching returned.

Xu Yan gritted his teeth, not uttering a word, his gaze remaining unwavering.

Finally, his entire skeletal system had absorbed a trace of vitality and was gradually moving inward, trying to merge into the bone marrow.

"I can start now!"

Xu Yan took a deep breath. His vitality gushed out in the blink of an eye, turning into a dragon-like shape, winding around the skeleton. The vitality was vibrating and constantly pressing his bones, continuing to slide along.

Meanwhile, the vitality within his bones persisted in infiltrating, nourishing his bones. After combining internally and externally, Xu Yan discovered that the previously stagnant bone refinement began to change.

With the refining, the bones began to emit faint golden color.

Golden bones!

After enduring it for half an hour, Xu Yan felt himself reaching his limit.

So he stopped.

At this moment, he only felt hungry.

"The consumption of refining golden bones is huge!"

Xu Yan was taken aback.

"Those medicinal tonics aren't enough, unless it's a thousand-year-old mountain ginseng or nine-leaf primordial mushroom..."

However, he had eaten all of them.

"I have just slightly broken through the copper bone limit, and I haven't even completed the first refinement of golden bones, yet they have improved so much.

"What if I accomplish golden bones, how strong would I be then?"

Feeling his own improvement, Xu Yan was astonished.

The cultivation technique that Master taught is truly immeasurable and profound.

"Master said that golden bones undergo nine vitality transformations. I haven't even completed one yet, and my bone strength has increased by at least 30%. If I complete one transformation..."

Xu Yan dared not imagine how strong that would be.

Golden bones tat could be bried underground for ten thousand years without decay, still radiating its shimmering gold color, is tougher than steel.

Imagine the might of golden bones.

"Every vitality transformation is tougher than the last. Without the help of treasured medicine, how can I quickly complete it?"

"I must hurry back home to find those prized medicines. Time waits for no one!"

Xu Yan felt that he wasn't as talented as the ancient prodigious heroes. Without the help of treasured medicine, he may not be able to refine his bones quickly. He must have the aid of treasured medicine to grasp the basics within a year.


Looking at the feast on the table, Li Xuan could tell that his silly disciple was planning a trip home once again.

"Still, I must remind him to keep a low profile and not expose himself. This silly disciple usually listens to advice, so there should be no problem."

"As long as he keeps to the stipulated one-year period, he can be free."

"The ferocious tigers and beasts in the Evil Forest must also be dealt with. This silly disciple is so lucky that he hasn't encountered any danger on his way back and forth!"

Li Xuan felt rueful. He wasn't so lucky. The first time he left the village with a group, he was the only one who managed to escape.

Since then, he dared not take risks, dared not gamble with luck and safely cross the Evil Forest.