I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Li Xuan found himself in a predicament after transmigrating without the luxury of a system or plug-ins. To evade notice, he took refuge in a small mountain village. However, one day, he was mistaken for a reclusive expert, he was forcefully adopted as a master by an eager disciple who refused to take no for an answer. Struggling with his moral compass, Li Xuan initially rejected the disciple's proposal due to his commitment to honesty. Yet, faced with persistent insistence and tempting offers, he reluctantly crafted fictional cultivation techniques. Much to his astonishment, the disciple not only embraced these fabricated teachings but successfully cultivated with remarkable prowess. Witnessing his disciple's thunderous muscles, resilient bones, and potent vital force, Li Xuan couldn't fathom the inexplicable success. Bewildered, he exclaimed, "I fabricated it all! How did you manage to cultivate so successfully? What kind of monster are you?" To add to the perplexity, a mysterious Golden Finger manifested: "Your disciple mastered the technique you invented from scratch. Your flawless completion of the technique has enhanced your strength a hundredfold compared to others at the same level!"

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Chapter 14 The King among Tigers, the Red-eyed Tiger (Seeking further reading)

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"Master, I wish to go home for a visit."

Xu Yan respectfully said.


Li Xuan nodded, his expression unchanged.

("I will be back within half a month at the latest."

Xu Yan breathed a sigh of relief and spoke again.

Li Xuan nodded, then spoke, "No need for extra words, I prefer to keep a low profile, understand?"

"Yes, Master, I understand!"

Xu Yan nodded seriously.

Seeing that the timing was right, Li Xuan slowly said, "The fierce tiger beasts are full of vigor, they are good nourishment for the body, beneficial for cultivation."

Xu Yan's eyes lit up, his heart throbbing with excitement, "Indeed, tempering the golden bones takes a lot, Master reminded me, apart from the precious medicine, the flesh and blood of a fierce tiger beast is also a great supplement, helpful for cultivation!"

He nodded excitedly, "Master, I understand!"

"What a silly disciple, and he saw hope once again, he must be overjoyed," Li Xuan sighed to himself.

"Unfortunately, though it is very nourishing, don't expect it to help you enter the field of cultivation."

Li Xuan casually reminded him, "There are fierce tiger beasts in 'Evil Forest', be extra careful on your way."

At last, he added, "I prefer peace and quiet, I don't like disturbances, so don't stir up any big commotion."

There are fierce tiger beasts in the Evil Forest, and their blood and flesh are beneficial for cultivation. As long as Xu Yan successfully passes through the Evil Forest this time, given his status and background, he will certainly lead hunters to hunt fierce tiger beasts in the forest."

Li Xuan reminded him in advance not to allow people to come to the small village and disturb his peace.

As long as there are no outsiders, the risk of being exposed is reduced and no one can identify him as a fraud.

Once the danger of the Evil Forest is resolved, Li Xuan can escape from the village anytime. If his identity is exposed, he can run off immediately without being trapped in the village.

Now Xu Yan was excited, "Did my Master mean me to hunt those fierce tiger beasts? Am I strong enough now to hunt them down?"

"I mustn't let the beasts escape and cause a commotion to disturb Master. I must be quick and silent and create as little noise as possible!"

Then he thought, "Master is letting me hunt these beasts at this time, he is also tempering me, stimulating my stamina and practicing my strength, enhancing the control of my own power!"

Xu Yan stood up, clenched his fists, and excitedly said, "Master, rest assured, I will definitely not cause a big commotion, I definitely won't disturb your peace!"

"Hmm, very good, I believe in you!"

Li Xuan nodded with satisfaction.

This silly disciple still follows his instructions and can understand what he is saying.

Xu Yan was extremely excited, this time, he understood the deeper meaning behind Master's words, he was certain that there would be gains from this journey through the Evil Forest!

Perhaps before a month has passed, he would be able to temper his golden bones!


Watching Xu Yan leave, Li Xuan's heart was filled with mixed feelings: "I hope this silly disciple can make it through the Evil Forest safely this time, then bring people to hunt the tigers and beasts inside."

"In this way, I can also avenge the dead villagers."

Once the tigers and beasts in the Evil Forest are killed, the road away from the village will be safe. If he senses any danger of being exposed, he can escape immediately.

He can directly escape to Wu Country.

To hide far away.

With Xu Yan's gift as a disciple, he can live a good life.


With the longsword on his back and a stoked expression, Xu Yan walked faster and faster, finally arriving at the Evil Forest.

It was not the first time Xu Yan had crossed the thirty-mile Evil Forest. More than once, he had seen the remains of wild animals that had been half eaten.

During the frequent trips, he had never encountered danger.

This time, as he entered the Evil Forest, he was not in a hurry to get through, but began to look around in the dense forest.

"If master said so, this means that with my current strength, fighting a fierce tiger is not out of reach."

Xu Yan's vital energy circulates, his muscles tense, his keen senses alert to his surroundings, as he begins to hunt in the wicked forest.

"It's up ahead!"

Suddenly, Xu Yan heard faint snoring sounds.

Walking lightly, cautiously approaching, he finally spotted a colorful fierce tiger resting in the bushes.

Even from several feet away, he could still feel the tiger's ferocious vibes and its strong, healthy body, its robust vital energy.


At the sight of the tiger, Xu Yan was astounded.

"Why is this tiger so huge?"

He comes from a wealthy family, and since he loved practicing martial arts from a young age, he had hunted tigers more than once with the family guards and some hunters.

But, no tigers from his previous hunts were like the one before his eyes.

This tiger in the wicked forest was more than twice as big.

The colorful fur made it appear even more ferocious.

"No wonder master sent me to the wicked forest, this tiger is not an ordinary one, its vital energy is much stronger.

"Its blood and bones are a great supplement, beneficial for my refinement process."

Excitement flashed in both Xu Yan's eyes, and he thought: No wonder the Master wanted him to hunt the tiger in the wicked forest, this tiger is extraordinary.

"Using the blood and bones of this tiger, along with precious medicine, the effect is bound to be stronger. It will be enough for me to transform thrice or more!"

Many thoughts flashed in Xu Yan's head: bring back this tiger after hunting it, let the family's pharmacist add precious medicine to the hunt, and it would certainly enhance the auxiliary effect of refining my bones."

"I must not be complacent. This is an opportunity. Seize the chance, kill the tiger in an instant, without making too much fuss, and without letting the tiger escape from the wicked forest!"

Xu Yan's vital energy boils, his heart throbbing, transferring a tremendous amount of energy all over his body.

His muscles tense up, ready to pounce.

He slowly draws his longsword, treads lightly, slowly getting closer.

He was preparing to launch a surprise attack!

One strike to kill the ferocious tiger!

"I can't use the sword!"

Xu Yan suddenly thought of something: "If I use the sword to kill the tiger, wouldn't it damage the tiger's skin?"

"This tiger skin is so beautiful to look at, it would be nice to peel it off intact and give it to master!"

Having thought this, Xu Yan slowly put down his sword, clutching his fists, the vital energy rushing, muscles tensing, ready to fight this tiger barehanded.

The distance is closing, the resting tiger suddenly flared its nostrils a few times.

Suddenly lifting its head, it looked back.

A human appeared in its line of sight.


The tiger let out a low roar, ready to pounce, and Xu Yan at this moment, saw that the tiger was looking up, its eyes were blood-red, full of ferocity and bloodthirstiness.

"Red-eyed Tiger!"

Xu Yan was taken aback, no wonder this tiger was so large, even twice as big as an ordinary tiger.

It is the king of tigers in the legends, the Red-eyed Tiger!

He had read about it in books, it was said that there was a kind of fierce tiger with eyes as red as fire, brutal and violent, fond of eating humans, even a hunting team of a hundred people would suffer heavy casualties if they encountered it!

This tiger in the wicked forest was the legendary king of the tigers, the Red-eyed Tiger!

At this moment, he had been discovered by it.

Xu Yan's vital energy surged, not waiting for the Red-eyed Tiger to pounce, he dashed forward!