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The Thieving Luna

"You lied to me," he breathed out the words like he was tired and did not want to be here, "you lied to everyone." Jade gulped and glanced at his hands that were holding the handcuffs. Even in the dark, she could make out the outline of them. "I didn't want to…" "Yes?" He huffed and mocked, "tell me then did your beloved master have to force your hand to fool every one of us?" To fool me? But he left that unsaid. Jade remained quiet. Every game had unfolded and every clue had been brought out to light. There was nothing she could do, and even if she spoke the truth that was in her heart at the moment, no one would believe her. Not even the man that vowed to. No, her alpha won't believe her. "Please," letting go of her morals, she begged. "Please believe me when I say that I changed—” "No one cares if you have changed or not!" He roared and she flinched at the anger of the wolf. Her head bowed down and the animal inside her submitted to her mate and alpha. Her animal had already betrayed her. "Lies! Lies are what we have heard from you from the beginning!" He spat and the chain rattled in his hands. "There is nothing that will come from that mouth and I will ever believe in again." Jade nodded, her tears blurring the vision but she did not make a sound. Even when she heard him near her. He snatched her hand roughly and clasped the handcuff on her wrist. For the first time, the alpha's actions were in complete contrast to what they had been before and it hurt. "Stay here, thief." The word made her flinch. "You will see the daylight when you receive your judgment." She did not have the strength to open her eyes until she heard his footsteps retreat into the distance, leaving her alone in the cold dark and filthy dungeons of the pack clans. Resigning to her fate, she slowly moved to the wall to which the chains were attached and slid down with her back touching it on the floor. What had she done? * The credit of the images goes to the rightful owner.

Inara_Me · Urban
Not enough ratings
40 Chs