Chapter 392: The Truth About the Evil God, the Crack in the Immortal Realm_1

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From Heavenly Bird Mountain to the Southern Border, it was actually not far—merely a single state away. With Han Yi's speed, he arrived quickly.

However, during this process, he delivered two more "swords," resulting in the decapitation of two clamorous Witch Priests.

Using the Extreme Realm level Sword Control Skill to wield the Heavenly Demon Halberd fragments yielded surprisingly powerful effects, increasingly becoming second nature to him. It was much faster than when he first used the Human Emperor Sword from Great Qin Dynasty's capital to Shu Du amidst the demon chaos.

Although the Heavenly Demon Halberd fragments were not "swords," in Han Yi's mind, all things in the world could be swords. There were Immortals who could pick a blade of grass to serve as a sword that could destroy the sun, moon, and stars. Thus, using Heavenly Demon Halberd fragments as swords was naturally fitting.