Chapter 392: The Truth About the Evil God, the Crack in the Immortal Realm_2

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Han Yi shifted his gaze and once again settled on the enormous figure of the Evil God. No, it was no longer appropriate to describe it as an Evil God. There was another term that was a more fitting description, and that was Evil Demon.

It resembled evil and was demonic; this was the Evil Demon.

The moment he looked towards the Evil Demon, its massive demon body, which had absorbed the flesh and blood of numerous Witch Cultivators who had exploded and died, suddenly vanished.


The terrifying sound of an explosion originated from the ground three miles away beneath Han Yi. The forest seemed to have been struck by an invisible meteor, collapsing into a crater a hundred meters across.


Boom, rumble!

The fractured mountain where the Evil Demon had been only began to shake with a delayed yet huge rumble.

Above the cracked mountain, a shadow slowly emerged. It was none other than Han Yi who had been three miles away just moments earlier.