Chapter 391: First Slay Half-immortal, Southern Border Evil God_3

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However, Han Yi found that the speed of refining Heavenly Demon Halberd fragments was excessively slow; the divine consciousness that permeated into the javelin fragments was almost devoured by ninety-nine percent, leaving only an insignificant thread perceivable.

But as the duration of nurturing perception grew longer, his control over the fragments also grew stronger, a strength for which he could not yet see the limit...

Years flowed by like water, gone in the blink of an eye.

Another fifteen years passed, making it the sixty-fifth year since Han Yi fell from the Immortal Realm into the Purple Cold World, and the twenty-fifth year since he reached the Yu Heng World.

Heavenly Bird Mountain.

A young man was sitting cross-legged in a quiet room; in front of him, a silver-white metallic shard hovered motionlessly in mid-air, the young man's eyes closed as his divine consciousness remained intertwined around the shard.