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The weather in North City was humid, but it was also scorching in August and September. A wide mansion was located in the middle of the North City. It was a traditional-style structure with pink walls and tiles and a large yard. It seemed out of place in comparison to the bustling shops around it.

Any smart developer would be interested in such a good piece of land. They might have had an idea, but whether or not they could finance it was another question. That was because the land was pricey, and the Zhao Corporation had already purchased the house! Zhao Corporation did not buy that property for development but for the elderly!

The death of Yang Guiying, the Zhao family's senior, was also a hot topic. The old woman was friendly and enjoyed a good time. Even though such a huge courtyard would not be developed, she rented it to outsiders, particularly to individuals in tough situations and who were not well-off. Another one had been rented out a while ago.

In the summer, the weather was hot, and the noon sun was so fierce that it could peel off one's skin. The chirping of cicadas in the courtyard's willow trees was irritating.

Zhao Xier had been up all night playing games with her friends and was just getting some sleep. However, she could not sleep due to the chirping of the cicadas. "Grandma, I will find someone to take down the willow tree tomorrow!" she exclaimed as she lifted the cover.

"Cut what? I think I will just cut you!" Grandma Yang's voice could be heard from the kitchen. Yang Guiying was the only one who could subdue Zhao Xier.

Yang Guiying wiped her hands on her sleeve as she approached Zhao Xier's room. "It is a good thing you are unable to sleep. Do you remember what I said the day before yesterday? Today, we have a new neighbor in the courtyard. She is a single woman with two sons. I learned that the eldest boy is ill and has to take medication all year. The younger child is just four or five years old and has recently started attending kindergarten. Their family has recently relocated to North City and knows very few people. Since you are free today, go to the gate and greet them. Consider it a leisure walk."

Zhao Xier grimaced and looked dissatisfied when she heard that. Outside, the sun was blazing. Who would want to go out there and suffer? She was ready to refuse when she heard the system's voice, which had been silent for a year. "Dear host, connecting to the utility system. Please be patient. The system has successfully connected, and the story is loading..."

Zhao Xier was startled when the sound turned on so suddenly! After all, that utility system had been dormant since the day she crossed the border. She was not sure if it was because it had been idle for too long or because the system was getting old, but the story still did not load effectively after a long wait. "Did you crash?" Zhao Xier inquired angrily. "It is really difficult to load an article."

The utility system said, "Please understand, my dear host. After all, you have not used your computer in almost a year. It is common for the system to become stuck. It is similar to how your brains corrode if you do not use them for an extended period."

Zhao Xier was perplexed. That system was fantastic at blabbering!

Zhao Xier's tiredness had vanished as a result. She sat on the bed, scowling, waiting for the system to load the story. Her thoughts wandered as she waited. Nobody realized that Zhao Xier, the Zhao family's young master, was actually a girl rather than a boy. Nobody suspected she was not from that world but rather a misfortune book traveler! She even dressed up as a male supporting character!

Zhao Xier was reading a book called the Restraint of Paranoia. That book was about the male protagonist, Xiao Mohan, who grew up in poverty. For financial reasons, his father abandoned him, his brother, and his mother. Xiao Mohan has suffered from ill health since he was a child. He was sickly and frail. He was frequently bullied in school, alone, and in pain. It was truly tragic. He did not meet the female lead, Qin Nuan, until he reached North City with excellent grades. Unlike the other students who alienated and loathed the male protagonist, Qin Nuan was compassionate and cute. She was a ray of brightness in the male protagonist's dismal environment.

For love, Xiao Mohan worked hard. After graduating from university, he used his exceptional IQ and unique vision to build an incredible business empire in less than five years! However, by the time he returned to Qin Nuan after his achievement, Qin Nuan had already found and married a man she adored.

Xiao Mohan had formed a stubborn and unsociable disposition as a result of his terrible childhood and youth. He had an unfathomable crush on Qin Nuan. He had grabbed her by force and imprisoned her by his side, despite her requests. In the end, they died together, and the outcome was devastating.

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