I Became the Male Lead’s Guardian After Crossdressing Book

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I Became the Male Lead’s Guardian After Crossdressing


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Zhao Xi’er transmigrated into a novel, becoming a cannon fodder crossdressing female who disguises herself as a man. The male lead of the novel, Xiao Mohan, later becomes a business genius in S City, performing business miracles one after another. However, he was just a poor, pitiful man right now. Because of the lack of love and indifferent treatment he received in his younger years, Xiao Mohan developed a paranoid and cold personality. To change her own fate, Zhao Xi’er secretly cared for Xiao Mohan while still maintaining her villainous cannon fodder character. When Xiao Mohan fell ill and had a fever, she ignored it while in front of others, but immediately had medicine delivered to him after school. When Xiao Mohan was insulted, she taunted him in front of others, and secretly taught those bullies a lesson behind his back. When Xiao Mohan was falsely accused and helpless, she worked hard to collect evidence until the truth came out. Zhao Xi’er felt like she was going to explode from all the pretending! Fortunately, Xiao Mohan’s attitude towards her had improved a lot, so she was relieved! If one were to ask Xiao Mohan what he hated most in this world, he would say one was his birth father who abandoned him, and the other was Zhao Xi’er, who was in the same school as him, the guy who bullied him but also treated him well like some kind of maniac. One day, at the entrance of an alley, he heard someone speaking and saw Zhao Xi’er, who he hated the most. Zhao Xi’er was kicking a boy from the school next door who always bullied Xiao Mohan, and he said coldly, “You’ve got a lot of guts, huh? How dare you touch what’s mine?” “Yours?” the boy on the ground was confused. “I didn’t touch anyone who belongs to you! I’ve only beaten up Xiao Mohan recently…”Zhao Xi’er glared harder. “He’s mine!” Xiao Mohan: “...” Shameless! Zhao Xi’er was getting more and more shameless!


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