My new item can raise infatuation, but! Book

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My new item can raise infatuation, but!


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What happens when a good for nothing loser get his hands-on some magical contact lenses, with the ability to tell him exactly how to raise a woman infatuation, paired with a system powerful enough to travel between worlds, but not like any heavenly item. This mighty tool is utterly broken and forced him to farm infatuation points none stop. What will then happen to the woman around him? —————————————————— You will come to try the novel from a thin wisp of curiosity or simply because of the R-18, and you will leave with either total disappointment cause you don't like it at all, or you will leave with an unsaturated desire for more chapters. I can't really control if you will like it or not; everyone has his taste and set-offs. Well, enjoy, and if you liked this book, you surely would like all my books. The cover is not mine.


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