I Became a Progenitor Vampire Book

novel - Sci-fi

I Became a Progenitor Vampire

Bubbling Koi

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  • 60 Chs

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Reed has accidentally crossed over into a virtual reality game that is not due for release until a year later. Inside the game, he is a Progenitor Vampire that has been hiding amongst humans to study magic that also owns an ancient castle with over 200 vampiric descendants. What a roller-coaster ride. Thankfully, he can still return back to Earth. But the biggest crisis staring down upon him is the open beta scheduled for a year later, and the coming of the players. How can he, as a vampire, get strong enough to fight against the oncoming catastrophe incarnates – the players themselves!! This is the tale of a Progenitor Vampire leading a group of vampires and humans farming the land.