Just Between Lovers: A Heart-Warming Love Story Book

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Just Between Lovers: A Heart-Warming Love Story


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She is the "Queen" of silver screen, and He is the "King" of business world. They met for the first time on the shooting set of romantic web series, named as "Just Between Lovers!!". He was the main lead in the series.. by force, and she was the supporting actress.. by choice. While shooting together, something happened between them.. something magical.. which never happened to them in their whole life. Both of them fell in love with each other.. but both of them oblivious of this new bloomed feeling of love treated each other as friends and as colleagues. After completion of the shoot, they parted their ways on good terms, and then got busy with their own lives. He got busy in his business, and She in her new movie. After that day, they never contacted each other again. Although, they shared their numbers on the second day of the shoot but never once thought to contact each other. Though, they both think of each other time to time, miss each other presence in their lives, but never dared to call or message each other.. still oblivious of their own feelings. Seeing them like this, their destiny sighed in disbelief, and made a plan for them and make them meet again.. with a small cute twist. They met again after whole three months with the cute twist planned by their destiny. The twist was cute and little funny. The twist was.. She became his elder brother's coolest young sister-in-law, and He became her elder sister's favorite young brother-in-law. They got shocked, surprised, happy, and at the same time little bit excited seeing and meeting with each other after whole three months. He greeted her with wink, "Hello.. Wifey!!". She chuckled on his greetings, and greeted him back with cheeky smile, "Hello.. Hubby!!" Their families got hell shocked seeing all this and shouted in unison, "What the hell is going on??" They glanced at each other and gave a knowing smile because now they understood.. they understood that they are not just friends, or some colleagues who shot one web series together. They are more than just being friends or colleagues to each other. They understood how they feel for each other, why they always missed each other, why they are so happy after meeting with each other after so long, and what they meant for each other. They didn't replied to their families questions and kept seeing each other, thinking, "Things which happens only.. Just Between Lovers!!!" ******************** Hello lovely people!! I'm re-writing this novel with new plot. My last attempt to write this novel went in vain due to lack of self confidence, and poor plot. I hope this time I'll be able to pull out something great. Please support me, and keep little patience. I'll soon update first chapter. I would like to thank all the readers (including silent readers) who loved the previous plot of the same story. I hope you'll love this one too. Thank you!! :)


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