44 Wake Up, Kids!

In the next chapter things might start to get fun. And I came up with a really cool theory, not sure if it's original, and I don't want to search it up lest the internet algorithms steal my idea... just kidding, I'm just lazy. But the theory is awesome and it makes a lot of sense. Anyway, enjoy!


I walked alone to the children's room to wake them up for breakfast.

I walked to a room with a cute carrot drawn on the door.

On top of the carrot was a sign that read 'Floor's Room'.

I gently opened the door and there I saw a cute little bunny sleeping on the big white bed.

The walls of the room were pink, filled with cute drawings of carrots as a theme.

I walked up to the little bunny and shook her gently.

"Princess, it's time to wake up." I gently shook her.

"Uhmm, five more minutes..." She murmured softly and rubbed her eyes gently with her cute little fingers.

"Vision made carrots." I said with a smile.


With agility and flexibility, in an instant, a cute bunny was on my shoulder, swinging her little feet.

"Uncle Tony, let's go, hurry!" Floor shouted excitedly, clenching her fists and throwing them up in celebration.

With the Skrull serum, I remodeled Floor's body for her greater convenience. She couldn't hold things like forks and other utensils, and it made her very dependent on others' help.

And that got her down. Fortunately, I fixed that.

Now she looks like a young Judy Hopps with white fur and red eyes.

Extremely cute.

[Cute image here - Floor]

"Nah Ah! You're going to wash your face first, then we'll eat. I'll wake up your siblings." I said and kissed her cute little head.

Then I picked her up and put her on the floor, and she ran to the bathroom.

I then left and went to the next room, which had a fluffy cloud on the door, with the name Lylla written above it.

I entered and saw a sweet Lylla lying under the covers, breathing softly.

The walls of her room were blue and full of cute fluffy clouds drawn, just like the sky.

I walked up to her and shook her.

"Sweetheart, time to wake up." I said and kissed her forehead.

"Humm... *Yawn*" Lylla murmured softly and yawned, before slowly opening her eyes.

"Go wash your face, I'll wake up the others." I said, stroking her little head.

[Cute image here - Lylla]

"Good morning, Uncle Tony!" She said softly as she got up and rubbed her eyes.

"Good morning, Sunshine!" I smiled at her and went to wake up the others, while she went to wash her face.

I then went to the other side of the corridor and opened the door in front of me.

On the door, it said Teefs, and there were two cute fangs drawn underneath.

I opened the door and the wall of the room was dark blue and full of cute fangs drawn on the wall.

I walked to the bed and there was a small, cute tiger with big fangs snoring softly in a cute way.

"Hey, son, time to wake up." I said and shook him gently, but he didn't wake up.

"Hey, Teefs, boy, wake up!" I shook him and called him, but he didn't wake up.

Sighing bitterly, I could only resort to my hidden card.

"These fangs must be worth some good money, I think I'm going to sell them." I said with a smile.

The little tiger immediately widened his eyes and woke up, covering his fangs with his tiny hands.

"No! Uncle Tony! Not the fangs!" Teefs said, frightened.

"Pffff! Only way to get you up. Come on, go wash your face, breakfast is ready." I said, tousling his hair with a smile.

Honestly, I'll never say this to them, but I couldn't have much fatherly affection for Teefs before due to his appearance. Even though he was pitiful, he was too big and whiskery to look like the child he was.

Of course, if I had no other way, I know I could love him as a son if I tried, but since I have other options, I don't need that kind of trouble.

Fortunately, he didn't mind his appearance, so I managed to convince him to change shape.

Of course, what I told him was that he could get other forms to live better, and I showed him the forms, among which there was a humanized walrus form, as I will always respect their choices.

But then my low blow came in, there was a cute tiger form with huge fangs that I created, his fangs being even larger than the walrus form option.

And with Teefs's great love for his fangs, he fell into the trap.

That's how he became one of the cutest things in the world alongside my other three children.

[Cute image here - Teefs]

"Go wash your face before you eat." I said playfully.

"Okay, Uncle Tony." He said as he got off the bed and ran to wash his face.

They call me uncle, but I treat them like my real children, and they know that.

I'm sort of like Uncle Ben is to Peter Parker.

Hey, speaking of Peter Parker, has he been born yet? I have to check that later.

I then walked to the last door, where a cute rocket was drawn, and above it was written Rocket.

I entered the room and saw a cute raccoon almost falling off the bed with his arm and head outside the bed.

I got close to him and set him straight on the bed before shaking him.

"Hey, Buddy, time to wake up." I said and saw him slightly open his eyes.

He then sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Yawn. What time is it?" He asked, exhausted.

"You stayed up late gaming, did you?" I asked with narrowed eyes.

He looked at me startled and shook his head quickly from side to side in denial.

"Oh, really?" I asked, and he nodded quickly.

"Are you sure? Because the punishment for lying is worse." I said, looking into his eyes seriously.

He then froze, thought for a moment, and hung his head dejectedly.

"Sorry." He said softly with his ears drooping.

I looked at him seriously but then smiled gently.

I rubbed his head and said, "Go wash your face, it's breakfast time."

He lifted his head and looked at me in surprise.

"You're not going to punish me?" He asked, confused.

"If you had continued lying, I would have punished you with a month of no gaming. But since you told the truth, I won't punish you." I said to him, smiling softly.

He looked at me surprised and nodded.

But I wasn't going to let him go without explaining a few things.

"Look Rocket, staying up late isn't a big deal, although you can't keep doing it all the time because maintaining a regular sleep schedule makes us more self-disciplined... It's also good for health, but for us with enhanced bodies, that doesn't matter." I said and looked at him, who was paying attention.

And I continued, "But lying is different. People will always find out when you lie, and when they do, even if you tell the truth, they will still doubt the things you say. I don't like people who lie, Rocket, and I don't want you to become one. Can you promise me that?" I said, looking seriously at him and extended my closed fist to him.

He looked at me and pondered, then nodded firmly and fist-bumped my fist.

"I promise, Dad!" Rocket said seriously.

"Good! Let's eat." I said, smiling.

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