I am James Kent

Author: king_frosh
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What is I am James Kent

Read I am James Kent fanfiction written by the author king_frosh on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, overpowered, dc. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Moved to my other account, will continue the book there. For early chapters you can check it out on my patreon @patreon.com/5imply_lucid

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Xenoveia · Anime & Comics
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had a rewrite so all these one star reviews are just a reference to what the writer changed, but as of yet James isn't limiting himself, and he's just a kryptonian


mc has no brains,no logic,plays the hero.mc mentality ... .................................... .........................................................


This novel has so much potential. I’d personally prefer if James doesn’t mess with beings on earth(heroes and villains) and instead stayed low-key only moving against cosmic threats. Great start btw till the whole motherbox reveal. Can’t wait for the new chapters.


is this a harem?? Haven't started reading it yet 😅


So far so good, I like where it’s going, nothing to bad to say needs more chapters to give an more in-depth review but it seems to just beginning to get their. Hope for an arc soon since it’s just a daily life chapters going on. I’ll just have to wait.


Read it at your own risk. I could only manage a few chapters. I truly hate when authors make the mc be able to do anything even as a one year old. I mean he somehow awakens flight and flies to space as a 1-2 year old... and then at around 5 he reads martial art books and other stuff and masters them....with no training what so ever. I don't recommend this.


Its an ok fanfic, it has the potential to be a great one, however I don't like how inconsistent things relating to the mc can sometimes be in the fic, fix that and I'll happily give this a 4 star


chapters are a bit short but overall its quit a good fic . [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Great book has an awesome plot just wish the author updated frequently but not at the expense of the story's flow. Author keep up the good work


Thank you so much, Author! You don't have an idea of how much I wanted an Mc with brain and you are delivering just that, I'll wait for the next chapters to see how this amazing story goes!


will there be romance at all or a love int erest(havent read yet)


Reveal spoiler


just when i was starting to enjoy, i reach the last chapter and it says last update 9 months ago at the moment of this review. Was this dropped? too bad i wanted a bit more. though the transition to superman was rushed. I would have wished for some more smallville adventures or beginning to be superman


I like the story nothing much has happened so far but it's not boring. I can only hope it's not a harem cause that would be disappointing. The MC hasn't done anything stupid...yet, lets hope it stays that way. My only problem is that the authour has not updated in 4 MONTHS. But other than that good story. I would suggest reading this when theres more chapters abvailable..some day. As for now the novel is only in the beggining stages so you'll be disappointed if you catch up to the latest chapter.




Please update its almost been a month !!!


It was readable and has some errors but it's definitely an interesting read. ....................................................................................


Naija guy ....................................................................................................................................................................


Well here is a review, quite acceptable writing quality, development of the story a bit rushed to my liking in terms of the MC's powers, but if you like OP characters it's quite good, the character design is not bad, but it seems a bit illogical and absurd to me that a baby no more than 2 or 3 years old has so much power, but hey, that's what the author wanted to say.


i haven't read this book yet but if it as the same quality has "Deus we are all lords" then I will definitely like it


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