I am Succubus!
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I am Succubus!


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What is I am Succubus!

Read I am Succubus! novel written by the author JamminRabbit on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering comedy, campus, smut. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I am Succubus or "When I refused to have sex with a succubus, she turned me into one!" Saeko Ito has only really wanted one thing in his life— to be treated as the boy he is. Unfortunately his friends, club, and even his own sister teases him and treats him differently because of his effeminate features. One day, his life is flipped on its head when a succubus named Mio not only transforms him into a girl, but into a succubus! All because he couldn't find it in him to "man-up" and have sex with her. Now he, or rather SHE, must navigate her new life as the opposite gender and find a way to transform back. But as her succubus powers manifest, so too, does her succubus aura which subconsciously attracts people to her. To make matters worse, Saeko's hunger grows with each passing day as her thirst for sexual energy begins to take over. I am Succubus! In collaboration with Tamaya Kagiya @Tamayakagiya8 is a web novel adaptation of the visual novel of the same name. Cover art by Himexin @ssrhime See more of my site here: https://sites.google.com/view/jamminrabbit/home Consider joining my patreon to support me and for advanced chapters: https://www.patreon.com/jamminrabbit Join my discord for constant updates or hang out: https://discord.gg/GmSYunYJjs


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I find this story a great change of pace from the usual gender swap stories I have come across. Furthermore, it has good a plot and story progression. Additionally, it is well written and stable in it's releases, so there's is no too long of a wait between updates. Finally, to those who love the genre and related themes of the story I highly recommend giving this story a read.


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I think it's good so far but I like books like this it has a good pace and the mc is getting twisted around in both good and bad ways but ...no spoilers here just read and find out for yourself


A good novel it has a good story and a stable wreiting quality. -------------------------------------------------#---------------------------------------------------#---------------------------------------------------#---------------------------------------------------#--


Came here for the silly premise. I like those. But a got a pleasant surprise. The writing is a little rough around the edges but over all it doesn't detract from the story as a whole.


i think a cool and interesting story is developing very well and it’s amazing how mc is changing it’s getting very interesting without waiting for more chapters i hope it never ends


good story with a stable quality. No jumps or incomprehensible sections. the characters are funny and believable. the story is also good and runs smoothly. Also for people who do not like *** scenes worth considering. I personally can only make a recommendation. ⚠ a little Spoiler ⚠* × * I hope that the relationship with Mio will be expanded properly * × *⚠


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It was amazing. Masterfully crafted to blend the story and the smut together. The pacing was well done as well and nothing felt over the top or excessive. I would like to be able to write my story on this level... But I still have a ways to go.


This book is absolutely amazing. The storyline is very captivating and i can get enough of it. My only request though would be that maybe you could add more chapters a week cause I'm stuck reading this over and over waiting for more chapters and its eating away at my sanity. Hope you can begin updating the book more often[img=update][img=recommend]


This book overall is nice, no matter what it is gender bender usually have such a similar setting that you can’t find one like this. In general it would be nice if more gender bender were made like this or in general gender benders with succubus in them as the main character. It gives a nice feel to see the main character question what they will do.


Had me at succubus that doesn't handwaved away what a sex demon is. Stayed for the great writing and characters. Now I just want more please.




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Wow, it was amazing, i don’t usully write a revew nor am i good at doing it, but I just had to put my support at least this way. Thank you so much for this story serously. For me it was so good that I can’t seems to put it into word. I loved the principal caracter evolution, the love evolution with Mio even tought their sucub ( that was mind blowing ❤️), hehe I love the gender bender, I loved how her sex interaction were brought to the story... I could go on forever. I red until the real last chapter wich was post and I DO understand why you had to stop like that, but honestly i cried since i was getting myself ready for a good ending but ended this way. That is just how much I liked that story. If Somehow you can continu the story one day it might be one of my happiest day haha. Well I hope you will have succes for the rest as it was the first story i red from you I look foraward the the others. Ounce agaIn THANK YOU SO MUCH for this story and I shall always remember Saeko ( I hope I write it right 😣) and Mio and their adventure in my heart. Good luck to you for the futur as i shall stick around to see it myself trought you’r story😁 I can already 🤤 from it.


This was a great smut with a fun complete story to boot! I truly wish the writer had gotten permission from the original IP creator to continue.


I'm only just starting and I can say this is better than many others, why? Simply because it's not all ***. There seems to be some amount of plot and character development


A wonderful Novel no matter what other people say or said. I just wish that there was more. Especially since it would definitely make me read it all over again.


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