I Am Supreme Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

I Am Supreme

Feng Ling Tian Xia

Ongoing · 8.9M Views


The drug is only poison if it doesn’t become medicine, the man perishes into ashes ultimately if he doesn’t become god! The remarkably intelligent Supreme avenges the empire’s vengeance and personal grudge. Firm and unyielding, tender and kind, he is tangled in love, resentment, good, and evil. The unparalleled divine art quashes the world’s injustice while the unwavering loyalty weaves eternal brotherhood. The heaven’s way is flawed, the humanly world lacks justice; Evil runs rampant in the worldly realm and in the ethereal world; I mourn for your kindness, I rage for your indifference; Beyond where the law rules, I shall perform the execution. Subdue the world by martial force, the injustice shall be exterminated; I yield the saber in my hand, I carry the passion in my heart; My love nestles in my embrace, the treacherous rests under my blade; The world is overseen with nonchalance, there is no more regrets in this life.

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