I Am Energy In Dc

You have read Fanfics on how one lucky or unlucky guy would get picked by some random omnipotent being to relive his life in another world. Well what if you were that R.O.B only less omnipotent [For now] and more immortal. What happens when a man is reborn as Energy in the world of DC Capable of using said energy to do anything imaginable.

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Chapter 86 Master What's Wrong With You

I apologise in advance to those who may not like the chapter and can only say that I'm going somewhere with this.


"That's it. Forget..... Like before".

Miss Martian found herself within her inner consciousness. The whole place looked like a mishmash of different memories coming together in complete disorder.

"Like... before?" And then it happened, it dawned on her as her memory relapsed. How exactly the whole team had gotten their minds wiped. And who exactly was responsible for....

A dazzling white light enveloped her mental space in an attempt to erase everything.


And so, she urgently fought back against Psimon's telepathic abilities with her own.

"I won't let it happen again".

The bright light was pushed away, converging in one spot until it formed a giant head. Psimon's head.

"The current timing is very inappropriate for this, you little brat".

Back in the outside world, Psimon frowned while looking towards the invisible Martian.

"I don't have time for this". He had a mission, and he needed to accomplish it fast.


The movement of cybernetic parts resounded as the kryptonite-powered robot finally moved from its position.

Its green eyes were fixed on the spot where the camouflaged Martian stood, spotting the slightly blurry silhouette standing there.

"Way ahead of you". John Corben answered.

The glowing green rock in his chest lit up with a dazzling green glow and fired a straight beam.

"Arghhh!" Megan screamed as the kryptonite laser hit her straight on the chest.

She was blasted straight out of the tent into the distance, crashing into the sand.

"Finish your work on the Kryptonian girl. I'll finish this one off".

Metallo said in a robotic tone and took two steps forward.

"That won't be happening". Psimon uttered before turning around. He walked towards Supergirl and stretched out his hand once more to continue his work.

"Plans have changed. Our orders are to evacuate now".

"Oh! Are we transporting the kryptonian already?"

"There will be no transportation". Psimon said while lowering his hand, clearly indicating that whatever he was doing was completed.

"Unless you want to risk the chance of death, you will evacuate with everyone else this instant. The Supergirl stays where she is".

"You have to tell me why. Is the Blue Boy Scout coming? Or is it someone else from the league?"

"Neither, someone worse". Psimon's face was grim. Ignoring the cybernetic robot, he began to urge everyone else to evacuate.

"That can't be right. Who could be worse than Superman?" Metallo didn't buy it.

"You know, it really hurts my feelings when people compare me to Superman". The clear, calm voice startled both of them.

Corben immediately turned around as his back was facing the unknown enemy.

But when he did, something thrust towards his chest, firmly grabbing the Kryptonite rock that served as his power source.

The glowing kryptonite dimmed rapidly and within two seconds, its glow was gone, replaced with a gray looking rock.

The green light in the cyborg's eyes died before going off. Followed by the fall of the robot's body to the floor.


Amari looked at the rock that he held in his grasp and scoffed.

"He fell asleep in the midst of our conversation. How rude".

The guards outside immediately barged into the tent. Seeing someone they were obviously unfamiliar with, they immediately raised their firearms and opened fire.

The startled scientists immediately took cover in the nearest places they could find.

Amari watched indifferently as the bullets bounced off him the moment they made contact. It was the same for Psimon, only he was projecting a telekinetic barrier to keep himself from getting shot to death.

Amari unleashed his telekinesis and enveloped the Bialyan soldiers that were constantly firing despite seeing their actions achieving no results.



The back of their necks simultaneously released a slight cracking noise. The weapons they held fell from their grasp.

A second later, their bodies followed.

Fifty plus Bialyan soldiers dropped to the floor almost simultaneously.

"Would you look at that, so did they". Amari raised an eyebrow and turned towards the strange-looking man with his brain visible.

"Is this some sort of sleeping sickness? Cause if it is, it's very contagious".

"... You! The intruder" Psimon exclaimed in horror.

His eyes narrowed as if facing a formidable enemy, and he released his telepathy and telekinesis without any reservations.

The dark-looking dome around him expanded. Everything within the tent began to levitate, escaping the binds of gravity.

"Psimon will not go down easily". A small tornado ensued with both of them and Supergirl at the center.

The bodies, the tent, and everyone hiding within it was carried away in the dusty tornado.

The New Genisphere was no exception as it freed itself from the bindings but was carried away by the tornado.

Looking at the man who exuded casual indifference, Psimon had never been so solemn.

And with the mentality of whoever strikes first will have the upper hand, his mental power gushed forward in an attempt to invade Amari's mind.

Knowing that he had no advantage in the physical factor, Psimon made the best choice he could come up with.

Covering up his weaknesses with his strengths and drawing the opponent into a mind battle.

Unfortunately, his choice wouldn't change the result.

Feeling the mental power attempting to invade his brain, Amari frowned with displeasure. His blue eyes glowed and the power hidden within was allowed to escape with considerable reservations.


The sound of something bursting could be heard.

Psimon's eyes widened as his body stiffened. The dome that covered his brain was now painted completely red as his brain burst apart within his head.


The sound of something else hitting the floor was covered up by the dispersing tornado.

"Well, I guess it was contagious". Amari uttered as Psimon fell to the floor. Then, he stepped past his corpse without a change in expression.

A blonde female laid on a test table. Her hands were bound, and her complexion wasn't as pale as it used to be due to the absence of her weakening factor.

"Your goal here was the Android. You said you weren't here for her".

The voice of Alice sounded in his ears. Amari frowned.

"... I know".

With a single thought, the metal bindings shattered to pieces, freeing her.

The handsome male face gave off slightly unsightly expressions at this moment.

His eyes flickered with bouts of confusion and puzzlement at what he was doing.

"Then why did you help her? It's not within reasoning".

Alice's tone was filled with genuine curiosity. For the AI, many things didn't add up. She had noticed it from day one of her creation and the current happenings was just reinforcing her conjecture.

What the hell was happening to her master? Something was wrong, terribly wrong.

"I...". He opened his mouth but couldn't say a word.

The frown etched on his face couldn't help but deepen.

"I don't know. I guess…. because I wanted to".

Silence enveloped the atmosphere. Amari didn't say a word and neither did Alice.

The moment he uttered those last words, he knew that something was definitely wrong.

This was the first time this has happened.

His eyes were fixed on the female face before him but his mind and heart were elsewhere.



"What's wrong with you".

".... I ... don't know". Now it happened again.

"Ugh!" At that moment, a groan interrupted his thoughts.

The blonde kryptonian was stirring from her slumber.

"Weird….". Kara's consciousness began to return to reality. She heard someone mutter a single word.

Her eyelashes slowly opened up to see her surroundings.

"Who.....". The female uttered but what came into her view was nothing.

Nothing but scattered debris, a fallen body a distance away, and endless sand.

"What happened?"

She uttered in kryptonian.

At that moment, a giant metal object suddenly rolled towards her as she lifted herself up from the table.

Seeing the new Genisphere in front of her, Kara's mouth was slightly open, not understanding what was going on in the slightest.


"Move out". The captain yelled with obvious panic in his tone. After what he just saw, he would rather not spend another second here.

This was the era of Supers. Something blasting out of the ground and flying into the air was definitely above his pay grade.

His orders were to evacuate anyway. Why would he stay a moment more?

However, sometimes the plans can't keep up with the changes.

Dozens of medium-sized balls suddenly fell from the air and landed among the leaving convoy.

Each ball was well dispersed.

Seeing this, the Captain's eyes widened.

"Enemy attack!"

As soon as his words fell, the whole area went up in black smoke.

"Now". Robin, who had been hiding suddenly, rushed forward from his hiding spot.

Diving into the smoke-filled area, his slender gymnast physique was utilized to the extreme.

A soldier who was coughing due to the smoke was suddenly attacked without warning.

"Over there". Two who heard the sound immediately turned in that direction.

Two Birdarangs were launched towards them, exploding at the last second and entangling their bodies with ropes.

"I can't see..... Ugh!"



One by one, each Bialyan Republican soldier fell.

Eventually, the smoke cleared and Robin's silhouette could be seen.

"Enough! Open fire!" The captain screamed in rage.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

"Shit!" Robin dodged with continuous backflips.

"I'll take those".

Right then, a black flash of lightning streaked between the soldiers. They were dumbfounded when they realized that their weapons were gone.

"Thanks". The weapons were thrown away and Kidflash showed an unruly smile.

Then, he rushed forward to partake in the action.

Some who tried to drive away on the military vehicles were resolved by him.

"KF!" Robin exclaimed once the threat was resolved.

"Man, it's good to see a familiar face".

"Hey Rob! Memory loss?" Kidflash asked with a smile.

"Six months. Let's hogtie these clowns and compare notes". Robin replied.

"After that, we'll go in and see what's going on down there".

"Uh... Down where". Wally scratched his head with a bit of confusion. He didn't see anything.

"There's a secret entrance over there. It's where all these guys came from".

"Ok, then we.....".

Several minutes and several unspoken scenarios later.

"Um..... Rob…. I think we found what we came here for".

Looking at the two tanks with two floating people within, Kidflash uttered with wide eyes.

".... No kidding about that". Robin said with an equally astounded expression.


The Light Assembly.

Although everyone was communicating through holographic screens, the atmosphere was heavy, and they all could feel it.

"L-3. What is his status?"

"... Psimon is dead". Queen bee answered with a gloomy expression.

"I see, how unfortunate". Vandal Savage said expressionlessly.

"Did he at least manage to deliver the information on Superman's true identity?"

"..... No". The atmosphere around the Bialyan Ruler, if possible, grew heavier.

"Unfortunate indeed". Ocean master uttered. His tone had a hint of mockery within, causing the Bialyan queen to shoot him death glares.

"What about the Supergirl? Did he manage to fulfill his objective?"

Luthor ignored the exchange between the two members and asked what he felt to be the most important question he could ask.

After all, their lives were no longer secure.

"...". Seeing that she didn't reply, Lex's expression was unsightly.

"Don't tell me….".

"I don't know". She cut him off before he could finish.

"He was unreachable before he could deliver the report".

"That..... Leaves us with the question of if he was successful".

"Then... We need an opportunity…". The quiet Vandal Savage remarked.

"An opportunity to test if Psimon was successful and The Supergirl is truly under our control".