I Am Energy In Dc

You have read Fanfics on how one lucky or unlucky guy would get picked by some random omnipotent being to relive his life in another world. Well what if you were that R.O.B only less omnipotent [For now] and more immortal. What happens when a man is reborn as Energy in the world of DC Capable of using said energy to do anything imaginable.

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Chapter 85 Psimon Says Forget


The underground facility shook to its core.

"Captain. Are we still waiting?" Standing above ground, a Bialyan soldier stood alert with both hands firmly grasping his gun.

Feeling the rumbling going on beneath their feet, he couldn't help but ask his captain with a bit of uneasiness.

Unlike other bases, the number of personnel within this one was quite low. Barely reaching a hundred men and a few women combined.

The research personnel in the facility were only responsible for the maintenance of the cloning pods and the people in it. Apart from those two, there was quite literally nothing else worthy of attention.

For the past few weeks, these Republican soldiers treated this as a vacation job. They literally did nothing but patrol, take shifts and play cards all day long.

If they could smuggle in some booze and a couple more cigarette packs, it would make it even more enjoyable. After all, Bialya wasn't a peaceful nation.

Compared to other colleagues who spent most of their time fighting rebels and quelling protests through heavy fire due to the stations they were assigned to, this post was simply heaven.

They had been guarding this facility all this while and not one issue had emerged.

And so, it was with great confusion that their leading captain announced to all personnel that their main task tonight was to evacuate the moment they received the slightest sign that the facility had been breached.

This order alone was enough to leave them stupefied for weeks.

What was even more confusing was the fact that...


Another heavy rumble cause the ground under their feet to shake.

The captain took in a deep breath. Seeing that the evacuation was almost complete, he signalled the soldiers to get ready to leave.

Dozens of military vehicles had their headlights come up.

"Interesting". Hidden well on a nearby dune, Robin examined the occurring situation through his high-tech binoculars.

Dozens of transport vehicles were scattered around in the midst of nowhere.

That's what he would have thought if he didn't see the rather large hatch that most likely led to an underground facility.

"So that's where the rumbling is coming from". He uttered with a frown.

"Looks like they're evacuating. But why?" The Boy Wonder couldn't help but wonder.

Did something perhaps go wrong? A secret experiment gone haywire, or another clone on a rampage?

What could possibly....

"Captain.....". Seeing his captain walking away, the first soldier called out hesitantly.

"What about the people in the pods?"

This was what was so confusing. They were stationed here to guard those pods at all times. Now everyone was evacuating and no one said anything about their previous objective.

"Our orders have changed. The previous objective is invalid. Evacuate and leave everything else behind". The captain came to a halt, had creases appear on his forehead and replied.

The whole thing left him equally astonished, but to get to the position he's in now, he had seen and learned a lot of things.

The most important one clearly states, Obedience without question.

Or it would be his lifeless body being buried in a ditch one day.

The soldier didn't say anything else.

"Is that the last one?"

"Sir! That's the last of em".

"Good, everyone move....".


A huge cloud of dust suddenly rose from the ground. The large sound it created startled everyone around it.

The next second, however, something blasted out from underneath the soil. Rising straight into the air at a speed surpassing sound.

Robin, who was watching the whole thing, was shocked.

What the hell was going on here?

The Android took to the skies, Immediately implementing the orders it had been given. Escape at all costs, priority Alpha.

However, could it really escape?

The huge telekinetic force that assaulted its rapidly accelerating body didn't seem to think so.

Amazo was knocked out of the sky like he had been hit with a baseball bat. The sharp descent caused it to impact the earth with a crash of amazing magnitude.


A deep, ugly gully was created on the desert floor that spanned almost fifty meters in length.

The robot remained still for five seconds before it began to move its parts.

Unfortunately, it sensed the space behind him twisting irregularly.

[Captain Atom]

It immediately changed abilities, quickly raising its hand to fire an energy blast.

The metal hand preparing to fire an energy beam was immediately grabbed by a fleshy one stronger than even the hardest steel on Earth.

The beam was fired but had no effect.

[Black Canary]

Its mouth opened, preparing to release a Canary cry.

"Oh Hush!" Amari said indifferently as he grabbed the Android by its neck with his other hand. Destructive energy emerged from his palm and the neck of the Android quickly crumbled to dust.

The head was separated from the body and the Android officially went offline.

A second later, the body fell to the ground with a small thud officially marking Amazo's third defeat since its creation.

This one was even shorter than the last time it battled the Young Justice team.

'Quite pitiful if you ask me'. Amari thought to himself before raising the Android head that he had intentionally kept powered up to meet his gaze.

"So, did you enjoy the fight?"

Back at the Bialyan Royal Palace, The Light assembly was silent. No one said a word as they watched the male with black hair and blue eyes ask inquisitively.

Amari looked at the red eyes of Amazo with interest.

"Well... I guess it couldn't really be considered a fight. More like a massacre, but oh well. I pulled my punches as best as I could".

The expressions of everyone worsened.

Even Klarion found it difficult to keep a nonchalant look. Everyone had dignified expressions except The Brain, who one couldn't truly tell what expression he was making.

"Nevertheless, I do sincerely hope you enjoyed the performance. Savor it, and oh, please do savor it well.... Hehehehe…. Because your clock just started ticking".

Amari laughed while revealing a cheeky grin. The mockery in his eyes was particularly infuriating for those who watched but also somewhat terrifying.

"Don't worry, I won't come for you now. After all, you didn't plan to attack me specifically. So take your time, make your plans, do all your shit and whatnot..... Whatever you can come up with that'll give you even the slightest sense of security. Go ahead, I'm not in a rush. Because honestly...".

At that moment, he revealed a somewhat fiery look in his eyes. They couldn't tell if it was amusement or excitement.

"This feeling you're giving me. It's kinda fun". And with that, Amari let out hearty laughter.

Like a bored fella who just found a very fascinating toy to play with.

It gave a rather sinister vibe to it, especially to those watching.

"Anyway, like I said, take your time. Do your worst and see if it'll be good as mine. But don't be surprised if one of you turns up dead. Just bet on which one of you will be the first. I'm waiting for you, so don't take too long Because I will find you....". His face wasn't smiling anymore.

"..... And when I do, well... I'm not much of a poet, but you know what they say".

He put his hand on his chin with a look of contemplation.

"When the wind is slow and the fire's hot, The Vulture waits to see what rots. So goodbye, and have a nice night".

Those were the last words before the feed cut off.

"Cause you won't know which one of you won't see the sunrise". In the freezing windy desert, a mutter escaped, heard only be the wind.


Royal Palace, Bialya

"It seems that we have incurred on ourselves a massive problem". Ra's al ghul's face wasn't looking the slightest bit pleasant.

Luckily, no one else could see it through the illuminating light that concealed everything on the screen.

"Indeed". Replied the Brain.

"From what we can tell, he doesn't know who we are yet". Lex rubbed his bald head with some frustration.

The plans tonight had gone horribly wrong.

"What do we do now". Queen Bee couldn't help but ask. Currently, she was the most worried.


Vandal Savage was silent. His face looked grim.

"Let's reconvene". After a while of thought, he finally said the best thing he could think of at the moment.


"There's nothing we can do or think of at the moment. The meeting is adjourned. We settle our other matters and reconvene at a later date to discuss possible countermeasures".

This was the best he could come up with right now.

In fact, Vandal was currently blank on ideas. And he was sure he wouldn't come up with any like this. Now that the plan had fallen into some unfavorable circumstances, he needed time alone to think of his next move.

"Hahaha, the looks on your faces are funny. Well, what you said world for me. See ya". The Lord of chaos laughed, obviously not as bothered about this as much as his other... Human... More squishy partners.

And with that, the Lord of chaos logged off.

"Agreed". The Brain also logged off with one word.

"I must make arrangements as well". Ocean master said before his screen went off. By arrangements, he clearly meant security measures.

They all logged off one after another with obvious haze in their hearts.

Queen bee felt it the most.

Lex Luthor had predicted Amari's arrival, which was precisely why The Android was delivered to Bialya.

In the hope that Amazo would be able to replicate his powers, giving The Light a higher level of combat power capable of defeating the Justice League all at once.

The failure report that confronted her was the result.

"Contact Psimon". Seeing the situation, Queen Bee immediately called out solemnly as her brain began to think of various scenarios on her next move.

"You called, my Queen?" L-0 immediately put forward Psimon's hologram before her.

"There's been a change of plans". Queen Bee said something that caused Psimon's eyes to widen.

"My queen.....".

"The kryptonian female will be transported nowhere. Your mission now is to make sure she is found and rescued".

She relaxed her back against her throne, her posture making her look like she was in deep thought.

She was.

The overall plan hadn't changed, but due to the recent turn of events, some details needed to be tweaked.

If Amari was here for the blonde, then the possibility of successfully taking her away would be low. Unless they had boom tube technology, which they didn't.

Since that was the case, then let it happen. Even if the operation failed, for the light, it wasn't a loss.

After all, capturing the Super girl wasn't originally in their agenda.

Of course, things wouldn't end that easy.

Amari had just threatened them all. Worse still was the fact that he had the capability to accomplish it.

She needed to prepare for the worst.

They wanted to clone Supergirl so they could have a second spy on the inside. They could still have their spy, the only thing changing is the method to achieve it.

"My Queen, are we simply letting the Kryptonian go?"

"Of course not". She scoffed.

"She'll leave Bialya alright. Just not the same way she came".


"You give them the illusion that you don't know who they are".

Alice stated as Amari held the head on Amazon in his grasp.

"A false sense of security. Nothing much".

Amari said while examining his prize.

"You have changed".

"Oh! Why would you say that?"

"If it were a month ago, you would kill them without a second thought". Alice's words were concise and quite frankly, they were correct.

"True dear, that's what boredom gets you these days. Even gods can't escape it". Amari chuckled with a slight smile.

"Besides, where's the fun in that? I find it more interesting to discover how they will react under the knowledge of their impending doom. Who knows, maybe it will lead to something unexpected".

"Unexpected? The timeline is literally all messed up at this point".

"It was an AU anyway. More chaos won't do any more harm than it's supposed to". Amari brushed it aside casually.

He found a bit of enthusiasm in what he was about to do.

"Are you going to absorb and combine both essences now?" Alice asked.

".... No, not here". Amari shook his head. "If I do that here, the Justice league will probably break into Bialya regardless of the UN charter. For now, let's just keep a low profile".


His glowing blue eyes thrummed. The space around the Android body slowly sunk until it disappeared from view.

"Hold on!" Amari's eyes suddenly widened slightly.

"I just remembered something".

"Which is?"

"I forgot Lobo's bike in the dimensional space for weeks now".



"Come on Megan, focus. You can do this". Miss Martian cheered herself on as she placed her hands on the unconscious Superboy's temples before activating telepathy.

"I just need to see if I can look through your forgotten memories".

She uttered without moving her lips, and her eyes glowed white.

The next moment, she found herself in a whole new landscape. The entire place was like fractured glass, each shard having a specific scene that kept playing over and over again.

"Make up mine with what you can remember of yours".

The scenes that flashed through her mind were very..... Short. I mean, they were shorter than she was expecting.

But Megan quickly understood the situation. Conner lost six months of memories. Six months ago, he was nothing more than a feral animal in mind.

He didn't remember anything up to that point.

The short memory span was relatively easy to sift through. Not only did she make up some things she didn't remember, she also helped him heal his broken memories as well.

A few seconds later, Megan's eyes reverted from white back to normal. Her beautiful red irises showed a touch of realization.

"Ugh.....". While she was digesting what she just remembered, the groan of the resident kryptonian slightly startled her.

She turned her gaze to see Superboy turning to the side.

'Oh! Seems like the mind operation jogged his consciousness back up'.

She thought as she watched him wake up.

"..... What's... Happening?" Superboy put both hands on his head and face.

"Superboy!" She cried out in joy.

"You're awake".

"Megan? What's going on? And why does my face hurt so much? I'm... Am I bleeding?"

The dizziness that assaulted him made it difficult for the clone to even stand upright.

'Well, he certainly didn't pull back on his punches'. Seeing Superboy's state, Megan couldn't help but drift back to the scene of the feral kryptonian getting punched in the face.

Looks like it still hurt.

"Sorry about that. I had to go through your mind so you could remember".

Conner hated people getting into his head. Although it was necessary, she felt the need to apologize.

"I hope you don't…. Argh". Megan suddenly screamed mid-sentence.

An image flashed through her mind. Supergirl was screaming, her face pale while a creepy looking man wearing a gray trench coat was standing over her with his right hand placed on his head.


"Huh..... What's the matter?"

"I'm not sure, but Supergirl's in pain".

"... Huh..... Kara?" Superboy who was still feeling dizzy suddenly exclaimed with his eyes widening.

Ignoring his condition, he immediately stood on his two feet.

"Let's go, you lead the way.....".

He said while taking a step forward and.... Fell back to the ground face first.


The thudding sound followed with his body crash.

The incident of the memory wipe followed by Amari's punch to the head left him in no condition to move for the next few minutes.

"You can't move right now. It's fine, just stay here. I'll take care of it".

Miss Martian said anxiously before flying away into the distance while turning on camouflage.

Conner couldn't stop her even if he wanted to.

With no obstacles, Megan quickly found the camp which Supergirl was being kept.

She easily sneaked into the tent with no one noticing her movements. Then, she saw it the moment she entered.

Kara laid weakly on a testing table. Her face was unnaturally pale and her limbs were firmly bound.

"Oh! Someone is back for punishment".

The voice rang out in her mind, startling her.

She quickly locked it on the man standing on the opposite side of Kara's test table. His hand placed on his hood moved to remove it, showing the brain hidden underneath the dome.

"Psimon says, forget".