I Am Apollo, The Blinding Light, And The Incandescent Sun

A boy without family love and health, but who in death found himself in a new world like Apollo, a world where Gods, angels, youkai, vampires, and supernatural creatures roam freely throughout the world. In a world where several mythologies meet, Apollo blazes a new path in his ascension. Warning! There will be three chapters per week, plus English is not my native language. Tags: Accelerated Growth, Anime, Harem, Crossover, Incest, Mythology, Obsessive Love, Yandere

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Chapter 17 - The 13 Olympians

(Apollo POV)

Our footsteps sounded down the corridor of Zeus's palace.

The palace corridor was already a great work of art, even more so with the gilded Greek columns with engravings drawn on the columns that rose to the ceiling.

Zeus might be a perverted idiot, but he sure had good taste in art.

I thought, admiring the Greek columns that had engravings engraved on them.

"I see you have an interest in this structure." Hermes said, walking ahead of us.

"Yes, the best work of art is one that is not only beautiful but also tells a story or conveys a feeling, however small that feeling may be." I said, looking at the engravings on the columns.

Hermes gave a sly smile at my words.

"So, what do you think of the story these columns tell?" Hermes asked, looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

"The Rise of Zeus." I said, following in Hermes' footsteps, while my sister looked almost disinterestedly at the detailed engravings on the columns.

And moving my hand, I pointed to the thick column to my right.

"For example, this is the prelude to the rise of Zeus. The engraving shows a demure woman holding a stone wrapped in cloth, and next to this woman is a man throwing babies into his belly and taking the stone wrapped in rags in his hand to swallow it too.

Obviously, the woman in the painting is Rhea, and the figure who swallows the babies is Cronus, the god of time and the father of Zeus.

This image tells the story of Cronus, who swallowed his children because of a prophecy that said one of his descendants would one day overthrow him from the throne. And Rhea, to protect her last newborn son, who was Zeus, tricked Cronus by exchanging him for a stone so she could save her son." I said, looking at the images, while Artemis listened to me in silence and Hermes gave a smile.

"A good interpretation, but it's the next column." Hermes pointed to the column next to the one I had just seen.

My eyes went to the next column, where the image showed a young and heroic god facing Cronus.

"This column shows Zeus fighting with his father, and the next moment it shows Zeus opening Cronus' stomach, removing his siblings Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, and Hera..., huh! Why is there a sixth god coming out of Cronus's stomach?"

In the engraving, a sixth God was coming out of Cronus' belly, but from what I remember, there are only 5 gods. No matter how much I think, I can't remember any sixth god that Cronus swallowed.

Hermes, who was walking in front of us, suddenly stops and a smile forms on his lips.

"Ha! Haha! Hahaha!" He began to laugh gracefully.

Artemis beside me frowned, not liking the behavior of the messenger of the gods at all.

I just looked on stoically, waiting for him to stop laughing, which he did the next moment.

"Is it over yet?" I asked

"Yes, I apologize for my behavior." Hermes replied, returning to walk down the corridor.

"So who was this sixth god?" I asked curiously as I followed him.

"Haha! Y'know, that's funny, because if this sixth god was here and heard you asking who he was, a fight would have broken out immediately."


"Simple, this sixth god is Adamas, the god of conquest and Zeus's older brother, and let's just say he really hates being looked down upon." Hermes said, placing his hand on his chin. "I think he has low self-esteem, especially considering his strange appearance." Hermes gave a big smile.


I've never heard of this guy in my life. Could it be that the world I'm in isn't that faithful to Greek mythology? After all, a great indicator of this was Hermes, who in several myths is younger than me, but in this world, the messenger God is older.

Before I can finish my train of thought or ask Hermes a few more questions, without even realizing it, we arrive at a large door with the symbol of two crossed hands holding lightning bolts.

"We have arrived at our beautiful destination, with your permission, I will announce it."

Hermes knocked on the door that opened and entered the room, and his annoying voice was heard shortly thereafter.

"King of Olympus, I announce the arrival of your children, Apollo, God of the Sun, and Artemis, Goddess of the Moon."

With Hermes' annoying voice, I take the first step together with my sister to enter Zeus's hall.

The moment we entered the hall, my eyes were drawn to a muscular figure sitting in the middle of 12 thrones that circled in an inverted U shape.

The Man had a large frame, shoulder-length dark brown hair, a neatly trimmed brown and gray beard, and bright electric blue eyes.

He was sitting calmly, but their bodies naturally emitted an aura that only the strong possessed.

There was no doubt, this guy was Zeus, the King of the Gods.

And standing next to him, without being seated, was a beautiful woman with long platinum-gold hair. On her body, she wore a white dress and a golden belt around her waist. On her wrists, she wore golden bracelets. Her eyes were covered by a golden cloth, in her hand was a golden scales, and in the other was a silver blade sword.

(Themis image)

Without even asking, you could tell this was the Titaness Themis, the Goddess of Justice.

Even though her eyes were covered, it felt like she was looking straight into my soul. It was like I was being silently judged for my actions.

Also surprising, I could see Hélios and Selene sitting on the last two thrones on the right and left.

I thought they had gone away, but it was a nice surprise to see them here.

Apart from this pleasant surprise, there was pressure from some of the gods on us.

The pressure came mainly from a god with green skin and red hair combed back, held up by a large bone clasp. He wore a cape and long, strange shorts, and his body was covered in black marks. And he was sitting on the right side of Zeus.

(Adamas image)

It's quite possible that this guy is Adamas since he's pretty weird.

I thought as the pressure on us increased.

But without saying anything, we both walked calmly, ignoring the pressure, until we stood in front of Zeus.

""Lord Father."" My voice and Artemis's sounded together.

Even though Artemis and I recognized him as our father, and as the King of the Gods, we refused to kneel before him, especially I.

Maybe I really am too proud.

But from Zeus's expression, this did not offend him in the slightest, however, the woman sitting on her throne next to Zeus on the left flank did not hide her displeasure.

The woman was truly beautiful, her purple hair was tied into a braid with gold and silver ribbons intertwined, and her beautiful blue eyes only added to her beauty.

But her beauty was nothing to me because that woman was Hera and the great cause of my mother's suffering.

I simply ignored this woman and continued looking at Zeus.

Our eyes met, and silence fell over the hall, until Zeus sighed, and his voice sounded like lightning.

"I have wronged you both, but I will not apologize, however, I can make amends for that." Zeus admitted his mistake, but perhaps out of a king's pride, he would never apologize to his two sons, who literally have only lived for 3 years.

"I understand."

"I see."

Artemis and I said without much expression on our faces.

Honestly, I didn't want an apology from him, and I don't think my mother wanted one either, while Artemis didn't care at all.

Then Zeus got up from his throne and walked towards us. And with a wave of his hand, Helios and Selene rose from the throne.

The moment they stepped down from the throne, the same thrones simply shattered and turned to dust.

Helios and Selene ignored the breaking of their thrones and stood before Zeus, and the two-handed over their regalia, one of the sun radiating heat and the other of the cold moon bringing comfort.

After they handed the emblems to Zeus, they both bowed and smiled at us.

And they just walked out the palace door without looking back.

The only thing we could do was watch the scene unfold in silence.

Zeus walked in front of us and placed the moon emblem on my sister's forehead, which melted and fused with her.

"I, Zeus, God of the Sky, Thunder and Lightning, King of the Gods, declare Artemis, the Moon Goddess of the Greek Pantheon." Zeus proclaimed, looking with his electrifying eyes directly into my sister's eyes.

Artemis unconsciously lowered her eyes before Zeus' gaze, while the blue in her eyeball became even more beautiful, and her hair even more silver, it was as if the moon was in her hair.

Then Zeus turned, walked to my side, and placed the sun emblem on my glabella. Like Artemis, I felt the emblem blending with me, and at the same moment, a connection was established with something unknown.

I felt like I could summon this unknown something with just a wave of my hand, but for now, I will continue in silence. Furthermore, I again had an increase in my divine power and authority over the sun.

"I, Zeus, God of the Sky, Thunder and Lightning, King of the Gods, declare Phoebus Apollo, the Sun God of the Greek Pantheon." Zeus looked into my eyes, but unlike my sister, I just looked straight into his eyes calmly.

My calm golden eyes and Zeus's authoritative blue eyes met.

Zeus grimaced slightly when he saw me looking at him calmly but without hostility.

However, this little impasse lasted no less than a miserable second, and then Zeus patted Artemis on the shoulder and mine, and said:

"Come, my son and daughter, ascend your thrones." Zeus waved his hand, and two thrones began to be built.

The first throne to be formed was a light gold one with a sun design, and the next was a silver one with a moon design, the two were opposite each other each at the tip of the inverted U.

The light golden throne was on the right, and the silver one was on the left. The throne with the carved sun was next to a beautiful woman sitting on a purple throne.

This woman had extreme beauty, which was proven by her thin and curvy body, delicate face and full lips. Her long hair was a beautiful light purple that went past her waist, and her eyes were a wonderful crystal blue.

On her body, she wore a white toga that emphasized her large breasts with a golden belt around her thin waist, and a golden choker around her neck, and a golden bracelet on her right arm.

(Athena image)


Naturally, that name came to mind, it's as if her presence alone affirms that she is the goddess of wisdom.

I thought, looking at her, and then she looked at me.

Her gaze did not contain any emotions, being completely stoic; furthermore, she was also devoid of expressions on her face, but there was something quite noticeable in her gaze, which was a blinding glow of wisdom.

We looked at each other until my father's voice sounded.

"Come, sit on your thrones, and take what is rightfully yours." Zeus said, walking forward and sitting on his throne.

Artemis and I shook our heads and walked towards our thrones, but my steps didn't last long when a certain jealous bitch opened her mouth.

"I disagree." Hera opened her mouth drawing the attention of all the gods to her.