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As Peter Parker of Earth-199999(MCU) dies shortly after being bitten by a radioactive spider, another soul takes his place. A teenager who committed suicide due to his tragic life gets a second chance in the body of everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. Male Lead: Peter Parker or Spider-Man (Tom Holland) Female Lead: Michelle Jones or MJ (Zendaya) Ps- I’ve changed the timeline a little. Peter (15y/o) will get his powers in 2010. A few months before Ironman 1 takes place on his first day of high school, which is when the story starts. Also, Peter is 6 feet tall instead of Tom Holland’s 5’8. (A/N: I came back to writing recently and was fairly rusty (I didn’t write for almost a year) and lazy. I was doing short chapters and dragging things out far to long in my last story. This is my redemption story, so to speak. I’ve learned from it and hopefully this one will be better. Also, the romance will start earlier since I’m not writing about 11 year old kids going to magical schools anymore. Lol) No Harem BTW If you like my writing, check out the Patreon! Advanced chapters are available there. VVV Https://www.patreon.com/AlienWarlord

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C65 Hand HQ

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As the helicopter that was supposed to return with the four fingers of the Hand landed, many ninjas ascended the roof to welcome them back. Though they were surprised to find their comrades holding the helicopter doors open as a man in an all-black combat suit stepped out.

They didn't know what to do so they drew their weapons, readying them with confused looks underneath their masks.

"Weapons down!" Scythe commanded with his face showing.

Seeing who was speaking, the low-level Hand ninja instantly sheathed their weapons.

"Scythe, what's this all about." A beautiful Korean woman steps out of the crowd of ninja. "Where's Bakuto and the rest?"

[Insert picture of Alessa Geomi, also known as Bride of Nine Spiders]

Doctor Alessa Geomi is an entomologist, who studies spiders in New York City. She's a very high-ranking member of the Hand and works under Bakuto, which is why she asked about him by name.

"The founders angered the Black Sky, so they're currently being punished." Scythe says as he glances over at Peter.

"B-Black Sky?" She mutters in shock as the rest of the ninja freeze in surprise.

"Yes, now out of the way." Peter orders as he waves his hand to the side. "I have a busy schedule and little time to spend here today."

Peter didn't have anything else to do tonight. He just wanted to get this over with so he can sleep. It has been a long day after all.

'This bossy persona is hard to keep up...' Peter thought as the ninja parted like the Red Sea, making room for him to pass.

Only one stood in his way and that was Alessa. She didn't believe it and wasn't sure how to handle the situation.

"Alessa, move." Scythe tries to reason with her. "You don't want to anger the Black Sky. Trust me."

Peter watched with Interest as Alessa stepped aside with great reluctantly. Her hands were gripped tightly as she watched the 'Black Sky' enter the building with a herd of ninjas following behind.

"Thanks." Peter says to a ninja that respectfully opened the door for him. "Scythe, take me to a meeting room and go collect the highest level members here."

After escorting Peter to a meeting room with a giant table and many chairs, Scythe ran off to complete the Black Sky's orders.

The herd of ninja that was following made themselves useful, guarding the entire floor and waiting on Peter's every whim. Though he didn't ask for anything, that didn't stop them from asking and making sure he was comfortable.

The building he's currently in is the top of a huge skyscraper, though the place seems to have been turned into a Hand compound. On his way to the meeting room, Peter saw dorms, training areas, and a large cafeteria.

This seemed to be the place in Tokyo where they house the majority of Hand members.

'This isn't so bad...' Peter thought as he saw the loyal ninja patrolling the halls. 'There's only one obstacle to overcome.'

Peter wasn't so dumb as to not notice the few that have questioned whether he was truly the Black Sky or not. Either not believing in the Black Sky or unwilling to believe without some sort of proof.

He knew that this whole Black Sky thing was a plan formulated by Alexandra Reid. She only called him that and 'submit' to him to save her own skin.

Whether the whole Black Sky prophecy was real or not, Peter doubted it but that didn't mean he can't take advantage of it.

His saving grace is the fact that the ninja he arrived with witnessed his fight with the Beast and the Fingers announcing him as the Black Sky while kneeling.

Hopefully, they were spreading the word...

After waiting for a short few minutes, four people arrived at the meeting room led by Scythe.

An angry-looking dark-skinned African man with scars all over his body. A white woman that looked more like a secretary than a killer ninja. A handsome Chinese man that was completely wasted with a gourd of liquor in hand, and finally the same woman that stood in his way on the rooftop.

"Where is my Lord!" The scarred African man rushes across the room, ready to torture the man in black that was waiting for their arrival.

"Do you mean Sowande? That's his name, yes?" Peter asks toward Scythe.

"Yes, Black Sky." He answers with the utmost respect, not worried at all.

After all, he just witnessed Peter fight and beat a demon.

"He's currently being punished for angering me." Peter says as he looks up at the towering figure standing before him. "Do you have a problem with that?"

A staring contest ensued before the man juts his palm outward toward Peter's windpipe.

"Sigh..." Peter casually catches his hand and snaps it backward, breaking his wrist and eliciting a painful grunt from the man, who fell to one knee, clutching his hand in agony. "Now, that wasn't very nice."

As the man tries to stand, Peter places his hand on his shoulder, holding him to the ground with ease.

"You know, I have a very sensitive sense of smell." Peter remarks as everyone else watches their comrade struggle. "Every person in this room smells of blood, but it's the thickest on you. Why is that?"

"Argh!" He answers with a loud yell, still trying to stand but failing spectacularly.

Seeing as he wasn't going to answer, Scythe stepped forward for him.

"He was just interrogating a member of the Chaste downstairs, sir. Lord Sowande and his men have always been the ones to deal with them."

Hearing this, Peter remembered that the Chaste was the Hands enemy and that Stick was a member. Stick, being the man that trained Daredevil. Other than that, Peter didn't know much about them.

"Bring them here." Peter orders.

Scythe acts quickly and leaves the room, as Peter looks back down toward his still struggling attacker.

"If I let you go, are you going to calm down and act respectfully?" Peter asks as puts more pressure on the kneeling man.

"Ahhhh!" He yells in pain and crumpled to the floor, unable to handle the weight of Peter's hand any longer. "Y-Yes, sir..."

"Good, everyone take a seat." Peter says as he gestured to the many chairs around the table.

After seeing that show, none of them dared talk back and sat down as ordered. Even Sowandes subordinate picked himself up quickly and sat down.

"Introduce yourselves." Peter orders.

Swiftly, they all went around the table and respectfully said their names and greeted Peter as the Black Sky. Though they were very reluctant about it.

The drunk Chinese man is Zhou Cheng. A direct subordinate of Madam Gao and defender of the Hand. He isn't just some random alcoholic either. Zhou Cheng is a powerful martial artist that somehow fights better when he's intoxicated.

Something about taming his inner dragon...

[Insert picture of MCU Zhou Cheng here]

The Caucasian secretary-looking woman is Tessa Robins. She is Alexandra Reid's direct subordinate and seems to be a quiet and reserved person.

[I made her up but if you want to you can add a picture]

The African man with a broken wrist is obviously Sowandes subordinate. His name is Malik and he is a soldier that follows the great warlord Sowande. Though after their encounter, he made glances at Peter with respect and fear showing on his face.

[same with this guy]

And last we have the bride of nine spiders, Alessa Geomi, who Peter met on the roof already. She was watching Peter's every move, hiding her skepticism well.

"We have subordinates of 4 of the 5 fingers of the Hand here. Where is Murakami's?" Peter asks.

"That would be Nobu, sir." Tessa answers swiftly.

"I see..." Peter muttered.

Before they could continue, Scythe returned with two ninja that were dragging a limp body of an old Japanese woman into the room. Peter could see the trail of blood leading to this room through the glass windows.

"Sir, this is the member of the Chaste you asked for." Scythe says as the ninja drops the body at Peter's feet.

Since the woman was barely alive, Peter waved his hand, healing her with a quick spell circle as he did for the ninja earlier.

As the spell circle appeared, those in the room that haven't seen Peters fight with the Beast were shocked, watching in awe as the broken elderly woman healed at a rapid pace. Even her clothes mended as every drop of blood on her body vanished.

Once the spell circle finished its job and disappeared, the elderly woman leaped to her feet and started engaging the ninja that dragged her here. She didn't know how she was healed but this was the time to escape that she has been waiting for.

Sadly, Scythe was there to stop her with ease, as she was still weak from the torture and captivity. Peter may have healed her injuries, but that doesn't mean she isn't still exhausted.

Scythe grabbed her by the shoulder before kicking her legs, flipping the woman to land at Peter's feet once again.

"Please calm down." Peter says before she can try to attack once again. "I healed you. At least give me some time to speak in return."

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