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The three Spider-Men, Peter, Tom, and Andrew, swung through different parts of the city, watching for any odd villainous activity. Each of them ready and waiting for the next bout of chaos to begin.

Tom, who only moments earlier found it impossible to concentrate, now felt much lighter, as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders. Venting his feelings seemed to have helped him keep his mind on the task at hand.

Back at their base, Ned diligently monitored the communications while May and MJ worked alongside him, keeping an eye out for any signs of trouble. Suddenly, a surge of social media posts came through that caught their attention.

"Guys, I've got something," Ned announced, his voice filled with excitement. "There's been a sighting of a man made of lightning. He was spotted near the electrical lines leading into the city."

As soon as he said that, the lights all over the city began to flicker, catching everyone's attention.

Peter, Tom, and Andrew quickly responded to the call, their instincts kicking into high gear.

"I don't think Dr. Connors is the only one who followed you here..." Peter's voice transmitted to everyone.

"But you killed him..." Andrew replied in disbelief.

"Well, sometimes the bad guys don't stay dead." Peter said as they all rushed to the location provided by Ned.




Within minutes, Andrew was the first to arrive at the location, skidding to a stop on the side of an electrical tower. His eyes widened as he took in the scene below. Standing among the sparking electrical lines was a familiar figure bathed in crackling blue energy.

"Max?" Andrew muttered under his breath, his voice tinged with both recognition and concern. "You're alive..." He had some doubts but those were long gone now.

Andrew and Maxwell Dillon, also known as Electro, hailed from the same universe, where they had clashed multiple times. Though in the end, Peter ended up taking over Andrews body and overloading Electro with massive amounts of electricity, killing him in a fiery explosion.

"Spider-Man..." Electro smiled darkly in Andrews direction. "How good of you to join me!"

Before Andrew had a chance to react, the air crackled with electricity, and a bolt of lightning surged toward him. With reflexes honed by years of crime-fighting, Andrew leaped out of the way, narrowly avoiding the electrifying attack.

As the lightning fizzled out, Andrew landed on an adjacent tower, his mind racing. He had to find a way to stop Electro and prevent him from wreaking havoc on the city.

Andrew's heart raced as he assessed the situation. Electro stood before him, crackling with raw power. The blue energy rushed into his body from the sparking power lines, illuminating his euphoric expression.

Andrew knew he had to act quickly if he wanted to stand a chance against him. "What's taking you guys so long?" His transmitted to Peter and Tom.

Little did he know that Peter had already arrived, taking a seat on a nearby tree to watch the show. "I've already beat this guy, so I'll leave this one to you guys." Peter said as the sound of crunching popcorn could be heard.

"Are you seriously eating? At a time like this?!" Tom shouted, rushing to Andrew as fast as he could.

"No..." Peter denied as the sound of soda being slurped through a straw filled their ears.

Shaking his head in exasperation, Andrew lunged forward, his agility and speed on full display. He unleashed a series of acrobatic flips and spins, aiming to disorient Electro and catch him off guard.

But Electro proved to be a formidable opponent, effortlessly evading Andrew's attacks with his electrifying speed. Bolts of lightning shot from Electro's fingertips, narrowly missing Andrew as he somersaulted through the air.

The crackling energy scorched the ground beneath him, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Andrew rolled and dodged, narrowly avoiding the deadly blasts. But with each passing moment, it became increasingly clear that Electro held the upper hand.

The villain's powers seemed to intensify as the battle raged on. The surrounding electrical lines hummed with energy, feeding Electro's strength. Andrew knew he had to come up with a plan, and fast.

Gathering his resolve, Andrew focused on his web-shooters. He shot a web line at one of the nearby towers and swung towards Electro with incredible speed. As he closed in, he delivered a powerful kick, aiming for Electro's chest. But the charged villain was ready, and he countered with a surge of electricity that sent Andrew crashing into ground.

The impact rattled Andrew, but he refused to stay down. He pushed himself up, his muscles aching, and readied himself for the next attack. But before he could react, Electro sent a powerful shockwave through the ground, causing a web of lightning to ripple towards Andrew.

Caught off guard, Andrew tried to evade, but the electricity found its mark. He cried out in pain as the shockwave coursed through his body, temporarily immobilizing him. The energy seemed to drain him, weakening his limbs and clouding his vision.

'I really should have wore my magnetized web shooters today...' He regretted his choice in gear immediately.

With a wicked smile, Electro advanced towards Andrew, ready to deliver the final blow. But just as he raised his hand to strike, a voice echoed through the night.

"Not so fast!"

Tom swung into the scene, clad in his Spider-Man suit, planting his boot across their electrified adversary's face, sending him flying across the clearing.

"You alright?" Tom asked as he rushed over to Andrew's side.

Andrew picked himself up off the ground. "Yeah, I'll live." He said, taking a breath to steady himself. "Can you keep him busy for me?"

"You have a plan?" Tom asked and received a nod in return. "Then leave him to me. Just don't take too long." He said and rushed off towards their enemy.

Andrew quickly analyzed some of the fallen electricity towers, assessing their structure and identifying the most suitable materials for his plan. He swiftly maneuvered through the debris, using his super strength to lift heavy metal beams and secure them together with his adhesive webbing.

Meanwhile, Tom engaged Electro, who was more than surprised to see a second Spider-Man. "How are their two of you?" He asked as he discharged a flurry of electricity.

Using his agility and acrobatics to dodge the villain's electrifying attacks, Tom landed powerful punches and kicks. "Have you ever seen the movie Parent Trap? We're long lost twins that were separated at birth." He joked, attempting to keep Electro occupied and divert his attention away from Andrew's plan.

As Electro unleashed a torrent of lightning bolts towards Tom, the agile Spider-Man deftly weaved and dodged, narrowly avoiding the deadly blasts. Tom's quick reflexes allowed him to counterattack, delivering a flurry of blows to Electro's side. The two engaged in a spectacular display of combat prowess, their movements a blur of red and blue.

Meanwhile, Andrew worked with precision and speed, his mind fully focused on his task. He connected the metal beams to form a sturdy framework, ensuring it would withstand the force of Electro's power. As he secured the final piece in place, Andrew's eyes caught sight of a fallen power line nearby.

He swiftly grabbed the power line and held it against the framework. With his knowledge of electrical engineering, he carefully magnetized the metal construct, creating an electromagnetic field that would interfere with Electro's powers.

"It's done! Bring him over here!" Andrew voice echoed in Tom's ears.

Back in the midst of the battle, Tom peaked over at Andrew and found him standing next to a larger metal box. 'Is that his plan?'

Although he doubted Andrews plan, Tom skillfully did as he was told, using his web-slinging abilities to maneuver around the villain's attacks. He taunted Electro, luring him closer and goading him into unleashing his full power.

"Have you even touched me yet? I'm getting bored... Come on, show me what you've got!" Tom shouted, his voice filled with confidence as he skillfully evaded each lightning blast.

As Electro grew more enraged and desperate, his attacks became more erratic and unpredictable. With a final burst of electricity, he launched himself towards Tom, condensing his entire body into a huge bolt of lightning.

But Tom had anticipated the move. He swiftly leaped to the side, narrowly avoiding the electrifying attack. And directly behind him stood Andrew, holding the door to his magnetized trap wide open.

Instantly, Electro shot into the box, banging his head against its magnetized inner walls. "Ugh?!" He grunted in pain and confusion as the door behind him slammed shut, locking into place.

Scoffing at the shabby excuse for a trap, Electro's body surged with electricity, though his hopes were soon destroyed. The surrounding magnetic field disrupted Electro's control over his powers, causing the lightning to bounce back into his body, leaving the box completely unharmed.

After a few more tries, Electro was enraged by his failure. "Hey! Let me out! Peter! PETER!" He screamed and banged metal.

Appearing behind Tom and Andrew, Peter quickly vanished all of his snacks. "Good job guys. I knew we could do it." He said as he clapped them on the shoulders.

Turning to glare in his direction, both Tom and Andrew rolled their eyes in tandem. "We?"


Lily Parker sat at the kitchen table, her small frame perched on a chair that seemed too big for her. A plate of pancakes was in front of her, half-eaten, while her mother, MJ, sat across from her, sipping an iced coffee.

"Mom, can I have more juice?" Lily asked, her brown eyes looking up at MJ.

"Of course, sweetie," MJ replied, getting up from her seat and walking towards the refrigerator.

As MJ turned her back, Lily's attention was momentarily drawn to a bird perched on the windowsill. When she looked back, expecting her mother to be pouring juice into her cup, she found herself in an entirely different location, sitting outside on a park bench.

Devoid of any signs of her mother's presence, momentary panic gripped her heart, but Lily's logical AI brain soon kicked in, calming her down immediately.

"Mom?" Lily called out, but there was no response, only an eerie silence that hung in the morning air.

Uncertain of what had just happened, Lily hopped off the bench, her bare feet landing on the cold concrete sidewalk.

Lily looked around, her small figure standing alone in the middle of the quiet park. Her heart raced, and she shivered, a sense of unease settling over her. That's when she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye.

Across the street, on a nearby building, she saw a figure dressed in a red and blue suit, masked and crouched low, peering out over the city. Though the suit was different from her father's, hope flickered within her. Could it be him?

With a burst of courage, Lily sprinted across the street, her footsteps echoing through the empty morning air. As she approached, she called out, her voice filled with desperate anticipation, "Dad! Dad!"

The figure turned, and watched in shock as a little girl leaped up more than 15 feet before crawling up the side of the building.

"Dad?" Lily asked as she made it to top, eyeing the Spider-Man before her warily. "It's you, right?"

"Umm..." The mysterious Spider-Man pointedly at himself. "Are you talking to me?"

"..." Instantly, Lily felt that their was something off with his voice and summoned her spider suit, which instantly covered her body. "Take off your mask!" She ordered, pointing her wrist in the mans direction.

"Woah..." The guys held his hands up and pulled off his mask. "Don't shoot. I'm unarmed, okay?" He said jokingly.

Lily's heart sank as he removed his mask, revealing a face she did not recognize. It was an older man, his kind eyes filled with confusion and awe as he looked down at her.

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