387 C387 Sewer Scuffle

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As Peter stepped forward, his confident posture and relaxed demeanor contrasted sharply with the ferocity of the Lizard monstrosity before him.

Before he had the chance to introduce himself, the creature lunged at him with lightning speed, claws extended and jaws gaping wide. Peter effortlessly sidestepped the attack, fluidly evading the Lizard's assault.

"You know, your teeth are nasty, right?" Peter quipped, effortlessly dodging another swipe of the Lizard's claws. "As someone who used to be human, you should really brush your teeth every once in a while. Lizard monster or not, that sh*ts disgusting."

The Lizard growled in frustration, its attacks becoming more desperate. Peter continued to effortlessly avoid each strike, his agility and spider-sense guiding him flawlessly through the chaotic dance.

With a swift and precise movement, Peter flipped over the Lizard's head, landing gracefully behind it. As the creature turned and dived his way, Peter simply stepped out of the way, sending it sprawling into the grimy sewer water.

"I hope you don't mind getting a little dirty," Peter taunted, his voice laced with amusement. "Though it seems like you're already familiar with this environment."

The Lizard hissed in anger and lunged again, claws slashing through the air. Peter effortlessly weaved around the attacks, occasionally throwing out a few taunts to keep his opponent feisty.

As the 'fight' continued, Peter's strategy became clear. He wasn't aiming to defeat the Lizard at all. In fact he hasn't tried to counter with a single attack. Instead, he was patiently wearing down his opponent by letting him flail around and waste all of his energy with agile maneuvers.

The echoes of their scuffle reverberated through the sewer tunnels, creating an eerie soundscape as the Lizard roared in tired frustration. Peter's movements were a blur of speed and precision, each strike that came his way was dodged with calculated efficiency.

After almost 10 minutes of staying centimeters out of reach of the monsters grasp, the lizard stumbled forward, panting as he crashed against a moss-covered wall. Peter took advantage of the opening, using his webs to immobilize the Lizard's limbs, cocooning it in a sticky trap.

"Looks like you've been caught and I didn't even have to do anything," Peter chuckled, standing triumphantly over the restrained creature. "Maybe next time you'll be able to land a hit. Just be sure to eat your vegetables and grow up to be a strong lizard, okay?"

The Lizard snarled, its reptilian eyes filled with a mix of defeat and fury. Peter approached casually, crouching down so they stood at eyes level.

"So, you can talk right?" Peter ask, knowing that he could talk in the movie.

Without uttering a single word, the lizard before him cleared his throat and spat straight in Peters face.

"Okay..." Peter stood up and wiped the green tinted lizard-man mucus off his mask, fighting the urge to puke at how nasty it was. "That was gross..."

Dr. Connors peered up at him, his expression a mix of anger and frustration. "F*ck you... Spider-Man," he spoke, his voice strained.

Peter nodded back at him, a hint of gooey lizard spit still on his mask. "I love you too, buddy."

Before Dr. Connors shocked and confused eyes, Peter waved his hand and opened a golden portal, which seemed to lead to a some sort of old building. Shooting one more web at the giant lizards bald head, Connors was dragged through, watching the portal in interest.

After all, he may look like a lizard right now but Dr. Connors is still a very accomplished scientist.

Making their way out of the grimy sewers, leaving behind the echoes of their fight and the faint scent of feces and victory in the air, the portal snapped shut behind them, darkening the sewers once again.


Peter(Not our MC), Ned, and MJ rushed Aunt May to the New York Sanctum, their hearts pounding with worry. As they entered the ancient building, the group was greeted by the stern face of Doctor Strange, who seemed to appear after sensing their arrival.

Strange's brow furrowed as he saw the group barging in. "What is the meaning of this intrusion?" he demanded, his gaze laced with annoyance, especially when he eyed Peter in their little group. "I thought I made it clear that you're not welcome here anymore..."

Everyone's eyebrow raised as they heard that, wondering what the Sorcerer meant.

Peter took a deep breath, his voice shaky but determined. "S-Sir, please, we need your help. There's a doppelgänger of me running around, and he visited Aunt May. He placed some kind of spell on her, and we don't know what it does."

Strange's annoyance softened into curiosity as he listened to Peter's explanation. He looked at Aunt May, who stood there with a bewildered expression on her face.

"And you believe this doppelgänger poses a threat?" Strange asked, crossing his arms in contemplation.

Peter nodded. "Yes, he seemed... off. And the fact that he performed magic worries me. I don't know what his intentions are and I don't like it."

Strange sighed, his gaze shifting to Aunt May. "Very well, let me take a look."

He motioned for Aunt May to step forward, and she cautiously approached him. Strange raised his hands, conjuring golden spell circles that floated surrounded May's entire body, scanning her for any traces of the spell.

The room fell into a tense silence as Strange's magic worked its way through May's being. The spell circles hummed softly, their intricate patterns shifting and pulsating.

After what felt like an eternity, Strange lowered his hands, dispelling the spell circles. He frowned, his expression pensive. "This is a very impressive protection spell. I won't be able to disarm it without setting it off."

Peter's eyes widened, a mix of relief and concern washing over him. "So, she's protected? But protected from what?"

Strange shook his head, his eyes meeting Peter's. "I'm not sure, Peter. This spell is powerful, and its purpose seems to be to keep her safe. We'll need to tread carefully and find out more about this doppelgänger." He said, his mind drifting to the incident that happened on Peter's first visit of the day, which could be the reason for all of this...

May's voice trembled as she spoke up, concern etched on her face. "What does this mean? Am I in danger?"

Strange's stern expression softened, and he placed a reassuring hand on May's shoulder. "We won't let anything happen to you, May. I'll keep a close eye on the situation, and we'll find a way to handle it. For now, I suggest you stay with us here at the Sanctum for your own safety."

May nodded, her trust in Peter and Strange evident in her eyes. "Okay, if you say so. But please, be careful, all of you. Although I don't think this other Peter has any bad intentions, it's still better to keep your guard up."

Peter glanced at Aunt May, his determination reignited. "We will, May. We'll figure this out together."

Strange turned to the rest of the group, his tone stern once again. "Now, if you're going to be staying here, you'll have to abide by the rules of the Sanctum. No tampering with any artifacts, no wandering off, and definitely no web-slinging in here. We don't need anymore cobwebs stuck to the ceiling."

Peter nodded, a sheepish smile on his face. "Got it, Doctor Strange. No web-slinging in the Sanctum."

As the group started to settle into the Sanctum, suddenly, a golden portal appeared in the middle of the main entrance, catching everyone's attention.

The group's eyes widened in surprise as the golden portal materialized, its shimmering hues casting a warm glow in the dimly lit Sanctum. Peter(Our MC), otherwise known as the doppelgänger, stepped out of the portal, nonchalantly dragging a giant lizard monster behind him.

His casual demeanor was in stark contrast to the tense atmosphere that had enveloped the room just moments ago. With a wave and a simple "Yo," Peter greeted them as he removed his mask, his voice carrying a mix of confidence and mischief.

Ned, MJ, and Aunt May exchanged bewildered glances, struggling to comprehend the sudden appearance of another Peter. Doctor Strange, too, was taken aback, his stoic expression momentarily faltering.

Peter's eyes flickered across the room, a mischievous smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He couldn't help but revel in the astonishment that painted the faces before him.

"Hey, guys," he finally said, his voice infused with a casual tone. "I brought a friend. I hope you don't mind the extra company."

The Lizard, still cocooned tightly in webs, emitted a low growl of frustration, his reptilian eyes narrowing at the sight of the bewildered faces in front of him. He squirmed within his constraints, but the thick layers of web held him back.

Doctor Strange composed himself, regaining his authoritative presence. With a wave of his hand, he threw a spell at Peter, hoping to capture him for some good old fashioned interrogation, but that wasn't happening.

Peter simply scoffed as he coated his hand in a golden energy and slap the spell away, sending it crashing into a case in the corner.

Peter looked towards Strange, a playful glint in his eyes. "That wasn't very nice. I see that this universes Ancient One didn't teach you any manners..."

Ned's jaw dropped. "Dude, that was bada*s!"

Peter shot his friend's counterpart a mischievous grin. "I know, right?"

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