382 C382 Invading Fisk Tower

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After teasing Miles for a bit, Peter made his way back to Aunt May's bedroom, his heart heavy with the weight of his impending departure. The soft glow of the setting sun bathed the room in a warm, orange hue, casting a gentle light on Aunt May's peaceful form as she lay in bed.

He stood by her bedside, gazing at her sleeping face, contemplating the words he needed to say. Memories of their short time together and the love she had shown him flooded his mind, bringing a bittersweet smile to his lips.

With a heavy sigh, he reached for a pen and a piece of paper on the nightstand. He knew this was the right thing to do, but it didn't make it any easier.

Gently, he began to write, pouring everything he wanted to say onto the page in carefully chosen words.


As he finished the letter, Peter carefully folded the paper and placed it on Aunt May's nightstand, right beside her.

He leaned down, pressing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Goodbye, Aunt May," he whispered, his voice filled with a mix of sadness and determination.

And just as he left the room, Aunt May stirring in her sleep. Her eyes fluttered open, revealing a mixture of sadness and relief after a good rest.

It didn't take her long to find the folded piece of paper on her nightstand.

She reached for the letter, her hands trembling, and unfolded it. As she read each word, her eyes filled with tears, and her lips quivered with emotion.

'Dear Aunt May,

By the time you read this, I'll be long gone, back to my own universe. I'm sorry for leaving without saying goodbye in person, but I couldn't bring myself to wake you. You deserve the rest, especially after everything you've been through.

I know that you're hurting. Losing your child is a pain I can't even begin to imagine. And I promise you, Aunt May, I won't let his death go unanswered. I will avenge him, for you and for everyone who cared for him.

But I want to ask something of you in return. I want you to be there for Miles. He's just a kid and he needs guidance and support. You have shown me so much love and kindness, and I know you can do the same for him. Help him become the hero he's destined to be, just like you did for your Peter.

I hope that by forging a bond with Miles, you can find some solace and purpose in your life. Losing your Peter is unimaginable, but I believe that you have the strength to continue living and to find joy again. You deserve that, Aunt May. You deserve to be happy.

Please take care of yourself, and look after Miles. He may stumble and make mistakes, but with your guidance, I know he'll grow into an amazing Spider-Man.

Thank you, Aunt May, for everything. Your counterpart has been a mother to me when I needed one the most, just as I'm sure you were to your Peter as well, and I think I can speak for us both when I say we will be forever grateful.

With all my love,


The weight of Peter's words hit her with full force, and she clutched the letter to her chest, her shoulders shaking with silent sobs.


Peter and the team of Spider-People emerged from a golden portal, stepping into an empty hallway in the subfloors of Fisk Tower. The air felt heavy with anticipation as they made their way down the corridor, their footsteps echoing in the silence.

"Alright, team," Peter said, his voice filled with determination. "We're getting closer. Stay focused."

The group moved with purpose, their eyes scanning the surroundings for any signs of trouble. As they approached a door, Peter reached out and turned the handle, pushing it open slowly. The sight that greeted them took their breath away.

They stepped onto a balcony of a massive white spherical room, as large as a sports stadium, with two enormous lasers pointed at each other. The room hummed with a low, steady energy, the air charged with anticipation.

"Whoa," Ben exclaimed, his eyes widening at the sight before him. "This place is huge..."

Noir, his voice filled with a hint of cynicism, surveyed the room. "This is the heart of Fisk's operation..."

Peni, her robotic companion by her side, analyzed the situation. "I'm detecting a strong power source from the lasers..."

Peter glanced at his team, his mind racing for a plan. "We need to either wait until the collider is activated or activate it ourselves-"

Just as Peter said this, the lasers began to hum and brighten, preparing to fire.


Second earlier, Kingpin strode into the collider's control room, his imposing figure casting a shadow over the room. Olivia Octavius, the Prowler, and Tombstone followed closely behind, their eyes filled with a mix of loyalty and fear.

Tombstone, an imposing figure with gray skin and a sharp flat-top haircut, stood at Kingpin's side. His white hair added to his formidable presence, and his suit exuded a sense of power and authority.

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The Prowler, a figure shrouded in mystery and danger, walked with an air of stealth and malevolence. Clad in a sleek, form-fitting purple suit, every inch of his body concealed, he seemed to blend seamlessly with the darkness that surrounded him.

[Insert picture of the Prowler here]

Eyeing the many scientists and technicians in the room, Kingpin's deep voice commanded attention. "Begin the sequence."

Instantly, a flurry of activity erupted among the room, each person diligently working to boot up the collider. Buttons were pressed, switches were flipped, and the room buzzed with the energy of impending chaos.

And amidst this chaos, Fisk and his goons gazed out of the control room window, catching a glimpse of an unwelcome group of intruders across the way.

"Kill 'em..." Fisk commands mercilessly as his three lackeys rush off to the get the job done.


Peter and the team stood in awe as the two lasers fired, their beams colliding at the center of the spherical room in a dazzling display of multicolored light. The energy crackled and danced, filling the air with an otherworldly hum.

The entire building seemed to glitch, the walls flickering and distorting as universes collided. Cars, buildings, and other constructs began to emerge from the colliders beam, torn from there original universe.

The team members felt a strange sensation wash over them, a temporary disruption of their own realities.

Spider-Pig, his cartoonish features warping and stretching, let out a startled oink. "Whoa, this is trippy!"

Gwen, her voice filled with concern, glanced at her hands as they momentarily faded in and out. "Is everyone okay?"

Peter clenched his fists, his gaze fixed on the colliding beams of energy. He could sense the immense power being unleashed, the potential to reshape reality itself.

Noir adjusted his fedora, his voice laced with determination. "We need to shut this thing down before it tears apart every universe."

Peni nodded, her robotic companion beeping in agreement. "We need to find where to insert the override key..."

Miles, his eyes wide with both excitement and fear, gripped the flash drive in his hand, frantically looking around the room for some sort of control panel.

Peter's eyes narrowed as he spotted the control panel on the far side of the collider, embedded in the wall, pointing it out to the others.

He knew they had to act quickly before any permanent damage is done. But their path was quickly blocked as three figures emerged from the shadows, their presence unmistakable.

"Where do you think you're going?" A shrill feminine voice asked playfully.

Olivia Octavius, her mechanical tentacles whirring with anticipation, advanced with calculated steps. She lashed out with her appendages, sending a flurry of metal towards Ben, Spider-Pig, and Noir.

Ben stumbled backward, barely managing to evade the attacks, while Noir and Spider-Pig deftly weaved through the barrage with impeccable reflexes.

The Prowler, his eyes glowing with a predatory intensity, lunged forward with remarkable speed. His movements were agile and deadly as he swung his weapon towards Miles.

But thanks to his training, Miles managed to dodge, narrowly avoiding the lethal strike.

Tombstone, his imposing frame radiating strength, drew two pitch black desert eagles, which seemed small in his massive fists.

Rapidly pulling the triggers, he shot staight at Gwen, who instantly rolled out of the way, returning fire with her webs soon after. Gwen strained to hold her ground as Peni came to assist her, determination shining in her eyes.

As the team fought their respective adversaries, Peter's gaze shifted towards Miles, who frantically dodged his opponent in fear. Peter knew he had to take charge.

"Focus!" Peter called out, his voice cutting through the chaos. "Remember what I taught you! Fight smart!"

Miles nodded, snapping out of his momentary hesitation. With newfound confidence, he swung into action. His spider-sense tingled as he expertly maneuvered through the battlefield, delivering swift strikes against the Prowler.

As the fight raged on, Peter's mind raced with a plan. He needed to reach Kingpin, the man responsible for all of this, before he could escape or cause any more harm.

"You guys can handle this..." Peter said to his team, his voice radiating a calmness that none of them currently had. "I'll find Kingpin and deal with him. But remember, don't shut down the collider until we're all back in our universes."

His team nodded in understanding, their determination etched on their faces. Peter rushed away, his webs slinging him across the room, towards the control room where Kingpin awaited.

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