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(A/N: Since the Peter's are going to get out of hand soon. It's time for nicknames.

Peter/MC: Peter

Miles: Miles

Peter Benjamin Parker/Chubby Peter: Ben

Spider-Pig: Spider-Pig

Spider-Man Noir: Noir

Peni Parker: Peni

Gwen Stacy: Gwen)

As the dust settled and the defeated Doctor Octavius was blown back to where she came from, Ben and Miles slowly regained their footing, their bodies aching from the intense battle. They looked at each other, relief evident in their eyes.

"Thanks for the save," Ben said, his voice filled with gratitude toward Peter and Spider-Pig before his eyes fell on Aunt May. "Is... Is that?" He asked, his voice trembling in recognition.

After all, his Aunt May passed away years ago, so Ben was both shocked and elated to see her again, alive and well.

Peter chuckled and shook Ben's hand. "No problem. I'm just glad we arrived in time." He shrugged it off as his eyes peered down at Ben's legs. "Are you wearing sweatpants?"

"Yeah, that's what they are..." Ben answers awkwardly as he sucks in his stomach, feeling self-conscious with a physically fit Spider-Man in front of him.

Spider-Pig offered a friendly snort and a wave, his cartoonish appearance adding a touch of levity to the situation. "It's always a pleasure to lend a hand, even if it means getting a little dirty." He says as he dusts some green tentacle liquid from his body.

Ben's attention shifted back to May, realizing how dangerous it was for her to be here. "Aunt May, what are you doing here?"

Aunt May, her face etched with concern, approached him. "We all came together to help. I need to know who... who killed my Peter." She says, staring up at Ben.

It was like she could picture her Peter in his place. Minus a few pounds of course...

Miles looked at Aunt May, his eyes widening in surprise. "You have spider powers too?"

Aunt May shook her head, a small smile playing on her lips. "Oh, heavens no..."

Ben took a moment to process the sight before him. He couldn't help but feel worried knowing that a version of his Aunt May could get hurt at any moment.

Just as everyone was about to exchange further introductions, a rustling in the nearby woods caught their attention.

As the rustling grew louder, everyone turned their attention towards the source of the noise.

Peter's senses tingled, alerting him to the presence of someone approaching. Moments later, a figure emerged from the foliage, clad in a sleek black and white suit spider suit

[Insert picture of Gwen Stacy here]

It was Gwen Stacy, also known as Spider-Woman.

Gwen's arrival brought a sense of relief to the group, as they thought another enemy would appear, especially Ben and Miles, who had just faced a perilous battle.

She landed gracefully, her web shooters retracting as she approached the others.

"Sorry I'm late," Gwen said, a hint of sheepishness in her voice as she removed her mask, revealing her face. "Had to deal with a few pesky criminals on my way over."

Miles's eyes widened as he recognized Gwen as his crush from school. "Gwanda?" he exclaimed, his voice filled with surprise.

Gwen smirked. "Close, but it's Gwen, Gwen Stacy. Gwanda was just a name I made up because I didn't know if there was another me in this universe or not."

Miles grinned, happy that the girl he liked was also a Spider-Person, like him. "How many of you came to my universe?"

Peter chuckled and patted Miles on the back. "Quite a few, apparently. But don't worry, we're all here to help."

Suddenly, the sound of approaching guards and barking dogs could be heard in the distance.

Aunt May's voice rang out with urgency. "Quick, everyone! Back to the portal!"

"Portal?" Gwen asked as she noticed the floating golden doorway.

"Weird..." Ben gawks as he picks up the computer they stole, checking it for any damage.

"Cool." Miles comments alongside them as they watch Aunt May step through, motioning for everyone to follow from the other side.

As everyone filed into his portal, Peter eyed the incoming guards with interest. 'I could end this whole thing now, but that might not be the best idea...'

After all, he hadn't met all of the other Spider-People yet. And Miles still needed some proper incentive to become the hero that he's meant to be.

When he was the last to go through the portal, Peter caught a glimpse of the Kingpins giant body in the distance. 'Damn, he's a lot bigger in this universe...' He thought as he gave him a wave before stepping inside and closing the portal behind him.


Back in Aunt May's house, Peter and the rest of the Spider-People emerged from the portal, their eyes widening as they took in the scene before them.

Aunt May's house was now crowded with even more versions of Spider-Man, each hailing from different universes.

'I guess, I didn't have to wait long for them to appear...' Peter thought as he eyed the two intruders.

Peni Parker, a young girl with a giant robot companion, and Spider-Man Noir, a gritty and monochromatic detective. They approached the two with a mix of curiosity and wariness.

Peter waved towards them, a friendly smile on his face. "Uhhh... Hey, I'm Peter, but I guess that's a given around here."

Since this isn't his world, Peter hasn't been wearing his mask, as his identity meant nothing around here.

Peni nodded her head enthusiastically. "Nice to meet you, Peter. Your universe is a lot like mine." She glanced over at Spider-Pig, curious about his cartoon appearance.

[Insert picture of Peni Parker here]

Peter shook his head. "This isn't my universe." He said as he gestured to Miles. "I'm pretty sure that he's the resident Spider-Man."

Noir, standing in his black detective attire, surveyed the scene with a hint of skepticism.

His voice had a husky tone as he addressed the group. "The names Peter, but you can call me Noir. Seems like we've got a multiverse problem on our hands."

[Insert picture of Spider-Man Noir here]

Gwen looked at Noir with interest. "Nice trench coat. But don't you think the fedora is a bit much?"

Noir raised an eyebrow and adjusted his fedora, his voice dripping with old-fashioned charm. "Fashion is part of my charm, doll. Keeps me hidden in the shadows and the dames swooning."

Miles, who was still in awe of the gathering Spider-People, couldn't help but chime in. "Woah... I never thought I'd meet so many different versions of Spider-Man."

Truthfully, he never thought that he could meet a single Spider-Man, but that was before his life got flipped upside down.

Peter ruffled Miles' hair playfully. "Well, get used to it, kid. This is just the beginning. We're a team now."

Ben, who had been silently observing the newcomers, mustered up the courage to speak. "I'm Peter B Parker, by the way. Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man from another universe. But you can call me Ben. After all, there's a lot of Peter's here."

Peni turned her attention to Ben, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. "Wow, another Spider-Man. Do you have a robot like mine?"

Ben chuckled. "Nah, I'm just your average Spider-Man. No tech, robots, cartoon hammers, or anything like that."

Spider-Pig snorted and twirled his mallet between his fingers, clearly enjoying the attention.

As the group continued to introduce themselves, Aunt May stepped forward, commanding everyone's attention.

"Alright, everyone," Aunt May began, her voice firm and determined. "Does anyone want any snacks?" Her tone turned motherly in an instant, a trey of food appearing in her hands.

Although they were stunned by the sudden change, the Spider-People nodded, stuffing their faces with nostalgic snacks.

After all, every Spider-Man has had an Aunt May, so any of her cooking would alway be preferable.

(A/N: Idk if that actually true but whatever. 🤷‍♂️)

After eating some home cooked food, the whole group settled into the living room, ready to discuss business.

Gwen crossed her arms, her gaze fixed on the group. "We need to share our knowledge, and come up with a plan. I have to admit... I don't know much."

Noir leaned against the wall, a dark cloud of mystery surrounding him. "We'll uncover the truth, no matter how deep the rabbit hole goes."

Seeing that he knew the most, Miles stepped up to explain. "Well, this rabbit hole ain't that deep..." He goes on to explain all that he knows alongside Ben, who offered a few words here and there to clarify certain details.


Once Miles was finished, Peter nodded his head. "So Fisk is making a Super-Collider designed to bridge the gap between dimensions, which is probably why we're all here. And that computer you stole has the information we need to stop it?" He summed it all up into two sentences.

Miles nodded. "Yeah, pretty much."

As everyone started throwing out ideas on how to handled this situation, offering their own insights and experience, nobody but Peter seemed to notice Aunt May shakily leaving the room, tears flowing from her eyes.

In his explanation, Miles revealed who killed her nephew. Or rather, her son.

Wilson Fisk.

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