371 C371 vs Shou-Lao (2)

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The ground beneath Peter's feet cracked and splintered as the mountain itself seemed to tremble in response to the mounting power radiating from Shou-Lao.

The dragon's laughter filled the air, reverberating through the valley as if challenging Peter to push himself even further. "Try not to die, little warrior!" His booming voice echoed in Peter's mind.

Peter's eyes widened as he felt a surge of energy course through his veins, his body responding to the dragon's escalating power.

He couldn't let Shou-Lao overshadow him in this battle.

Gritting his teeth, Peter tapped into the wellspring of his inner strength, allowing it to surge forth, his body radiating with red sizzling energy.

Gamma Radiation!

With a primal roar, Peter leaped into the air, his body propelled with newfound might.

The mountain quaked beneath him as he flew with a thunderous impact, creating a shockwave that rippled through the surroundings.

Shou-Lao, sensing the shift in Peter's aura, met his adversary head-on.

The dragon's wings beat forcefully, creating a gale that swept through the mountaintop, tearing trees from their roots and sending debris flying in all directions.

Peter unleashed a series of radiation-infused strikes, his colossal fists colliding with Shou-Lao's armored hide, causing the dragon to stagger backward.

Each blow sent shockwaves rippling across the landscape, leaving deep fissures in their wake.

Shou-Lao retaliated with a ferocious onslaught of fire, his breath igniting the sky in a fiery inferno.

Flames danced and engulfed the already burning mountaintop, casting an eerie glow on the fierce combatants.

Peter's muscles rippled as he summoned his inner strength, his veins pulsating with power.

He absorbed the brunt of the dragon's flames, allowing the fire to wash over him without harm.

His eyes burned with determination as he charged toward Shou-Lao, shrugging off the heat that threatened to consume him.

With a mighty swing of his colossal fist, Peter sent a shockwave of force toward Shou-Lao, creating a devastating shockwave that tore through the air.

The impact shattered the ground beneath them, sending debris and rocks hurtling into the sky.

Shou-Lao's scales shimmered, resilient against the onslaught, but more and more cracks began to appear, a testament to the relentless force of Peter's attacks.

The dragon roared in defiance, his eyes glowing with an intensity that matched the raging inferno around them.

The battle escalated, and the combatants tore through the landscape, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake.

Trees were burned and uprooted, boulders were pulverized, and the very fabric of the mountain seemed to crumble under the sheer force of their clash.

The toll that their battle took on the environment was evident.

The once serene mountaintop was now a battleground, scarred, charred, and ravaged by the cataclysmic forces at play.

Their movements became a blur of raw power and primal fury.

Peter's blows landed with the force of an avalanche, while Shou-Lao's tail swipes created shockwaves that reverberated through the air.

The clash of their strength echoed across the valley, drowning out the sounds of nature itself.

The onlookers in K'un-Lun now finished with treating the wounded monks, watched in awe and trepidation.

Their hearts raced with a mixture of fear and anticipation as they witnessed the clash between these titanic beings.

The destructive spectacle both thrilled and filled them with a sense of unease, thinking that their beloved city hung in the balance.

The mountain peak became a battleground wreathed in fire and smoke, the clash of their powers threatening to consume everything in their wake.

Peter's unyielding determination fueled him as he pressed on, unleashing a barrage of devastating attacks, while Shou-Lao continued to counter.

Peter's muscles burned with exertion, but his resolve remained unyielding.

Every blow he landed on Shou-Lao sent tremors through the mountain, the force threatening to bring the ancient dragon to his knees.

Shou-Lao retaliated with torrents of fire, engulfing Peter in a blazing inferno.

Flames licked at his body, but he pushed through the pain, his enhanced durability protecting him from the worst of the assault.

With a burst of strength, he pushed through the flames, his fists connecting with Shou-Lao's armored scales.

The impact reverberated through the air, shaking the very foundation of the mountaintop.

Shou-Lao let out a thunderous roar, spitting hot bubbling blood from his mouth as his wings flapped wildly, fighting to regain his balance.

Peter seized the opportunity, propelling himself forward with a surge of power. Launching himself into the air, he aimed a powerful uppercut at Shou-Lao's jaw.

The force of the blow sent the dragon hurtling backward, his wings momentarily faltering.

The spectators in K'un-Lun held their breath, their eyes locked on the airborne clash.

Shou-Lao's body collided with the mountainside, causing a tremendous explosion of rocks and debris.

Dust and smoke filled the air, obscuring the battlefield from view. And for a moment, silence enveloped the mountaintop.

Peter descended from the sky, landing gracefully amidst the chaos. He scanned the dust-filled haze, his senses on high alert.

As the smoke cleared, he caught sight of Shou-Lao lying motionless on the ground, his massive form sprawled across the mountain slope.

A mix of relief and exhaustion washed over Peter as he approached his fallen foe. 'It's been a while since I've fought like that...'

The dragon's fiery eyes were closed, and his breaths came in shallow, rhythmic patterns.

Shou-Lao had been knocked unconscious, unable to continue the battle.

Kneeling beside his huge head, Peter's adrenaline began to subside, replaced by a deep sense of accomplishment.

He had bested the legendary dragon, Shou-Lao the Undying, an impossible task for the majority of people.

But he couldn't help but feel a sense of respect for his vanquished opponent.

"It's over," Peter whispered, his voice carrying a tinge of admiration. "You fought well, Shou-Lao."

The onlookers in K'un-Lun emerged from their shocked silence, erupting into upset shouts and fearful weeps.

They had witnessed the defeat of their beloved dragon, and their hearts just couldn't take it.

After all, to them, Shou-Lao is practically a god. And their patron god was just beaten down by the man who demolished their city's protectors.

A clear enemy in their eyes.

Peter stood, returning back to his normal size, his muscles aching and his body covered in dirt and sweat.

He looked out toward the city, hearing their complaints and cry's from a distance, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. 'They still think I'm here to kill them or something?'

Though why would they think otherwise?

As the citizens of K'un-Lun freaked out, their voices echoing through the valley, Peter cast one last glance at Shou-Lao.

The dragon's presence, once a majestic symbol of fear and awe, now lay dormant and defeated.

At that moment, Peter felt a sense of accomplishment that he hasn't felt in a long time.

Due to his crazy level of power, it's hard to find someone who can match him in a fight.

Sometimes, he felt like Saitama from One Punch Man, always looking for that one person who can give him a thrilling battle.

But now, for the first time in a while, Peter found that person. 'Maybe I should use one of my requests to schedule monthly spars?'


Back in the bustling city, a palpable sense of fear permeated the air as a crowd began to gather at the southern gate.

Their eyes were fixed on the approaching figure, clad in spider-themed attire, as he effortlessly dragged a majestic dragon beast behind him by a horn on its head.

At the forefront of the anxious crowd, a handful of elders had managed to overcome their injuries and join the spectacle.

Among them was Lei Kung, whose injuries had miraculously subsided, courtesy of Peter's intervention.

The elders huddled together in their tattered robes, trembling with trepidation in the face of this formidable man who had triumphed over the indomitable Shou-Lao.

The sight was enough to make even the most stoic among them quiver.

With each step the unbeatable intruder took, the crowd's apprehension grew, reaching its climax as he halted before them, leaving Shou-Lao just outside the imposing gate.

The weight of the moment bore down on the onlookers, causing some to drop to their knees, their resolve shattered.

In fact, a few unfortunate souls even succumbed to an involuntary loss of bladder control.

Yet, amidst this sea of terror-stricken faces, Peter calmly raised his hand, offering a casual wave that defied all expectations.

"Yo." He greeted, his nonchalant tone sending shockwaves through the crowd, dispersing their fear like morning mist under the sun's gentle rays.

Lei Kung, the first to regain his composure, felt a flicker of validation. His earlier intuition had been spot-on, and now he finally recognized the truth of the matter.

They f*cked up...

They started a fight they never should have picked, with someone far beyond their league.

But fortunately, the other party seemed surprisingly forgiving, holding no grudges whatsoever.

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