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Peter's reflexes continued to shine as he effortlessly evaded Danny's relentless barrage of Kung-Fu-style attacks.

He bobbed and weaved, his body moving with fluid grace as he narrowly avoided each strike.

Danny's frustration grew evident with each missed blow, fueling his anger and determination to bring down the man he believed had betrayed him.

As the fight carried on, Lily and MJ stood at a safe distance, watching the clash between the two heroes.

Lily's young eyes widened with concern, her heart pounding in her chest as she observed her fathers struggle to explain himself.

"Shouldn't we do something?" Lily asked, her voice filled with worry.

MJ placed a hand on Lily's shoulder, offering her a reassuring smile. "Your dad knows what he's doing, Lily. He'll handle this. Sometimes people need to work things out on their own."

Lily nodded, still anxious but trusting in her father's abilities. Her eyes remained fixed on the battle, witnessing Peter's skillful dodges and Danny's growing frustration.

With a deep breath, Peter finally decided that enough was enough. His patience wore thin, and he chose to end the fight, and in found so, bring an end to the misunderstanding.

Peter's eyes narrowed, a spark of determination igniting within them.

In a split second, Peter shifted his stance, his movements transitioning from defensive to offensive. With a sudden burst of speed, he closed the gap between himself and Danny, closing the distance in an instant.

Danny barely had time to react as Peter's fist connected with his midsection. The impact sent him hurtling through the air, crashing onto the hard ground with a loud thud.

The wind was knocked out of him, leaving him momentarily breathless. The onlookers gasped in disbelief as Peter's blow landed with such force.

MJ's hand flew to her mouth, her eyes widening in shock.

Lily's worry escalated as she rushed forward, concerned for her friend's well-being.

"Dad!" Lily cried out, her voice filled with a mix of fear and concern.

Peter turned to face his daughter. "He'll be alright, Lily. Sometimes you have to knock some sense into people. Just stay back for now." He said, reassuring her.

Danny struggled to his feet, his vision blurred and his body aching from the impact. He glared at Peter, still clinging to his belief that he had been betrayed.

"You... you won't get away with this," Danny spat, his voice filled with defiance and bitterness.

Peter's expression softened, his mask hiding his genuine concern. "Danny, please listen to me. This isn't what it looks like. We were defending ourselves."

But Danny's anger continued to cloud his judgment.

Ignoring Peter's words, he lunged forward once again, launching himself at his former ally with renewed determination.

Peter sighed, realizing that talking would be pointless in this moment. His reflexes kicked into high gear once more, evading Danny's strikes with ease.

Each attack seemed to slow down in Peter's perception, giving him ample opportunity to respond.

With each dodge, Peter saw the openings and weaknesses in Danny's technique. His strikes became more precise and targeted, aiming to disable rather than harm.

It was a delicate dance, one that showcased Peter's skill and control.

Danny's frustration grew with each failed attempt to land a blow.

He was no match for Peter's speed and strength, and it only fueled his rage further. But he was blinded by his misconceptions, unable to see the truth before him.

Peter seized the opportunity, his movements becoming a blur as he closed in on Danny.

In a swift and calculated series of strikes, Peter aimed for pressure points, temporarily incapacitating his opponent.

As Danny crumpled to the ground, unconscious, Peter turned to Lily and waved her over. "See? He's fine. We'll explain everything when he wakes up, okay?"

Lily nodded her little head up and down as she rushed over to Danny's side, checking to make sure he wasn't hurt too badly.

The aftermath of the intense battle left the streets of K'un-Lun littered with fallen monks and elders.

Peter stood over the unconscious body of Lei Kung, a man who had tried his best to resolve the situation peacefully. 'I should probably heal him...'

The elderly take longer to heal, after all. And he would no doubt be helpful in explaining everything later on.

Waving his hand, Peter healed the sect leader-looking grandpa, slowly erasing all of the damage along his body.

And as he turned to check on Lily, suddenly, a shadow began to creep over them and everyone else, who lay unconscious on the ground.

A deep, rumbling growl resonated through the air, causing Peter to look up in awe.

The sun's rays were slowly blocked out, casting an eerie darkness over the entire city.

The source of this ominous phenomenon became clear as Peter's gaze locked onto a gigantic, mythical dragon hovering above him.

Shou-Lao, the ancient dragon of K'un-Lun, revealed itself in all its majestic and fearsome glory.

Its long, serpentine body snaked through the sky, its scales shimmering with a fiery crimson hue.

The dragon's immense size was beyond comprehension, its head alone towering over buildings and casting a terrifying shadow across the whole city.

The creature's eyes glowed with an intense red light, emanating an otherworldly power.

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Its gaze shifted between Danny's fallen form and Peter, as if assessing the situation and determining the appropriate course of action.

Peter's heart skipped a beat as he realized the implications of Shou-Lao's appearance.

The dragon was the source of the Iron Fist power, granting the chosen warrior a crazy amount of dragon Chi.

And yet, Peter had defeated Danny with relative ease, shattering the assumptions and expectations tied to the Iron Fist.

'Is he mad that I beat the guy that he chose?' Peter pondered the dragon's intentions.

Shou-Lao had always been a guardian of K'un-Lun, helping to protect its sacred grounds.

Though this is the first time he's had to come out of his cave, and surprisingly, there was a battle-hungry look in its bright red eyes.

"..." Peter quickly understood the look in Shou-Lao's eyes. 'This old lizard is looking for a fight...'

With the city's defenses decimated and the Iron Fist defeated, the dragon was left with no choice but to intervene and safeguard its home from the perceived threat.

But most of all, it's been such a long time since Shou-Lao has had a good fight. And he was practically vibrating with excitement.

The air crackled with otherworldly energy as Shou-Lao prepared to make his move.

The many wings along its long body unfurled, the sound of their movement resembling the thunderous roar of a hurricane.

The dragon's body glowed with an intense aura as if priming itself for a devastating attack.

Peter's mind raced, searching for a way to defuse the situation, but none appeared.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Peter turned to Lily and MJ, who were gawking at Shou-Lao's appearance.

"Daddy..." Lily called, shakily. "Is... Is that a real Dragon?" She asked, recalling the bones that the Hand excavated recently.

"Yeah, which means your time here is up." Peter informs them as he waves his hand, opening a portal below the mother-and-daughter duo.

""Huh?!"" The two grunted in surprise as they disappeared, falling onto the couch in their living room.

And as the portal snapped shut, Peter could hear Lily yelling at him, disgruntled. "Wait! I want to fight the dragon too!"

"Maybe next time." Peter muttered with a small smile as he turned back to Shou-Lao.

Summoning his courage, Peter stepped forward, smirking under his mask.

His voice carried a mixture of friendliness and taunting as he addressed the ancient dragon. "Hey there, Mr. Lizard. Do you need something? I don't have any bugs or whatever it is you eat, so..."

The dragon's piercing gaze bore into Peter, its immense power palpable in the air.

Silence hung heavy between them as Shou-Lao seemed to contemplate Peter's words, unused to anyone talking to him like that.

After what felt like an eternity, Shou-Lao's fiery eyes narrowed, a glimmer of understanding flickering within them.

Slowly, the dragon's massive head tilted, its immense presence casting a shadow over Peter.

A deep, rumbling voice echoed through Peter's mind, resonating with ancient wisdom and authority. "It's been a long time since anyone has insulted me... Prove yourself, young warrior. Show me a good fight and I promise to spare your life, as you did with the warriors of K'un-Lun."

Peter nodded, acknowledging the dragon's challenge. "And what do I get if I win?"

A surprised look flashed across the dragon's eyes, not expecting such a reply. "You will not." He replied simply.

"But what if I do?" Peter asks again.

Shou-Lao remained silent for a moment, contemplating his answer. "Then I will grant you three requests." He offered, knowing that he could never lose to a human.

Instantly, the smirk on Peter's face grew wider and wider. And luckily, the mask covered it up.

"Deal!" Peter swiftly agreed. "I hope you're a lizard of your word..."

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