1 Only Human

"I wish to be a human.", I say to this being in front of me. I have gained the chance I always dreamed about when I read fan fiction. I could get another chance. Another chance to travel around the fictional worlds and experience adventure.

"Human? Are you sure? You have three wishes, and you only wish to be a human?"

"Not just any human. I want to be the Ultimate Human. I want to have all shackles removed."

"Hm ... That is possible. What are your other wishes?"

"You don't understand. I want to be the ultimate human and that includes all those things that come with it. I am mainly thinking about the Essence of the Ideal Self."

"I understand. So you want to create your ideal self and use the three 'superpowers' to basically grant yourself three extra Essences, is that right?", he asks me. I smile.


"I agree. But you hereby lose the ability to ever be anything other than human. If you agree with this, then you may go along with this.", he tells me and I am perfectly fine with that.

"That's perfect, thank you. So should I state which ones I would want?"

"Sure go ahead."

"For my first one, I want the Essence of Humanity Unchained. This removes all limits on the Human Will and what it can eventually achieve, making it an extremely powerful Essence in my opinion. With this, I can make the image of humans great again.

For my second one, I want the Essence of the Emperor Ascendant. This will set me on the path to becoming a true ruler and exemplar of humanity, with all the limitless potential the Emperor of Mankind held before his tragic fate. I say tragic, but I am unsure if this was what he wanted in the end. You understand.

And lastly, the Essence of the Home. I find this to be the best one for me as it allows me to travel to other Universes and also create a place for me and the rest of humanity to stay. There is no limit that says how large the home can be or what it looks like. So I will use this for myself and my family if I ever get one. I think it is heavily underrated for a scenario like the one I might find myself in.", I say to him and watch his reaction. 

"All in all, these are good choices, I guess. Not as OP as you could have made them, but good. I will allow it. So how would you like to look? Are you going full Emperor of Mankind already or not yet?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure. Where am I going?", I ask him.

"You will start rather small in a world of Magic, the Wizarding World. You will then choose where to go yourself. But just know that the Essence of the Emperor's Ascendent will be locked for now. If you have that one activated, you would be attacked by the world's will immediately and in some worlds, you would already be stronger than the will of hte world, causing armageddon and the destruction of the world. So until further notice and when you go to a stronger Universe, that one will be locked."

"I agree. That might be a problem otherwise. Ok, how about giving me a wizarding look? I can change it later on anyway. What about my last name?"

"You can decide that on your own. I will send you rather far into the past. So you will have plenty of time to develop and build whatever you wish to build. If you want to have a family, then do that. In short, you are free to do anything you want. I won't be keeping an eye on you."

"I see. Very well then. I am ready."

"Good. I hope you find what you were hoping for. Farewell."

And then I lost consciousness, only to awake the next moment somewhere in the wilderness. 


I look around the area to find out where I am. This is hard. I am somewhere in the wild. The climate was rather cold and all around me were fir trees. There is no snow as of yet, but judging from the cold wind, that won't take too long. For some reason ... I am completely naked. I am quite well-endowed and my body looked like it was chiselled from stone. For some reason ... I have a moustache. Now don't get me wrong, it is a majestic moustache, as far as I can feel, but why do I have one? 

I do the only thing I can think of and start walking in a random direction. After a while, I come across a small lake. It is midday right now. I have a look at my appearance and see that I have white hair. The 'being' had played a trick on me. I look like a young Bang from One Punch Man if he was young and had longer white hair ... and a moustache ...


Oh well, I'm not complaining. I guess it works. And I feel that I can still choose my appearance any time I want to change it. So the guy never told me in what time he would send me to, but he did say the past. So this could be a few generations before the story of Harry Potter starts, or millions of years before. Let's hope it is not that second one. The speed at which I can now learn new things would make me lose interest in this world rather quickly. 

Half an hour later, I suddenly stopped and hit my forehead with my hand.

I'm such an idiot. I have the Essence of the Home. I already have a place where I can go to and get whatever I need. I try to focus and feel how this works and the moment I think about entering my Home, a door appears in front of me. I grab the handle and open the door. I am greeted by a shining light that reveals the exterior of the 'house' to me. 

It looks nice. 


There is even a different weather and climate here than on the outside. I walk up to the house and then enter. And what I see inside makes me smile. There is no limit to the space I have in the house. I can expand it as I wish and have anything in the house that I can think of. There are kitchens, baths, dining rooms, bed chambers and more. There is an unlimited supply of food and water. I can also have a training room if I wish. And of course, I want that. The training room can change according to my will. It's like the Room of Requirement but on heavy steroids. I can't wait to try it out, as soon as I get hold of my wand. 

I know that I won't need a wand. But this was once a fantasy story for me and I always thought that it was funny how they used wands instead of just throwing around spells with their hands or something. It is to satisfy my inner child right now. 

I walk towards the changing room and take out some clothes that are warm and appropriate for the weather. I still don't know what year it is, but I'll find that out later. So after finishing up, I make my way to the kitchen and look around. Funny enough I don't need to cook the food on my own, as the house can do that for me. So I decide on what to eat and then sit down at the dining table and wait. 

As I wait, I think about some of the things I want to do in this world. The Wizarding World was one of my favourite worlds. It was a rather 'weak' one if you compare it to some of those I will go to at a later date. And yet, it is a cool one in my opinion. So while I am here, I want to shape the world a bit, if I am far enough in the past. And maybe even create my own magic school, like Hogwarts. I had ideas on how to change the curriculum up a bit. The racism and arrogance of the Wizarding world were something I would not accept in my school. 

Yes, the longer I thought about it, the better the idea sounded in my head. With my capabilities, becoming the greatest wizard is only a matter of time. But to get there, I have to either go to school myself, depending on the year or create my own spells and do my own research on all things magical. Now that I am immortal, this doesn't sound bad honestly. Learning on my own also means that I can learn anything I want and go at my own pace. 

Alright, it is decided. I will create my own school. As for learning magic, I will just observe and try out the things I know from the books and movies. 


I found out what time I am in currently. It should be approximately 1000-500 BC. That's quite a bit before canon, giving me enough time to do everything I want and more. I wandered the place where I had woken up. I found out that I was probably somewhere in Norway or Sweden. So going by this knowledge, I first started to look for different things. I wanted a wand, it was as simple as that. Not because I would need it, but because I just wanted one. 

Starting magic would be easier with a wand. I would of course not limit myself to using a wand but I would definitely get one. I think I'll also try my luck with the creation of wands, while I'm at it. There are many things I want to do. Wand creation, potion-making, care of magical creatures, herbology and more. An amazing thing is that I can do all of these things in my Home. 

There is limitless space for me there, where I can have magical creatures live, all sorts of herbs grow and so on. I will also have my Home create a giant library where I will either write my own or use those of people I can respect. And that leads me to the most interesting and important aspects of what I want to do. 

I will study ancient runes. Although I am not sure if they can be called ancient in this time I am in right now. They would simply be called runes. I want to create different spells that have never been seen in this world. Apart from that I also want to dive deep into Arithmancy and advance the magic of mathematics. Doing that is not hard and the way I am now, I will surely do that. 

And finally, I want to create my own magical school. I will place it in the middle of Europe. Either Switzerland or Austria. What I have planned is to hide it somewhere. Where that will be is unclear right now. I plan to either make it in the mountains or create a separate dimension where I will hide the school from the non-magical people. I have a few ideas already. 

[Picture 1]

The first one is in the mountains and looks rather elegant. I do enjoy the fact that it is located in the mountains and is rather large, offering enough space and not being cramped in the dormitories department. There is also space for many other things that will be taught there.

[Picture 2]

The second one would also be located surrounded by mountains, but farther down and not as high up as the first one. It would be surrounded by magical forests and wide plains. I could have many magical beasts located there, and create a magical garden for the school. 

[Picture 3]

The third idea I have would also be located in the mountains, but it would be spaced out and not one big castle. It would look something like the air temple from the TV show, Avatar the last Airbender. There is of course the danger of falling to your death, but using magic, that can be avoided. 

[Picture 4]

Lastly, the 4th one is my idea of hiding the school either in a separate dimension or somewhere else. I enjoy the large tree and the mystery of this idea. 

In any way, I will first wander the Earth and learn magic slowly and watch Empires rise and fall again, while I start working on my own projects. 

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