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Getting another chance at life, Shiras travels back in time in the Wizarding World and helps shape the world a bit, while also keeping to himself. As the Ultimate Human, he will learn and progress and maybe even create his own school. He will travel through the Omniverse and prove to everyone, the potential and power of humanity. This is a multiverse and Essence fanfic. World to visit: - Harry Potter - One Piece - Black Clover - Bleach - Star Wars - Invincible - Marvel - (ASOIAF) - (Warhammer 40k)

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Four Friends

(3rd Person POV)

"What do you mean? Why would we go there?", the blonde young man asked. He was rather tall for their age and had full brown hair and a full beard. At his hip, he was wearing a sword that fit his image of a knight. 


"I told you, I heard it from my father. He said that there was magic in Cadia and he even believes that there is a great secret there.", a young woman says. She has beautiful long black hair and a tiara on her head. She wore a beautiful blue dress together with jewellery. 


"How sure are you of this information? I doubt every word you hear from your father is the truth. He isn't one of us after all.", another young man says. He had short black hair, with a spiky beard. 


"Don't say that, Sali. Rowa's father is a good man with a big heart, that loves her very much. He wouldn't lie to her, just to get rid of her.", the final person in the room said. The woman was the smallest of the four. She had orange-red hair and gentle features. 


"Hahahaha, Helga is right. Rowena's old man is alright. Even if he's a muggle.", the knight says. 

"Shut up, Godric. As usual, you don't think at all and just act. Your idiocy will get you killed one day."

"What did you say, you snake bastard!?", Godric says. 

"Urgh. As I was saying, Rowena, we should make sure the information is dependable."

"Helga is correct. Even though my father is not a wizard, he loves me very much. I had to practice alone with you all these years. I believe it is time we went and looked for what else is out in the world. Believe in my father, Salazar. Believe in me.", Rowena says. 

"Haaa, as you wish ... my lady.", Salazar says and bows his head. 


Four young wizards and witches. All of them grew up in the same city and even the same castle. The Ravenclaw House was a minor noble house of Brittain and they were quite wealthy, due to the clever business and intelligence of the house. Rowena was the only child and the current heiress of House Ravenclaw. Her intelligence was the highest in her family and also the first witch. 

When her parents found out about her possessing magic, they first wanted to tell everyone about it. But they didn't, as they understood what would happen to their baby girl. She would be burnt alive. They loved her too much to see her as a dangerous and malicious witch. So instead of meeting the unknown with fear, they showered her with love and books. 

Rowena was lonely due to her magic. Her parents wanted to keep her abilities a secret from the world. Rowena's life would have taken a sad turn if it weren't for a fortunate circumstance. 

One night, she was about to sneak out of her room and out of the castle, when she saw strange light and giggling coming from the broom closet. Following her curiosity, as she always did, she stood at the door and observed a young girl, a servant girl, playing with fairies in the air and causing different small objects to float around her. Rowena was so absorbed in what she was seeing, that she forgot her plan and her surroundings. 

She opened the door a bit more, to see everything, but the old door made a squeaking sound alerting the young girl that someone was nearby. The girl's heart stood still for a moment out of fear that someone saw her. Noticing her fear, Rowena entered the room and closed the door. 

"Hello.", she said.

"Hello.", the servant girl answers her, recognizing the young miss. 

"Don't be afraid. We're the same after all, look.", Rowena says causing the small stones and boxes around to float. Her skill in the use of magic was higher than the servant girl. Seeing this, the young girl got very excited since she wasn't alone anymore and Rowena was also very happy, to find a kindred spirit finally. 

"What's your name?", Rowena asked.

"Helga ... Helga Hufflepuff."

"Well, Helga, it's nice to meet you. My name is Rowena Ravenclaw."

"I know young miss. We will surely be the best of friends.", Helga smiled brightly. 


From that day on, Rowena and Helga would spend every free moment together. Rowena's parents got worried and even wanted to get rid of the servant girl, who 'asked too many questions'. But Rowena revealed that Helga also had magic, stopping that from happening. The two girls grew closer, but they weren't alone for that long. 

The son of the family's knight, a talented swordfighter, soon joined their small group. Rowena and Helga were the ones to invite him to join them for practice. The young Godric Gryffindor was a very outspoken and loud person. He liked to rush into battle and used his strength and magic offensively. He was a more simple person and was glad to find others who were like him. 

"You know, my friend is also a magic user. We could ask him, but I doubt he would agree to join our group.", Godric said to the other two after one of their practices. The two girls looked at Godric who said that absentmindedly in shock. That was Godric's problem. He seemed to take things too lightly, which led to him forgetting a lot of things or simply not caring about them. 

"Why didn't you tell us sooner?!", Rowena asked him. She didn't like that side of Godric. She was a very diligent person after all. Her skill in the mind arts, specifically Occlumency were powerful and she never forgot something. Unlike Godric, who only remembered that which he found interesting or important. And he didn't find a lot of things important. 

"Eh, he's so glum, that would have ruined our get-togethers. Let's forget about him.", Godric said.

"NO! Absolutely not! Tell us about him, now!", Rowena protested. 

"Relax guys. We can invite him now. No one should live alone. We are friends after all and increasing our friend circle is a good idea.", Helga said to them. She was always the mediator between everyone. Rowena who was normally very levelheaded, forgot herself for a moment. She was taught to be a lady after all. 

"His name is Salazar. He's the son of the 'physician'. But I warn you, he has a sinister side to him. I don't like to stay in his 'basement', it gives me the creeps. He talks to snakes. Yuck.", Godric said and then led them to Salazar. Salazar had two snake pets and his friends found out that he truly could talk to snakes. But only snakes for some reason, not all animals. 

Rowena found that interesting and Helga was happy to find another friend who was like her. She was the glue that held all of the different personalities together. She loved them all like siblings but enjoyed staying in the background and letting her friends take the spotlight. 

She was the light that pulled Salazar out of his dungeon and into their circle of talented wizards and witches. They all grew up together and learned and practised together. They were truly talented and this would become apparent in the future, when magic seemingly declined. But that wouldn't happen in this world ... someone was watching after all.


This leads us to the current moment. The four friends were grown and it was about time that Rowena got married. No one truly cared about whether Salazar or Helga married. Godric refused to marry someone he didn't know and his father couldn't do anything about that. Rowena on the other hand knew that there was little she could do. She loved her parents and due to her upbringing, she was taught that it was her duty to marry a wealthy husband and bear children. But she didn't like that. 

She lived to pursue knowledge of magic and increase the things she could do. Her father took pity on her and told her about the rumour he heard from the country of Cadia. A country which was situated in the middle of their continent and yet stood firm and powerful. She knew the stories, but she never thought that there might be magic involved. After her father told her the rumours and possibilities of wizards and witches living there, she felt stupid. It made perfect sense. How else would a country hold off the Roman Empire for all of 600 years? Or the Gothic and Gaul armies? 

"Think about it guys. It makes perfect sense. How else would they manage to reach such prosperity and advancement? I heard that their military is considered the strongest in the world. That's the only reason, why it wasn't attacked by an alliance. My father said that talks were going around about such an alliance to take down Cadia and 'cleanse' the world of witches and wizards.", Rowena says. 

"I agree there is some truth to that. I also heard some things about that. The snakes tell of magical creatures that scare even the most dangerous of snakes. But how would we find out then? We can't just walk in and demand to know everything.", Salazar says.

"Why not? We could try to do just that. It might work. You might even like the light, snake man.", Godric laughs. 

"Huh? What did you say, single brain cell individual?", Salazar counters.

"Brain cell? That doesn't mean anything to me. You have to use better disses, Snake Man. Hahahaha.", Godric laughs. 

"I can't even begin to say how disappointed I am right now."

"Come now, Sali. We can go there and still be cautious. It would be fun. Just the four of us on a grand adventure.", beamed Helga. She likes that idea. 

"I agree with Helga. It would be interesting. Just think about what we could learn. There might be some cool new potions you could learn, Salazar. Or some attacking spells, Godric. Just think about what you could discover and learn. It would be amazing.", Rowena says. She understands what her friends want the most and what she has to say to get them on board. 

She watches the two men think about it. She knows that they are both on board if she tells them that she is going. Both Salazar and Godric wouldn't let her go alone anyway. But she rather they were more enthusiastic about it. Helga was happy as long as they were together and she could find new magical plants and animals. She loved those. 

"Hm, I guess you're right Rowena. It would indeed be good for me to find someone who is worthy of me in a magic duel. Who knows, we might find some cool new ideas for spells and fighting techniques. Or even a new sword. Yes, I agree with you. I'll come along as well.", Godric finally agrees.

"Oh please, as if you ever truly won against me. Your boneheadedness is not talent, but recklessness. I prefer skill and variety over brute force. You don't understand the delicate art of potion-making or curses. But I am indeed interested to see what makes my snakes so scared of Cadia. I agree as well.", Salazar also agrees making the two girls beam in joy. 


So it was decided that the four of them would leave the Ravenclaw castle and even the country to go on a 'quest', as they put it. A final journey before Rowena finally married. It was the condition that her father put forth. So Rowena agreed. As long as she got to leave and find out more magical knowledge, she was ready to marry and have a child. Maybe she could find a good husband whom she loved at least. 

After getting all of their things ready and preparing thoroughly, the quartet finally left their home. It would be a grand journey across the sea and far lands to reach the fabled country of Cadia. 


The story seems to be losing interest. I might take a break to go back to the drawing board.