52 Chapter 52: The Exchange Program


While Axel was busy in his thoughts, Dumbledore had arrived at the main topic.

"And now, on to the main topic you've all been waiting for, the exchange program," he said, and the hall quietened down as everyone now paid more attention.

There were hushed conversations as the students seemed to speculate who it was going to be. Axel even heard some of them placing bets.

"10 Galleons says it's Livermorny. They have some really cool subjects."

"You're on. They have too many mudbloods in 'em. I bet it would be kohtzkorviz. They teach you dark magic as well,"

"Shut up mate, it would be—!"

Dumbledore smiled, "I know there has been a great deal excitement of speculation and even votes on the forums on who the School might be, since we had to keep it under wraps in case there was a change in plans. But now, it has been confirmed. The school that is going to be coming for the exchange program is, Mahoutokoro School of Ninshu and Jutsu!"

Axel closed his ears in annoyance as the crowd loudly cheered while some also expressed their disappointment over the news.

Dumbledore waited for a few moments for everyone to quieten before he spoke again, "Now, since the school has remained relatively closed off in the past, I suppose a brief overview of the school is in order,"

"Mahoutokoro is one of the best schools of Magic in Japan. But, in terms of its education, it is quite different compared to Hogwarts. Hogwarts trains wizards while Mahoutokoro trains Ninjas. While Hogwarts focuses on Spell casting, charms, hexes, transfiguration, enchanting, etcetera, Mahoutokoro is more oriented towards training their students in combat, physical and elemental magic, and other skills. The Ninjas trained from Mahoutokoro are becoming increasingly popular as they are hired for various jobs and are really skilled at what they do.

They have their own unique way of spell casting which is quite interesting but also equally difficult to use. And the education they receive is vastly differs from ours. Overall, both the schools have a lot to learn from each other and I hope we can get along with our foreign friends."

There was a round of applause after which Dumbledore spoke once again.

"While they're here, the schools are going to have a few friendly competitions in a few common fields so that the students can learn from each other. And let me assure you, our Deputy Headmistress would not be pleased if you showed unsightly behavior," he said, looking at Mcgonagall who gave the students a stern look.

"And neither will I." Dumbledore added as the air around him turned serious. "This is the first time in many years that a cross-continental cooperation between schools of different cultures is being organized without any prior relations and precedents. The Magical Schools and governments from all over the world will be paying attention to it. If it ends with positive results, we might be opening up the doors to the cooperation and exchange between all major magical schools in the world. So, I sincerely hope you will conduct yourselves like a student worthy of Hogwarts' reputation and bring honor to our School," he said, his words unconsciously making everyone straighten up.

After, he began to go over miscellaneous stuff like the increased security and stuff but Axel was just too busy thinking about ways to attract the organization's attention to listen to anything.

He had almost zero to nil information on them so he didn't know just how he could attract their attention.

He can't just advertise the fact that he has this cross-shaped pendant that the organization is looking for, can he? Nope, that's just not the right way. Even if he wants them to come after him, he doesn't want them to know that he actually has the pendant.

It seems like the only way to attract their attention is to show his face to more people. Just like Gorski, surely someone else from the organization must also recognise his face and compare it to his father, right?

But the question is... how? No one knows him outside Hogwarts. Until now, Axel has always focused on ways to draw the least attention, not the most attention. It was quite a bummer to him when he had still attracted a lot of attention at Hogwarts despite not wanting to.

Speaking of which, the thing which got him famous at Hogwarts was... that scandal with Martina. Does he have to repeat something like that again?

Axel sighed. Just the thought of that is making plan D much more appealing.

Plan D... yes he had a plan D. But it was so bad that he didn't even consider it untill now. It's just that, Bellatrix Black knew his dad... so he thought, would she also know about the organization? But obviously, this was a very bad idea.

After the students were dismissed, as Axel exited the great hall, someone called his name.



Axel turned around to see Martina making her way over to him in a hurry, the crowd breaking out into hushed whispers as they looked at the two of them.

"What is it?"

Martina had a pleading look on her face as she looked at him, "Um... could I talk to you for a moment?" She asked, gesturing towards a broom closet.

Axel frowned. This is quite an unreasonable request, but since she was quite accommodating to him and Daphne at the train ride, he didn't want to reject it.

"Alright, but make it quick," he ordered as he followed her, not realizing that the crowd had gone bonkers behind him seeing the two of them going into a broom closet. Yep, his social skills were lacking.

"What did you want to talk about?" he asked as he entered the broom closet after her and closed the door, making everything go dark. Martina, who wasn't prepared for the unexpected darkness inside, tripped due to a bucket.


'Damn it!' Martina quickly got up and pulled her skirt back down. It was so dark, he shouldn't have been able to see anything, right?

Only Axel, who could see perfectly, sighed, "Have you got some kind of split personality?" He asked the girl. This was what? The third time she fell in front of him? Maybe fourth. He couldn't compare this awkward girl with the calm and composed girl who acts like a dignified princess in front of others. And, what's her deal with the color purple? The design was different this time but she was still wearing purple inside.

Meanwhile, the students outside were beyond surprised to hear the noise followed by Martina's moan.

"Are they… really going at it?"

"Damn… that guy… with Martina Valentino?"


Inside, Martina used Occlumency to calm down.

'He didn't see anything...he didn't see anything…'

Under different circumstances, she wouldn't have been able to recover so quickly, but right now she wanted to talk about serious stuff. Taking out her wand, she quickly lit up the room and put some privacy charms after which she finally turned to face him in the dim lighting.

"I'm sorry, again, for my ungainliness. But I wanted to talk to you about something important." she said, her face slightly flushed due to yet another embarrassing moment in front of him.

"Go on."

Martina looked at him with concern, "I just wanted to ask, has anyone tried to bother or bully you after my warning?"

Axel tilted his head,

"No… I was just attacked once because some asshole was too jealous," he said with a shrug.

Martina looked shocked, "Really? Who was it?" She asked, outraged as the things inside the cupboard started to shake.

Axel thought about it. His revenge wasn't done yet, not by a long shot, and he didn't want to be suspicious when bad things happen to those assholes. So, he just shook his head, "No need, None of the Slytherins can touch me. Is that all you wanted to ask?"

Martina looked at him, slightly astonished. Was this the same boy whom she saw limping through the corridors while shaking non-stop on the very first day?

But now that she looked at him again, she was surprised just how much he had changed. He was now as tall as her, and his whole being seemed to radiate power and danger.

She recalled how he had handled the troll and Dementors and how he had handled her brother. Yeah… if it's this guy, the Slytherins need to be the one to worry. But...

Martina sighed.

"No… there something else," she revealed. She had never expected that Luna would get sorted into Slytherin. Just like Hermione, Luna was a beloved character from canon and she had decided to not let the poor girl be bullied like she was in the canon. But… Now that she was sorted into Slytherin, it's like throwing a sheep to a den of wolves. That's why, she was here to ask for Axel's help, the only good Slytherin she knows.

"It's about Luna. She is...slightly different from the normal girls. And I'm afraid she'll be bullied in the dorms..."


"So… could you please look out for her? I just need you to inform me if you see her getting bullied," said Martina with a pleading look.

Axel looked at her in puzzlement, "Are you two related or something?"


"Then why are you going out of your way to help her?" In his case, it was understandable since it was her fault he was in trouble. But why is she helping Luna?

"I…" Martina paused as a nostalgic look flashed on her face..

"I just feel like I've known her from my previous life," she said half truthfully.

Axel gave her a weird glance. This seems quite a drag. But then, his hand went to his pocket where he kept the knife she gave. It was the first Christmas gift he'd gotten. He still hadn't given her anything in return for this thing. After all, what could he give her that she can't get by herself with just a word?

Thus, Axel sighed.

"Whatever, I'll try."

Martina was so happy that she hugged Axel. "Thanks!"

"....It's not a big deal,"

Axel had an uncomfortable look on his face as he slowly pushed her away. Today is turning out to be a peculiar day. This is the third time he's being thanked like this.

His guard is lowering itself while his mind is thinking of weird things, like... how easy it would be for these girls to stab him in the back while they're hugging him....


Later, while sitting in office, Dumbledore pondered over various thoughts while looking through the various policies spread out in front of him.

The time for war is drawing nearer as the forces of the enemy are making their moves in the dark. Thus, he can't afford to be passive either. The danger this time will not only threaten Britain, but the whole world. It is not only Voldemort they need to be worried about. It's a complete dimension.

Yes, the boundaries between the worlds are somehow loosening, so if someone didn't prevent it, there is fair chance that the creatures from NetherWorld might invade earth. And that, can be apocalyptic.

NetherWorld's threat can be imagined just by the fact that the magical creatures on Earth didn't originate from here, but the other two worlds. And over time, their bloodlines diluted and their powers weakened through the generations while they stayed on earth. The tales and myths of legendary magical dragons didn't originate from earth, but from the other two worlds.

So, all Dumbledore can now do is make preparations for the worse scenario by bringing the Magical countries of the world together to fight as one, all the while hoping it doesn't come to this.

While doing that, he also has to pay attention to Rose's safety. Which is why, he's allowed Bellatrix to place her aurors at Hogwarts.


With a sigh, he popped a lemon drop in his mouth. Dumbledore was weary, oh so weary. He just hoped someone else could do this in his stead, but alas, no one but him can be trusted with such a heavy responsibility.


Andromeda looked at her sister who had been quite busy these days, "How did you even get the Organization's information?"

Bellatrix shrugged, "I just caught one of its members."

Andromeda couldn't believe it. "What the hell Really?" This was quite the shocking news. "How did you even get the information out of a member? The last one committed suicide before you could get anything."

Bellatrix shrugged, "I learn from my mistakes. Anyways, I think Axel might be in danger."

Andromeda was instantly worried. "What do we do?"

Bellatrix thought, "Well, I'm already sending Aurors to the school for the exchange program. I can arrange for his protection as well."

"Aurors?" Just the word reminded Andromeda of her daughter who was still on training. She sighed. Nymphadora, even though she looks cheerful on the outside, she's changed after Ted's torture.

Bellatrix looked at her sister. At one glance, she could tell her thoughts. She thought about the security for the exchange program. Come to think of it, wasn't the Auror force shortstaffed right now?

'Hm... something can be arranged.'

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