192 Chapter 185: Emergency Meeting

"Uh… Captain, are we just going to let them leave like that?" Asked one of the soldiers as they looked at Axel and Akiko flying out of the Biopark.

The usual procedure after such an incident is to report everything in detail to the high authority so that they can judge whether your actions were correct or not. In this case, Axel did create a massacre of so many protected species, so this is an extremely controversial matter.

If your actions were not under supervision and done on your own initiative, that is also a separate headache inducing procedure.

Other than that, there is also the matter of answering to the media and all kinds of other things. In short, this was a complicated matter that cannot end with just doing whatever you want and leaving.

The Captain cleared his throat. "It's complicated, Soldier. Don't try to second guess my reasoning."

The man wearing the cloak, Asphor, just laughed. "You should be honest. You're just scared to offend him," he said, exposing the truth.

Someone just exterminated so many creatures in front of them like pests, and then even killed those scary dragons which even the M345 Magic Missiles couldn't put a dent on.

No matter what, it created an impression. So, when Axel casually asked if he could leave, as if he was going to leave either way, the Captain instinctively let him leave. You could say that his survival instincts were good, unlike some people.

The Captain sighed. "You still haven't changed, Asphor," he said as his team laughed at him. He was the elite Maverick rider, but this friend of his was not at all considerate about making fun of him in front of his subordinates.

"Well, to be honest, no one can blame you for your reaction. The kid was… something else." said Asphor as flashbacks of Axel's savagery flashed through his mind.

The subordinates surrounding them had to agree to that, as some of them even shuddered. Anyone who witnessed the previous incident would have the same opinion: Don't mess with that guy.

"Anyway, I'm gonna go now. I was pretty useless here anyway."

The Captain shook his head. "Don't even say that. You knew that demotion would have been the least of my worries." Said the Captain. In the absence of Axel, the Captain would not have been able to handle the monster hoard. Monsters would have flooded the city before the arrival of help. In that situation, he would have had to bear most of the burden, even though his only crime would have been that his division is the fastest due to their Mavericks.

Knowing this, Asphor came to him for the sake of their old friendship. With Asphor, a relic wielder, they would have been able to reduce the damage considerably.

Of course, that all turned out to be useless due to a monstrous 16 year-old, but the gesture still counts. Having a friend who can go through thick and thin with you is great.

"Those two… they remind me of us from back then," said the Captain, recalling Axel and Akiko. The girl was not to be underestimated. She perfectly coordinated with the boy, first dropping him on the dragon's back and then creating that fire.

"That's right. Except you aren't a beautiful girl like her." Said Asphor distastefully.


Coming out of the Biopark, Axel once again lowered his presence to not get recognized. But, it turned out to be useless since the area outside had already been cleared by now. That turned out to be useless too since Axel had already solved the monster hoard problem.

"So,what do we do?"

"First, we get your hands treated," said Akiko seriously.

"Relax, my hands are completely fine. They aren't as fragile as you think." Axel's hands were, in fact, quite strong. Especially when he uses [Magic Hands], a skill he has mastered to an extremely high degree. The only reason his hand got chopped off by Nerio the last time was because it was an attack from a relic, and he had no magic left to use [Magic Hands]. He was lucky to only lose his hand.

Right now, Axel didn't actually suffer much damage since the [Magic Hand] was activated, and he was repeatedly using [Heal] on himself, a skill which might not be powerful, but still handy on minor injuries.

At this moment, they got a message from Estris, who had given the address of the new base since the old one's location had been leaked by Axel. That reminded Axel of the watery foamy mattress of last night, which reminded him that he was, in fact, fucking drained.

Turns out that destroying a monster army can be tiring. Really tiring.

In the end, they decided to call it a day. They had been touring for the whole day and it was already evening. Of course, there is no sun here, but the city still brightens and darkens as if there was a real sun above them.

"Oh, you guys also returned?" On the new Base, they were greeted with the sight of a blood-covered Kurai Sensei, who was sitting on the couch, in the process of removing her shoes. It seems that she had also just returned from wherever she had gone. "I thought you would spend the night."

Kurai Sensei waved her hand upon seeing them looking at the blood she was covered "Don't worry, it's not mine."

Axel noticed that she still didn't mention how she got it. Whatever, it seems that she also had a busy day.

"Forget about that. How was your day? Did you guys have fun?" Even though she included both of them, it was clear that the question was intended for Akiko, who had emotional value in finally visiting Atlantis.

"It was… really, really good. I had a lot of fun." Akiko, whose face is usually blank, had a bright smile on her face. It is at moments like this that one realizes that Akiko has a surprisingly cute and innocent looking face.

Seeing her smile, Kurai sensei's eyes softened imperceptibly. "Is that so? That's good then."

Kyrin has always blamed herself for Akiko's parents' death. So moments like these make her feel that she had done something to atone for the past. Akiko already knew this and she has already expressed that she doesn't blame Kurai Sensei but she doesn't listen.

"So, tell me, what did you guys do on your date? Did you guys kiss?" Kyrin asked, back to her naughty demeanor.

"K-Kurai Sensei!"

"Oh, look at you blushing! Our Aki is all grown up now." Kyrin just laughed, and Axel also didn't mind it.

Kurai Sensei was like a parent/older sister figure in Akiko's life. He could see that this was pure teasing that is used between families. Even Akiko didn't really seem to hate it, judging from the small smile on her lips.

"Come to think of it, did you guys encounter any trouble while out? I heard something big happened a few hours ago."

Axel shrugged. "It was no trouble."

Kurai Sensei finally turned to Axel, as if just finding out about his existence. "Oh. you're here too. Well? Did you complete the assignment? Or were you just out to have fun? And why have you not greeted your superior yet?"

A vein popped out on Axel's forehead. He's officially taking back his goodwill. This discriminating boss is simply intolerable.

"I did have fun."

"As expected, you didn't do—"

"But I also managed to complete the assignment."

"… What?"

"I said, I have completed the assignment. I have learnt most of the general knowledge about Atlantis that is accessible to the public. I know the culture, the basic technology, ongoing trends, media, high profile figures, geography, everything."

Kyrin looked at him like he was a rare animal. Axel knows it because he has seen the same look on the faces of many people at the Biopark today,

"… What the fuck? What's the point of lying point blank to a dangerous and unhinged beautiful young lady like me?" Asked Kyrin in puzzlement.

Axel's eyes twitched at the 'young' part. "There are several things wrong with that statement, the most glaring one being that, I am in fact, telling the truth."

"Hm? Is that so? Well, tell me then. What is the name of the tallest building here?"

"I believe it's called Alsanar. It's located in the western part of the main city."

Kyrin frowned. "What's the most populated place in Atlantis?"

"The Kasindrova Commercial area."

"The forbidden place?"

"Altica Trench. But there are too many contradictions about that place. I believe—"


Kyrin now seemed angry. "Did he ruin the trip for you by spending his whole time searching for useless knowledge?" She asked Akiko.

"He didn't."

Kurai sensei turned her attention back to Axel, looking peeved.

"Boss, even if he did do that, it would only be because you ordered him to." Estris, as always, was the voice of reason. Of course, Kyrin already knew it, but… she didn't like it.

Because, Aki is getting a bit too involved with this guy. It makes her burn with jealousy and protective instincts. This guy is stealing her Aki's heart, but he also has the time to complete the impossible assignment, and also act effortlessly cool while at it.

"So, can I go rest now? I'm pretty tired."

"Already? We'll have to work on your stamina."

Axel stretched lazily. "Can't argue with that. Well, I'm off."

"Please come. I'll show you your accommodation."The old butler from earlier showed led the way.

After Axel left, Akiko soon followed, leaving only Estris and Kyrin.

Kyrin sighed tiredly. "I'm already missing the outer world. Things have gotten troublesome here."

"It wouldn't have been so intense if you hadn't left," countered Estris. "The seal has been weakening rapidly now. Being a Relic Wielder, you have to put in the work."

"I am, aren't I? In fact, I quite enjoyed the killing. But I wanted to be there with Aki today. Instead I had to leave her with that brat. He used it to get close to her," said Kyrin while grinding her teeth.

Estris tilted her head. "Is he not good enough?"

"…Of course he's not." Kyrin knew Axel was good. The trial was proof of that. But she just wasn't willing to admit it. "Did you see him just now? He was so pale and he couldn't even keep his eyes open properly, yawning every few seconds. He got tired from just one outing. He can't match Aki's energy."

"Besides, I don't think he's a good person. He's too selfish. I mean, just by looking at him I can tell that he's evil… and manipulative. I mean, how the hell did he make Aki look at him with those eyes? Aki is the kind to keep her distance from everyone. Back when rumors about them started, I had thought that it was all the media trying to milk her fame. Even if there was something, I thought it'll be gone when she leaves for Atlantis. But the brat has now followed her here and even somehow gotten himself a citizenship from the princess— Hey! Are you listening?!"

Kyrin suddenly realized that Estris had started watching something on her E-brace at some point, blatantly ignoring her.

Estris looked up with a serious expression. "Boss, it's a Royal summon. We have to go."

"At this time?" Kyrin looked at Estris with an 'are-you-for-real?' expression. "Well, this better be good."

Reaching the meeting room, they found everyone else waiting patiently. It was the same as before, on the head seat sat the princess, with the General guarding her by her side. The Council of Elders, Major division heads and a few other high Ranking individuals. The noticeable addition was Asphor, the relic wielder wearing the cloak.

"You're late as always, Tenebrous," said the Flame Elder.

Kyrin ignored it. "What's the fuss about?" She asked the princess directly.

That made many people in the meeting room cast meaningful glances at her.

"Come on, stop pretending, Tenebrous," said the representative of the Lightning Septis. "As if you don't know." He was one of the people who did know what the meeting was about.

"You must be feeling quite smug right now. But this is not funny," said another member.

"What in the fishing hell are you talking about?"

The Princess tilted her head in puzzlement. "You really don't know?"

"...First tell me what this is about. I have a lot of things to be smug about."

"So, you really don't know," concluded the flame Elder. "So much happened and you don't even know."

"Well, it's better if we show it to everyone directly," said the Princess. "After all, it's already going algal on the deepnet. In the middle of the room, a 3-d video began playing.


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