HP: The Arcane Thief

A skilled thief gets a system in an Alternate Wizarding World. The system seems useless in the beginning since he hasn’t unlocked any features. But… [The very first feature of the System has been unlocked.] [Congratulations. You’ve unlocked the class feature. Due to your existing skills and experience, you have gained the Special Class "Arcane Thief" as your starting class. There’s nothing an Arcane Thief can’t steal. The more you steal, the more your Class will progress.] [The fields of expertise include: — Stealth Magic — Wards — Traps — Enchantment — Pickpocketing — Knife/Short-Sword Wielding] Wait…this is just the first feature? ******************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) LINK: Patreon.com/Snollygoster ********************************* I'm planning on keeping a stockpile of at least 10 chapters there. DISCORD https://discord.gg/TR3KKAhu9r *The Cover is not mine, but I got it from a site that was posting this fic without my consent and using this pic as a cover, so I guess I won't be removing it even if you ask me to, sue me.

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Chapter 177: Axel Vs Kyrin Tenebrous

When Kurai sensei revealed her actual intentions behind recruiting Axel, Akiko had really panicked.

Kyrin Tenebrous, or Kurai Sensei, is not exactly a good person. But, she can't be called bad either. If she really has to evaluate her personality, then she would be good, but less good than Axel, and bad, but less bad than Axel.

Axel is good to the people he is familiar with. Too good. To the point that you completely forget he's the same person who had you sign a slave contract when you were a stranger (Potential Threat) to him.

Similarly, due to having known Akiko's parents, Kurai Sensei has always been so good to her that she had forgotten that she could be someone who would try to find out Axel's secrets against his will.

That's why, she was truly panicked and conflicted when she found out Kurai Sensei's intentions. Her only consolation was the fact that there was a high chance Axel will not accept the offer.

Axel is really cautious. And the offer was filled with red flags. First of all, Axel always likes to have the initiative, as well as the upper hand. But that is not the case here. Kurai Sensei has the initiative, recruiting him with unknown intentions, and she has the upper hand, having seven star authority and home domain.

Aside from this, Axel also doesn't like being threatened. By exposing his identity and telling him to not reject her this time, she is basically pissing Axel off by threatening him. With his extreme petiness, if not today, he would definitely get back at her someday for this.

Combining all this, Akiko didn't think Axel would come right now, which would give her time to mediate the situation.

But her expectations were brilliantly contradicted when Axel actually showed up! But, in a very Axel-like fashion, ensuring his safety.

With the situation like this, Akiko was at least sure of one thing: She was being stupid. She never needed to worry about Axel, who worries enough for himself.

Feeling relieved, a genuine smile came upon Akiko's lips.

"What the—?"

On the other hand, suddenly seeing Akiko out of the blue, Axel thought he might be hallucinating. How else would he see her here in Atlantis?

Just yesterday, he had bade farewell to her and thought he might not see her again for months. But now, here she is, smiling at him as if reuniting after a long while.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Even as he asked her that, Axel felt that it was a silly question. The answer was quite apparent to him. It was the lady sitting on the couch who was currently glaring at him.

It was clear that Akiko came here with Kurai Sensei. Kurai Sensei must have already known about Akiko's ability and her hatred for Kraken. There is no way Kurai Sensei would miss such an opportunity, and there is no way Akiko would refuse such an offer.

It also made more sense why this girl never once expressed her intention to tag along with him. She was already coming on her own. Why would she need to go with him? She didn't even tell him in case he tried to persuade her to not go.

"Why am I not surprised?" he muttered, shaking his head ruefully.

Akiko nodded. "You can't blame me."

On the other hand, looking at the crowd gathered in front of her hideout, and the person she wanted to meet standing right in front of her, Kyrin gritted her teeth. Now that everyone's attention was focused on him, there's no way she could execute her plan.

Was it really a coincidence that this kid brought so many people here? The kid is either a goof running after fame, or a cunning and cautious fox.

The former that can be easily eliminated. If he really liked to brag for attention, there's no way he would have held back so much of his abilities. That means he is cautious to the point of anticipating her intentions and ensuring his safety just in case she had bad intentions.

"I didn't take you for a coward," she jabbed, causing Axel's eyes to snap back on her. "Neither did I know that you have so little faith in me," she said, letting him know that she knew the exact reason why he came with such a huge entourage.

Axel just smirked. "Trust me, it's for your own safety."

Kyrin raised her eyebrows. "Oh really?" Suddenly, dark tentacles stretched out from Axel's shadow and wrapped around him, binding him to the spot.

"Tell me, how exactly is it for my safety?" She asked, crossing her legs.

Axel was still calm. "Well, if you were really serious, that knife would have been buried into your head," he said, nodding at the space beside her.

?? Kyrin followed Axel's line of sight, only to see a knife buried to the hilt right beside her head.

"That would have ended our cooperation prematurely, would it not, sensei?"


Kyrin was in shock. For the first time in a while, she felt it. The threat of death. That knife throw just now was no ordinary move. Even with all her passive abilities, she was unable to detect anything. If Axel could increase the damage output of that throw, which she was almost certain he could, there was a chance she could have died.

The bindings around Axel became tighter, and for a moment, she considered going further.

"I would not if I were you," But Axel's eyes seemed to penetrate her head, looking at her warningly. Suddenly, his hand was free of the dark tentacles as a knife twirled between his fingers. "You can try going further. But no matter what happens to me, I can't guarantee your safety a second time," his easygoing attitude was gone as he warned her seriously this time.

Axel still didn't do much, but he didn't need to. In Kyrin's eyes, his combat power had increased explosively.

Axel and Kyrin stared at each other, their eyes glowing with magic. Then, Kyrin shook her head. "You've been hiding too much," she said, loosening Axel's bindings.

Successfully threatening her in her own home? She was still underestimating him too much. She can't be sure what he would do next. "It really makes me want to crack open that head to find out how," she muttered, casting a hungry gaze at Axel. If not now, then maybe later....

Axel also smiled at that. "That's why, for a long and successful cooperation, I hope you would understand if I added additional terms for my safety in the contract I'm about to sign, sensei."

This time. Kyrin was so surprised that she laughed. This kid… no, this fox! First, he created a situation in which she can't openly hurt him without half the Atlantis knowing, temporarily stopping her. Knowing it wasn't enough, he showed her a little more of his abilities, making her wonder if he had something more up his sleeve. Then, he conceded working with her on the condition of having safety clauses in his contract, thus keeping both parties interests.

Axel must have been aiming for this from the very start. Because this was the best option for Axel. Even if he had rejected today's offer, there was always a possibility of her coming after him even if he tried to stay away.

But now, by working with her, he is not only protecting himself from her using the contract, but also using her to achieve his goal of destroying Kraken.

The fact Axel was still only thirteen years old made that situation so absurd that Kurai Sensei couldn't help laughing out loud. "Hahahahaha.. hah..., I can understand why you like him, Aki," she said, wiping her eyes.

"Alright," she said, nodding towards Axel. "You're hired," she stated.

Axel blinked. "Just like that?"

"Yep." Kyrin nodded.

It was simple logic. If he is like this at only 13, then there is no way in hell she would let this talent go. As for his secrets? Well, Kurai wasn't much of a power hungry person, unlike the Elders. Between having Axel on her side, or 'trying' to find out his secrets and risking enmity with him, the former is obviously a far better choice.

Of course, the main reason was...

'He has Akiko completely wrapped around his finger.'

If he goes, Aki won't be staying either, which is really surprising, considering the girl's single-minded devotion for revenge for which she even ignored her Grandfather.

'Indeed, love blinds people.' For Kurai, only Akiko falling in love could explain her behaviour, which is so different from the usual Akiko.

"Estris, give him the contract."

Estris, who had already witnessed the whole situation, was already modifying the contract. After translating everything into English, she flipped the screen around and pushed her hand forward, presenting it in front of Axel.

"I have modified the contract and also added a complete security clause. There should be no loophole. You can check the rest of the terms as well."

Axel looked through the contract and nodded in satisfaction. This deputy was quite capable.

Everything was perfect. The post was of four stars, while the benefits could be compared to that of 5 star authority officers. As Estris said, there was indeed no loophole, and the terms were flexible, meaning he would be promoted if he displayed abilities above his grade and gathered enough merits.

"These are very generous conditions for a newbie like me," he commented while reading.


The three ladies didn't find his joke funny. Not at all. If Axel is a newbie, then would the veterans out there who are suppressed with just a glance of Kyrin be toddlers learning to walk?

"Though, there is one more detail I'd like to add," Axel said as he typed one more line into it.

Kyrin scoffed when she read it. "Do you think I'd get anything from revealing your identity? Your outer identity is inconsequential here."

Indeed, the new clause was about keeping secret the fact that he was Axel Hunt.

Axel casually shrugged. "My identity might be inconsequential right now, but it won't stay that way. Not after I become the most annoying person to Kraken under you. This way, I can also run away and continue my life in case of complications," he said, making up a new reason.

"Cunning bastard..."

"That I am."

'But I am a royal bastard.' Axel kept that to himself.

On the other hand, Akiko's mouth twitched. His outer identity is inconsequential here?

Axel is the crown prince of Atlantis. Is this inconsequential here?

She could only admire Axel's cautiousness. With his real face exposed, there is a chance that Kurai Sensei would make the connection between Axel and Tristan. By extention, she might also find out about his identity as the crown prince.

But, with the last clause worded like that, Kurai Sensei won't be able to reveal it do anything about it, even if she somehow finds out later.

This is like an insurance to avoid future troubles.

Unaware of this fact, Kurai sensei accepted the term without thinking much.

After confirming with the system for any traps, finally, Axel signed the contract.

"Well, welcome to the black ops."

"Welcome, Axel." Estris also welcomed him, appearing neither happy nor sad. "Here is your badge. The rest of your gear will be delivered soon as well."

I've also updated your information in the main server, so now your bracelet will have four star clearance. Don't lose these two."

Axel nodded, looking at Estris. How to say it? This girl, who appears to be a teenager, is extremely capable in her work. He could also sense a strange sense of danger from her. He was glad things ended peacefully just now.

"Anyways," Kurai sensei leaned forward. "Now that you're a member, I'm going to give you your very first assignment," she said sombrely.

"Already?" Axel raised his eyebrows. He didn't expect to be given an assignment already.

"Well, it's an Elite Division. What did you expect? We don't keep our members idle. Why else do you think you aren't seeing the other members."

That did make sense. This is the Black Ops division. Most of the members would already be doing some covert operations or gathering information.

Filled with anticipation, Axel readied himself for whatever mission he will be given. Is it a test of his skills? Or were they already hunting targets? What would be the difficulty?

"Your first mission: Familiarize yourself with Atlantis," said Kyrin with a go-away gesture.


"It's as you heard. You're really a fish here (noob). Go learn some common sense. Familiarize yourself with the new environment. Learn as many things that are different here as possible. I don't want your fish-iness to affect our serious mission."

"Aki, you're new too. You get the same assignment."

"Yes, Sensei!" Akiko nodded. Even hough she didn't have much of an expression, she looked happy. Kurai only shake her head murmur things like 'love' and 'it's good to be young.

Akiko was indeed happy, but for a different reason. Things had actually ended up fine! There was no bloodshed! With Axel's bad luck for trouble, she was already preparing her actions after things would go wrong.

If she shielded Axel, Kurai Sensei would have no choice but to let him go. So, that's what she was planning to do.

Unexpectedly but fortunately, things actually ended smoothly, and now Axel and Kurai Sensei, two formidable individuals, were going to work together to destroy Kraken.

She was definitely happy.

Kyein couldn't watch it any longer. "Now, off you go. I have more interviews to take."

While leaving, Akiko silently RIPed the next interviewee who was going to come. Kurai Sensei's frustration from this interview will definitely be transferred to the next individual.

"Don't take more than a day. You two have Black ops classes tomorrow," Kyrin called out to the two 'love birds' who were leaving…

…Not knowing what trouble they'll get into in this 'outing'.



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