HP: Reborn in the broom closet with Harry Potter

Adam came home exhausted from work and fell asleep on his couch without eating. What a surprise it was to wake up in the broom cupboard at the Dursleys' next to the famous Harry Potter. Strange, just as strange as the melody he hears every time magic happens near him. Follow Adam's journey into the world of Harry Potter and his rise to become the most powerful wizard.

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Chapter 3 : Vision


Hagrid looked at the fat little man threatening him with his vulgar Muggle device. He took it in one hand and twisted the barrel upwards, frightening Vernon and his family in the process.

- KSSSSSS," he made as if chasing a cat.

Then he turned to Harry and Adam.

- Happy birthday, boys," he said, taking a cake out of his big brown coat - it might have been a bit squashed on the journey.

- Hello, who are you?" asked Harry.

Hagrid looked at him for a few seconds.

- I'm Rubeus Hagrid, gamekeeper and keeper of the keys to the most prestigious school of magic, Hogwarts," he declared proudly.

- Hogwarts?? Magic??

This time Hagrid was speechless; in his mind, every wizard with a little intelligence knew about Hogwarts.

Then he turned to the Dursleys, a little menacingly.

"Since when can Hagrid be intimidating?" wondered Adam. 

- So you haven't told them anything ????

- Say what ?????? Harry interjected.

Hagrid turned to them.

- You're wizards.

[Scene break]

Since Hagrid's appearance in the hut, things had moved very quickly for Adam and Harry, who both found themselves in Tom's bar, otherwise known as the Cauldron.

Hagrid tapped the bricks in a specific order, and the vulgar stone wall in front of which the trio stood magically parted, revealing an alleyway filled with people, each more bizarre than the last.

- Welcome to the crossroads!

An overwhelming melody assaulted Adam, an orchestra in complete disarray, sounds unlike any other echoing around him. 

A headache immediately came over him.

"I'm going to have to learn to plug this new sense".

And it was in a crushing mood that he accompanied the other two to Gringott to collect their money and Hagrid's mysterious parcel.

- You mustn't tell anyone," he made them promise.

"As if two teenagers aren't going to brave the forbidden, especially when you're preventing them from satisfying their curiosity," Adam said to himself, rolling his eyes.

- This is Ollivander's store, the best wand-maker in the world! Why don't you go and get your wand while I go and buy your pet?

The two boys entered the store, the interior looking ancient, dust flying everywhere while a few lights dimly illuminated the room.

The external melody that was giving Adam a headache completely stopped, replaced by a softer, harmonic melody, like a strange, mysterious and powerful ballet.

A white-haired old man suddenly appeared next to Harry, making even Adam jump with surprise.

- Hmmm, the Potter boys. I was wondering when you were finally going to pay this old man a visit. 

Harry went first and, as in the books, the store was completely ravaged before he finally found the right wand.

- Interesting hmmm interesting.

After Harry's explanation of his wand's relationship with another, it was finally Adam's turn.

- About time, he complained.

- Try this one, Mr. Potter, dragon heart, acacia wood, 9 ½ inch and particularly stiff.

Adam, wand in hand, sensed that it wasn't the right one; his melody and that of the wand didn't match, like a song that wasn't at the same frequency.

After thirty attempts, Adam still hadn't found his wand and was beginning to despair.

- Tough customer Mr. Potter, tough customer. I wonder if...

Ollivander pulled an old box from his shelf and opened it.

- Walnut wood with a velvet hair and a thunderbird feather at its heart, 11 inches and relatively rigid, it hasn't recognized anyone since its creation three generations ago. Try it Mr. Potter, try it.

Adam took the wand in hand and instantly it clicked, he felt the wand's powerful ambition. His vision went black and he saw an immense blue bird, standing at the center of a wild storm of which he was the master, and its mighty cry shook the heavens.

Adam suddenly let go of the wand and the connection was broken.

- Incredible, simply incredible.

Hagrid chose exactly the right moment to enter the store.

- What's taking you so long?

He paid for the wands and walked out with the two boys. He then drove us to London station.

- Meet at 2pm at platform 9 ¾, the Hogwarts express will take you straight to school.

And before the boys could even ask him any questions, he disappeared.

- Let's go," Adam suggested.

"Good thing I know the way."

Adam led Harry to platform 9.

- There's platform 9 and platform 10, but where's 9 ¾ ?" asked Harry.

Adam shook his head before showing him people dressed in horned hats crossing a wall.

- OH! 

The two boys broke through the wall. If Adam had to describe the sensation it would be like walking through a curtain of cold water, but without getting wet.

A huge red train loomed up in front of them, swirling vapors escaping from the black and red locomotive, creating a mystical halo around the Hogwarts Express, as if magic itself were trapped in those graceful wisps. The high-pitched whistle of wheels on rails echoes, as the train stands majestically on track 9¾ at King's Cross station.

The carriages outside sported a mix of black and red, adorned with the letter "H" for Hogwarts.

- Let's hurry, Harry," urged Adam.

Harry may not have known how famous he was, but he did, and given the number of journalists present, they weren't there for tea. 

So they quickly boarded the train and deposited their large suitcase in the designated compartment.

They found an empty carriage and settled in to await departure.

- Wake me when we get there," Adam yawned.

And he closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep so as not to interrupt Ron Weasley's scheduled arrival.

And it was only half an hour later, when the train had already left, that the compartment door finally opened.

- Hello there! May I sit here ?" rang out a childish voice.

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