3 Chapter 2: Performing magic

So, here I was, looking at Harry Potter. The boy who wore the strongest of the plot armors.

The boy who was very gullible, I mean...trusting.

The boy who could really use some of my help (and I could use his).

The heir of the Potter family, and a descendant of the Peverells.

The gears in my head started spinning.

How should I go about this?

I shouldn't show suspicious behavior or otherwise if Dumbledore reads his mind then he'll become suspicious of me.

Actually, I don't really want to get involved with this calamity striken person at all. One Darklord is after him like a male yandere, while another Lord (Not sure about his Alignment, dark or light), is trying to control the poor boy's whole life like he's just a tool to be used and sacrificed in the end for 'the greater good'.

I am not at all, a good person, per se. But but dude, if you're using him to save the world, at least give him something for it, make sure he gets a good life, teach him fighting, and 'not' sacrifice him at the end.

I won't be making any hasty moves. I should think about the consequences, and only take action if I can think of ways to not appear as a threat in Dumbledore's eyes.

I guess I am not a Griffindor. I am more of a slytherin type of guy. Though I won't be entering slytherin that's for sure. Not with my 'muddy' background. And don't go judging people as villains if Slytherin is mentioned. I simply meant that I'm ambitious and I don't blindly rush in.

Anyway, I had a lot of time. let's plan first. He won't be going anywhere anyway. I should at least make friends with Harry.

If I use him, then I'll make sure he gets a good life in return. I'm not a bad guy. Just a bit selfish.

I can help him in a lotttt of ways. His current life is so shitty, if the novel was to be believed, that I would have helped him out on the abused thingy even if I had nothing to gain from it.

I started pondering on all the options available to me at the moment. I went through the memories of this guy to know about everything I can this world. After thinking everything through, I came with the sad truth that, I can't simply not get involved. I need an investment to start the plans that are forming ceaselessly in my mind after actually coming to a fantasy world. I don't think I have it in me to simply wait and do nothing for the next 5 years and start Hogwarts simply as an orphan muggle-born. I need money and there no other way to get the money. If we're somehow successful in pulling this out, we'll both be filthy-rich.

If his future is getting used, then it's better to get used by someone who won't ask him to die for 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘨𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥. Looking back, the guy never had good life until the day he killed Voldemort.

'Just see how I change your life from today.' I thought, trying to justify using him.

'But my body...'

This body is weak and skinny, it's not nearly as bad as Harry's. I should be able to handle school bullies. I know basic hand-to-hand combat. My uncle was in the army, go figure.

It seems that I have been in my thoughts for quite a while since it's lunch break now. Oh, the memories tell me that there is a mess hall for eating food here.

'Let's go meet Harry. I can already somewhat anticipate how this is gonna play out.'


Harry's POV:

"Hey, can I sit here?" Harry looked up to see a boy, Christopher if he remembered, looking at him with a neutral expression on his face. No, there is a slight smile at tugging at the corner of his lips. But it's better than the sneers of contempt that Harry usually faces everywhere else. Then Harry realize that while he was looking at Christopher, he had already sat down in front of him and had already started eating.

Harry wondered why he wasn't sitting with his usual friends and sitting with him of all people.

'Maybe he forgot about Dudley's warning to everyone about not talking to me. ' he thought to himself.

Just then, Christopher spoke up to break the silence. "You seem to have a lot of appetite."

Harry looked down on his plate and saw he really was eating a lot compared to other kids since he can't eat much back at the Dursleys but then he looked at Christopher's plate and saw that he was also eating a lot.

"You have taken more than me." Harry couldn't help but point out.

"Well I have to stock up, since sometimes the kids at the orphanage where I stay try to bully me." he said between the bites.

Harry was surprised to meet someone who had the similar circumstances as him. but he also thought why he was referring to them as 'kids' as if he was an adult. it seemed rather funny.

'So, he's also bullied.?' After hearing that, harry somehow felt a bit more at ease while talking to him.

They talked to each other for a bit, and Harry was feeling more and more happy while thinking if this was how having a friend felt like. But then, Chris suddenly dropped a bomb while he had just started to tell Harry about his circumstances at the orphanage.

"They call me a freak since I can do things they can't. Things like...what you did last month when you suddenly appeared on the roof when Dudley and his gang were chasing you."

Harry was too shocked by what Chistopher had just told him.

Was Chris also a freak? And, how did know about the roof incident? Even Harry himself wasn't sure what had happened at that time.

"Harry, if want to talk about it, meet me at the park where you usually play Harry hunting after school. And don't worry about Dudley and his friends. I can handle them easily."

he said looking fully sure of himself.

Harry didn't believe that... but he still agreed to meet him. After all, he wanted to know why he was a freak and why was he treated like that by the Dursleys.


MC P.O.V.:

I was currently waiting at the Park for Harry to arrive.

"Shoo- I'll let you guys off lightly this time. And don't you you EVER dare you go against me. Got it? And stay away from Harry or you be in form another 'lesson' you hear me, you maggots?!"

"Yes sir" all of them answered fearfully, just like I taught them to.

'ah they are too easy to handle for me. After all expert bullies can easily handle amateurs.'

"Wow" I heard from behind. Glancing back, I saw Harry Potter standing there, looking at me like I had vanquished a dark lord for him.

Huh, the irony.

'Well, let's get to work... I'll definitely make him into a good pawn, I mean friend. '

"Oh hey Harry, didn't see you there."

He snapped out of it and greeted me.

"Err... Hi Christopher."

"Just call me Chris.You must have come to ask for the roof incident right?"

Seeing him nod apprehensively, I continued, "Yeah well I saw you at time and I heard them call you a freak. So I think we are similar. You want to know why?"

Seeing him reluctantly nod, I brought him closer as if I was telling him a secret while I also secretly put something in his pocket without him knowing.

"Don't tell anyone, ok? It's happened two days ago- There was this kind old lady who saw me doing something similar to what I saw you do when I was being chased by the orphanage kids. That lady called out to me and told me that I had magic. And she taught me about a lot of things, Harry. You see, Harry, what we did back then was simply magic. believe me, magic is real.

That old lady can do a lot of things with a wand. And she told me why we're treated that way is because other people are jealous and afraid of it!."

Harry seemed to be in a daze right now. I know he won't believe me right now. and that why I had prepared (stole) a trump card before coming here...

" Ok Harry, I'll have to show you some magic to make you believe."

And, from my pocket I slowly took out... a deck of cards.


5 mins later

"And check your back pocket Harry". I told him.

He did. And found a card in it.

"Is this the card that you picked, Harry?"

"No way..." he muttered in disbelief. "How are you doing all this".

I gave him my best mysterious and enigmatic smile,

" Magic Harry, magic."

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