HP: I Have "Pure" Magic

Author: Snollygoster
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What is HP: I Have "Pure" Magic

Read ‘HP: I Have "Pure" Magic’ Online for Free, written by the author Snollygoster, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: (Check out my new HP fanfic! It's better than this one and the best on the platform!)In the Wizarding world, everyone kn...


(Check out my new HP fanfic! It's better than this one and the best on the platform!) In the Wizarding world, everyone knows what's Magic. But... does anyone know what's pure magic? Join Chris as he explores the wizarding world and realizes that... the books couldn't even describe the half of it. There's more to it than just a Tom, Harry, and Dumbledore. .... Chris is a smart and talented college student, but he had no motivation in life. What would he get after studying for hours like a dog? Money? He could find easier ways to get that. Then, fortunately, or unfortunately, he died and reincarnated to the Harry Potter world. "I have magic?!" Finally, he had found something which he could never get bored of—Magic! The eccentric genius with a penchant for breaking rules has got his hands on magic in his favorite world. He finally has a purpose in life— to explore magic to its very limits! -> Starting Point: A muggle-born orphan with nothing to call his own. (This book becomes great in the later chapters. The beginning chapters need rewriting since I was just writing for fun in the beginning so quality isn't as good as the later chapters, though they are still bearable since this book has 20k collections. The MC is a bit evil/scummy in the beginning but his character improves as his relations with the other characters deepen.) ********************************************** (Magic theory), (unique magic), (MC with high potential), (romance), (Harrypotterworld),(comedy), (Dueling), (Power Flexing) ********************************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) Link: Patreon.com/Snollygoster (You can read ahead and take part in polls here.) ********************************************** I'll be posting this on Royalroad.com as well. Discord: https://discord.gg/TR3KKAhu9r ********************************************** ->Word count: 1000-1500 words upto Chapter 70 1500-2000 words from chapter 71 to 90 2000-3000 words from chapter 90 onwards ********************************************** Disclaimer: So, most of this obviously belongs to J.K.-Billionaire-Rowling. I'm just writing a fanfiction out of it. The cover art is sadly, not mine either. (Also, the title used to be "I Have Magic" but since the story is more about exploring this great variable called "Pure Magic," I change the name a bit. ) Also, try reading "HP: A Magical Journey" as well, if you haven't already read it. The book's great and the author helped me out a lot!

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So, this review is after I've written 90 chapters of the story. First of all, I'd like to say that this is a story through which I'm improving my writing. And as you might have noticed, it's currently improved enough to have quite high rankings if I update it regularly. It starts off cliche, since I didn't have anything planned at that time, but as the story progressed I had quite a few strokes of geniuses and was able to put some very unique and interesting factors to the story. Now, the character, the story, and the world has me so engrossed that I can't quit writing this story halfway, neither can I just rush it. Though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be allowed to do that even if I wanted to, since many readers are even more immersed in it that I am. So, whoever actually read this whole rant, I'd give you some useful info. as well: ->Pacing: Slow-medium ->Lenght of chapters, from chapter 90 onwards, it's 2000-3000. since there are pátreon suppoters now. ->Pairing: Undecided. There's romance, but not yet committed relationship. There will be sweetness and quarreling. But there will be no drama like ntr.


is this novel dropped? please tell if so.... it's been 24 days without any update from the Author ...... I would appreciate your response...


Reveal spoiler


I am gonna be honest this novel has an amazing Take on what i think is ancient Magic. Also i am currently in the freshest chapter and there is Hope for a Dragon Girl Waifu. P.S Author the Anime From the GIF's i posted is Called "Seikoku no Dragonar".


a good Harry Potter novel. those dissatisfied should at least give it a try till 10 chapter or more to see if they like it. the story still didn't reach the best part but author give a good foundation and perk for his character till the chapter I read. the biggining is little clumsy and have plots here and there but if u get over that u will get a good novel. I won't say it's the best but still there is a reason it reached first rank in ranking u know.


Writing Quality: Excellent! There's barely an errors. Every paragraph explained very clearly and can easily understand. Story Development: The Best! At the first chapter, I already hooked and thirst for more. Every part were explained why and what happened to make my curiosity intensifies! Character Design: Christopher Maxwell, our dear MC of this story. A reincarnated dude who's enter wizardly world of Harry Potter, and make the Protagonist of this world as his Lackey since Harry is too ignorant and naive reconsider his age. Christopher a character that sometimes give you Aizen vibes since he's kinda cunning and little bit of sadist and also has good sense of humor especially when he's included some famous Memes. The young master part were my favorite though, while Super Saiyan is the second. Why? I like the humor more than power up part. Aside from Chris, other characters also has their personalities, an interesting some, when interacting with Chris since he's planned to corrupt them with his pranks and humor. Well, there's a lot about this to explain, so I shall End it here. Updating Stability: Not much to say... It's great, it put smile on my face. World Background: Mostly center around Hogwarts. I don't care much about it as long I know where.


Reveal spoiler


Its gooooooooooood. I dont usually write unless I have something to say or an opinion to share but since a review is sometimes needed to make the author aware that his hard work is appreciated I have decided to review. Your work so far has been quite good and refreshing to read even though it at times becomes predictable. It is not your fault tbh, the harry potter verse has been so throughly fleshed out by either canon or if not that then fanon that introducing completely new or foreign concepts is practically speaking impossible but still it is the challenge that authors such as you take on, to bring life and uniqueness to your fics. Firstly you have tried to branch out in a different direction than most fics and it suprisingly still maks sense, so kudos to that. Secondly you have tried to flesh out your character quite a bit, it does sometimes stretch a bit at the robotic side but still not bad. One thing I'll say is that failure is part of life. Perfectness is a concept foreign to a human mind so writing a character who never fails (or doesnt fail in any significant way) takes away from his human side and makes it seem robotic and artificial but even then you have managed it quite well. Mainly I would say that you have been doing an amazing job so far. Yes, there is scope for improvement but dont we all have that? 😂 So good job so far and keep writing. Signing off D3M1G0D_007


Reveal spoiler


Can you Add fleur to the love Interest of mc? 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


amazing more pls.............................................................................................................................................


absolutely love this story , the start is well thought out , it's entertaining, the romance part is very interesting. overall a 10/10. Great job author


to the Author thanks for the chapter 😁 and a bit suggestions and a question I need to ask. so the question is : 1. what his animagus form will be ??, as for the suggestions : 1. could you give him two animals form since he is a soul that stuffed inside another person body or recreate the ability of a Metamorphomagus by exploring internal Magic. 2. Also can you make a reason for his ability to sense magic (including the Trigger) a bit more special so no one can duplicate his feat in it, since he is reincarnated from different universe,( like the soul of the boy before he is reincarnated fused with his soul without his knowledge so it will justified his memories, or something like that ) keep up the Badass work👍


usually i dont ever bother reading harry potter fanfics as I genuinely hate the entire harry potter series. but a friend of mine recommended me to read this one. all in one this is above A tier fanfic. You took a bit of different approch than other authors. This got a bit boring in the middle. but the hype got up as you introduced vampires in a different way. so i am pumped up to see what direction this fanfic goes.


Reveal spoiler


great work just make sure MC doesn't keep lying to his close ones I get it that he can't tell people about him being reincarnated and his power(power part due to not enough occlumency of the other person) but make sure he reveals his power to atleast tonks(dora) though because I don't like how he just keeps piling lies upon lies(and half truths) to people close to him the reason that Dora would become jealous of his talent won't work in the future when they are in a solid relationship.


You have here very unique approach on Harry Potter World on how to get stronger , very different from usual HP fanfic , give it a chance you will love it


Really good fanfic. hope you don't drop it luke 90% of all the Harry Potter fanfiction that I have seen until now . good luck 👍 ...........


Enjoying it. just keep it up. and Don't suddenly stop updating. ################################################№##################№########


where are you author-san come back.. ....... ...... ..... ...... ........ . .... ...... ......... ......... ......... ........ ....


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