HP: I Have "Pure" Magic

(Check out my new HP fanfic! It's better than this one and the best on the platform!) In the Wizarding world, everyone knows what's Magic. But... does anyone know what's pure magic? Join Chris as he explores the wizarding world and realizes that... the books couldn't even describe the half of it. There's more to it than just a Tom, Harry, and Dumbledore. .... Chris is a smart and talented college student, but he had no motivation in life. What would he get after studying for hours like a dog? Money? He could find easier ways to get that. Then, fortunately, or unfortunately, he died and reincarnated to the Harry Potter world. "I have magic?!" Finally, he had found something which he could never get bored of—Magic! The eccentric genius with a penchant for breaking rules has got his hands on magic in his favorite world. He finally has a purpose in life— to explore magic to its very limits! -> Starting Point: A muggle-born orphan with nothing to call his own. (This book becomes great in the later chapters. The beginning chapters need rewriting since I was just writing for fun in the beginning so quality isn't as good as the later chapters, though they are still bearable since this book has 20k collections. The MC is a bit evil/scummy in the beginning but his character improves as his relations with the other characters deepen.) ********************************************** (Magic theory), (unique magic), (MC with high potential), (romance), (Harrypotterworld),(comedy), (Dueling), (Power Flexing) ********************************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) Link: Patreon.com/Snollygoster (You can read ahead and take part in polls here.) ********************************************** I'll be posting this on Royalroad.com as well. Discord: https://discord.gg/TR3KKAhu9r ********************************************** ->Word count: 1000-1500 words upto Chapter 70 1500-2000 words from chapter 71 to 90 2000-3000 words from chapter 90 onwards ********************************************** Disclaimer: So, most of this obviously belongs to J.K.-Billionaire-Rowling. I'm just writing a fanfiction out of it. The cover art is sadly, not mine either. (Also, the title used to be "I Have Magic" but since the story is more about exploring this great variable called "Pure Magic," I change the name a bit. ) Also, try reading "HP: A Magical Journey" as well, if you haven't already read it. The book's great and the author helped me out a lot!

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Chapter 13

A.N.: Important information: Mc isn't OP. I mean, sure he's got the potential to become OP but it'll take time and a lot of effort to actually realize all the things he's fantasizing about. All he's got is just one ability and that is, to sense magic inside his body. It's not my fault that that opportunistic basta*d keeps capitalizing on it.


(Mc POV)

In my previous life, I had realized several things about myself.

One of them is that, I am not someone who follows rules and stereotypes. I mean, I had thought that the reason I wasn't following the rules was just that the things I liked doing just happened to be against the rules.

But, after coming here, I realized that I just get a kind of thrill from going against the rules.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I do follow all the rules that I think are appropriate. Like, I never touched drugs and only drank on rare occasions (with pleasant company), but I always had fun proving some rules to be wrong or just thinking of some of them as a nuisance.

So I wasn't surprised by my performance so far during my stay in this world.

-I was casting magic differently,

-I was striving to do wandless magic from the start. (Which, according to British magical sheeps, can only be performed by some very powerful wizards and that too on a minimum level)

-I had started practicing magic with a 6 year old body while most wizards and witches are said to have started at 11,

-I had started to dabble in internal wandless magic which was never considered possible.

So, I thought 'Might as well screw the rules and common sense of the magical. I'll only consider them as a warning or advice. And decide if its worth following a particular rule or if it's just another thing that I could achieve just by thinking outside the rules.'

Now, this led to me discovering a new and better practice of occlumency by just adding something outside the rules in it.

It happened after I had discovered the potential of internal magic. And found out the method of moving magic inside my body through the trigger. I had already gone through the phase of clearing my mind and I was struggling to form shields inside my mind. I hadn't yet classified occlumency as an

internal magic and was wondering on the topic since there wasn't any mention of magic being casted in the books . So I once again started the process of shield making and this time, I tried to sense my magic flow.

And guess what,

I noticed that the magic WAS flowing in very small amounts towards the my mind and was slowly forming into the mental shields as I followed the instructions given in the book.

And that was it.

I simply applied the trigger after some concentration and then slow moved my magic

towards the head. Just a tiny drop at first. Pure magic has never directly harmed me, but still, it doesn't hurt to be cautious. Seeing no harm being done, I channelled a little bit of it while following the same instructions as book had. And the process simply accelerated....

I mean, normal people would need at least 3-4 years to reach the stage where they have made their shields strong enough to move move to the next part.

And that too if they give it a lot of time everyday. (not talking about naturally gifted like voldy)

And I am proud to say that I have already reached that stage.

Now, according to the books which I read the books in read in the library, I just have to organise my memories while building defenses. Then I can start working on showing false thoughts and memories. Now, it can all be done easily. Then I can get started on some uncharted territories in the mind arts with the help of my cheats...

Another wonderful thing about magic that I have found out is that- Pure Magic, without being shaped into anything has a very small passive effect of fixing the damage in the body.

Normally, I can feel most of my magic concentrated somewhere inside my chest area. And I found out, to my surprise, that I really can't pinpoint where exactly it is.

My most plausible guess is that it is in my 'soul'. But I like to call that area my 'magical core'.

Anyway, since the magic is concentrated at that place, whenever our body is damaged or has some problems, it comes out on its own in very small amounts and fixes up that area. Albeit at a very slow pace.

The reason I found this out was because I found out was because of the teeth I was missing had grown back remarkably quicker. But the magic flow so abysmally low that I didn't even sense it at all. Then I found out after some experimentations.

' So,' I thought. 'What happens if I consciously run magic through out my body in a much more quantity than the measly little amount that flows passively?!'

The results were quite satisfactory. I found out that I can recover very quickly from physical exertions by letting the magic just permeate through out my body in a small amount without any intent or purpose.

I haven't channeled much in this time since I found out that it is quickening my growth an it might be harmful if it's too much growth too quickly.

But I have kept a very very thin, steady stream flowing because,

-It is improving my control.

-it's gradually bringing my body at its best condition. i.e.,

it makes my bones denser, my skin without scars, my vision has become better, my height taller than most at my age, my muscles are more than more kids at the age of 7. etc.

- It's gradually making it easier for me to use magic. I mean, I have noticed my magic is flowing a little better than it used to.

It's a bit easier to activate the trigger too.

Anyway, moving on, I have made several trips to Gringotts in the these few months.

The first one for checking out if I can join in the ranks of the lucky bastards who've miraculously turned out to be an heir to some ancient and Noble family.

and..... YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE IN THE RE-SLUTS!!! (*cough* 'results' )















I'm not telling you!😇😇😇

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