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Transmigrated as Harry in HP /DxD world. What if Harry didn't grow up with Durslies? What if he was taken in and was allowed to grow to his full potential? OP Harry. Smart Harry. Mad Scientist. Doesn't Give a Shit. (Lots of HP Bashing. MC doesn't care much about DxD ) I will also posting this story on RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub and Fanfiction

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Word Count 1600

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Time skip 1 year.

Harry is 9 years old. and is currently in his 3rd year at Salem.

He passed his second year with perfect grades. He could have jumped another grade but he slowed down his studies a bit to focus on Runes. As it takes a lot of time and practice. Especially for the things he intends to put them on.

Currently, it was a Sunday and Harry and Hope were back home in the new House Harry bought with Voldemort's money. It was remotely located. With no neighbors for miles.

It was a regular big house on the outside. But on the inside the rooms were all expanded and even added more rooms. The entire property had muggle and wizard-repelling wards. And Anti-Scrying. So nobody will be able to use Divination to track them down.

There were many greenhouses on the property. All expanded on the inside and had many different kinds of magical plants.

The plants that he acquired from Voldemorts Vault have all been replanted. And new seeds from those plants have been sown as well.

Harry's Familiars love the new property. They can run around and just relax anywhere they want. Especially the little Thunderbird. Harry made him fake wing parts. They attach to his real wings. Allowing him to fly a little.

It's impossible for any long-distance or even short-distance flights. But the little guy can fly around the property with Harry on a broom. So he is extremely happy.


Hope was currently 11. And was growing up to be a lovely young lady. Especially with all the magical ingredients she and Harry eat to promote growth. Their bodies were tougher and stronger than their kids their age.

Especially with her bloodline. As the Tribrid, Hope has grown and gotten stronger. Both physically and magically.

When you have a mad scientist as your Master, Lord and Teacher. You are bound to pick up a few things. She was Harry's assistant. She helps him with basic tasks in magic so he doesn't have to. But even that requires her to have quite a lot of knowledge.

Melinda is still the same grumpy old lady, She enchanted Harry a new Rune Pen.

Since the old design worked by heating up the Alchemy Metal Alloy and using that to carve materials.

Harry wanted one that was similar to a laser. that he could just the width and depth of the carvings.

So after a bit of trial and error and Major modification to some light charms. Now they had a laser pen powered by magic

Something that made Harry's life a lot easier. She was debating whether to patent the idea but decided against it. Her new device would speed up the process of rune carving by a lot. The profit that she would get from the 'patent' would not be that much. And it would be better to keep it a secret so she can be ahead of her competition. 

And she can't be the only one to have made this device. It might not be the same, but probably some lesser version of it. And they probably had the same idea as her and kept quiet about it.


"Harry. We have called you like 5 times. Where are you" Melinda calls out, she and Hope were looking for Harry.

They enter one of his studies. The room was filled with wood, stone and metal carvings. All in different piles. The room was quite literally filled to the brim. Runes were carved on all of them. Different sizes, different languages, different techniques. Carved, burnt, painted on... any style that involved runes Harry had tried it. 

They heard a tapping sound above them so they looked up. To find Harry pacing upside down on the Ceiling. Mumbling to himself. He then summoned Mirror Alice and looked at his reflection while putting his palm on the mirror

"What am I missing?!"

He then got angry and scratched his head "Ahhh. I'm going crazy with this shit. How hard is it to make a floating fortress? I want my Ship!!"

Two facepalms snapped Harry back to reality.

"Wut?" Harry looked at them curiously.

Harry had made some serious improvements with Runes and Wards. Social Skills. Not so much.

"Lunch is ready. If you don't come we are starting without you." Melinda said with a sigh.

And at that moment


Harry's stomach growled "Right. I didn't have breakfast"

"Harry. You haven't eaten in 2 days." Hope said calmly

Harry had a confused look on his face "Two days. And you didn't call me?"

Hope took a deep breath. Trying not to smack him "I looked for you. You weren't here. "

Then Harry had a look of realization "Right... I went to a non-inhabited location to test out some wards. Sorry forgot. Well now that, that's behind us. Let's go eat"

Harry happily went to the dining room completely missing the strange expressions Hope and Melinda were giving him


"How's it going with your Animagus Form Hope?"

Hope looked up at Harry and had a thoughtful look on her face "Well, thanks to that Native American ritual. I found out that my form is a Bat as you know"

Harry smirked "Yeah the cuddly bat, the Flying Fox"

Hope just huffed "I'll have you know that I am happy with my form. Most bats are very ugly. The flying fox is cute. I'm just having trouble shrinking that much. When I go into full wolf form. I don't exactly shrink that much. My body weight is mostly the same. A bat is different. It's not like you can talk. Mr. Fancy Black Raven"

Melinda chuckled "She has got you there Harry. Though I guess we should have expected it to be a Raven. Ravens are very intelligent and curious. They also hoard lots of shiny and valuable items. Remind me how much treasure you stole from Voldemort again?"

"Millions. Too bad they are useless anywhere other than the Wizarding World. Stupid idiotic Galleons. At least the pure treasures and gems are useful. But I still don't want to overflood the market. And lower their value. And ironically I need the gold, silver and gems for my experiments. So it's not like I can sell them anyway. At least I saved money on having to buy them"

Harry sighed. He had bought a Sail Boat. A pretty big one. And Started making calculations for its ward Scheme. 

He wanted it up and running as soon as possible. Scrying wards are a pain to maintain. Especially if there are multiple attempts at scurrying the target under the wards.

Dumbles is getting more and more desperate as the years go by. Dumbledore wants Harry in Hogwarts when he turns 11. And was using his fast network to track him down. 

"Oh I have a small announcement " Harry perked up with a smile. 

Melinda looked at him with a raised eyebrow "What did you invent this time? A magical black plague? Do I need to be concerned on whether humanity will survive?"

Harry deadpanned at her "You think too highly of me. Though that's not a bad idea now that you mention it... No, back on topic. I have decided its time to officially hit the Black Market. Not just sell some poisons once in a while."

"Really?" Hope said with a surprised voice "I thought you were going to wait another year" 

"Nope, I present to you:

Vipers Weapons. (Logo of a wiper with a sword)

Vipers Poisons. (Logo of a viper with a drop coming from its fang)

Vipers Potions. (Logo of a Viper coiling around a potion bottle)

I already learned the spell that masks my magical signal. Creating my unique mark. I have chosen to take the name Viper for the Blackmarket"

"Don't we have enough money to last us a few lifetimes?" Melinda said with a curious voice. "What good would more money do?"

Harry smiled as he clicked his tongue at her like a teacher would 

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You are not thinking big enough. This is not to get more money. Rather to build a reputation in the Supernatural Black Market. So it's easier to acquire rare materials and ingredients.

There are some things that can't be bought with money, but rather traded with for other rare materials. So I plan to use large amounts of my fortune to just buy up rare materials and start trading them for ever rarer ones"

Melinda nodded "Not a bad plan. But it's going to take a while"

Harry scratched his head "Yeah. There is also a problem with our production speed. The ingredient production is still slow. I have been looking into the magic that helps the growth, but that messes with the quality of the plant. And I'm using good fertilizer and soil as well."

Harry sighed as he played with his food. "Isn't there a way I can speed up their growth?" 

Hope just chuckled at his childish pouting "Well tell me when you figure it out. I need to transplant the plants that have germinated from their pots to the farm." 


pots... soil...transplant


Harry froze in place 'Wait, I have been using ordinary basic enchanted pots, haven't I? What if... Noo.. Is it even possible?... But it should have been done by now.. Guess there is only one way to find out'

"Back to Trial and Error!" Harry stood up from his chair and dashed to his workshop

Melinda just shrugged and continued to drink her tee. She was used to Harry doing crazy things and getting random ideas. 

"I wonder what he thought of this time?" 

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