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Transmigrated as Harry in HP /DxD world. What if Harry didn't grow up with Durslies? What if he was taken in and was allowed to grow to his full potential? OP Harry. Smart Harry. Mad Scientist. Doesn't Give a Shit. (Lots of HP Bashing. MC doesn't care much about DxD ) I will also posting this story on RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub and Fanfiction

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A Year and Ship

Bonus Chapter. Drop some stones people

Word Count 2000

One Year Later. (Harry 10, Hope 12)


Headmaster's office

Dumbledore was sitting on his 'throne' and enjoying his sweets

One more year. Just one more year and young Harry will be joining Hogwarts. Then my plans can truly begin.

And I can finally get my hands on the Potters Wealth. 

Blast James for freezing the Potter accounts.

Five years ago, after all the chaos from the war had died down and everything was back to normal. I thought I would finally get my hands on the Potters Gold and Books. Only to find out that all accounts have been frozen and the Wizengamot Seat suspended.

James must have left instructions for the goblins. It must have been him. After all Young Harry has been with the Durslies all this time. My enchanted items also show he is there.

Blast you, James. I hope you rot in hell.

Sighh, at least I still have the boy. I will get access to their wealth, even if it's just a bit longer than what I had planned.

Arabella Figg is keeping an eye on the boy.

She tells me that they are overfeeding the boy, and that he is bullied and isolated due to his weight.

Figg's exact words were "Albus. He looks like a Baby Walrus."

Surprisingly this works better for my plans than I intended. Malnourished bodies can be fixed with Nutrient Potions. But there is no potion for Obesity. Otherwise, people like our 'dear' Minister wouldn't be so fat.

And a fat Harry would find it hard to dodge spells. Leaving him an easy mark for Top.

"Ahh, I love it when it all comes together so easily.

All for the Greater Good. Hoh, Hoh" Dumbledore laughed out loud and his Pheonix Fawks chirped.

Suddenly the FirePlace burst into green flames. And Figg's face showed on the flames "Albus, The boy is injured again. Broke his arm again"

Dumbledore sighed. "I'll be right there Arabella"

Might as well go and check up on the boy. As far as I know, the boy hasn't had any accidental magic, the magical core bindings I placed on him might be too tight. The boy is also fighting off Tom's Horurx and powering the blood wards. I was sure my calculations were right. Maybe Tom's soul is fighting harder than expected.

I'll go an loosen the binding. Harry is useless to me if he is a squib or crippled. Tom might just let him live just so young Harry can suffer. And I can't have that. Harry needs to die, so that Tom stops being immortal. Then I can defeat him and become the Greatest Wizard who has ever lived, Defeating Two Great Dark Lords. Surpassing Merlin Himself.

Dumbledore stepped through the Floo and arrived at Figg's house.

"Let's go check up on the boy shall we?" Dumbledore said politely, he put a Notice-Me-Not Charm on himself and Figg. And both made their way across the street.

And Dumbledore froze in place


"Yes Albus?" The old woman looked at the Headmaster with a confused look

"Who is that" he pointed at the boy on the ground who was clutching his eyes.

"Well, it's the boy you told me to watch over. He is the only child living at that house" Figg answers, confused why he was asking such a simple question

'That is not Harry Potter... that should be Petunia's child... That amulet'

Dumbledore focused on the boy's neck 'He was wearing a necklace. An Amulet of Clumsiness. That was the reason he was getting so injured. The amulet also had a hypnotic effect. Making the person keep wearing it...wait.. the only child?'

Dumbledore looked into Arabela's eyes and quickly read her mind. All the way back to the day he left Harry Potter on that doorstep. Arabela has never seen him. It was Dudley who was getting injured all the time. Someone kidnapped Harry on the day he had left him, and moved all the blood wards and blood-tracking artifacts on Dudely. The Blood Wards are powered by the boy and Petunia's lifeforce...'


A phoenix appears in front of Dumbledore. Who quickly grabs his feet.

Fawks Flame Travels back to the office in Hogwarts.

Dumbledore quickly rushes off to the shelves. He grabs Three Spining Trinckets.

Harry's blood was in those trinkets. Using blood magic Dumbledore can track his health and location. Obviously, they have been neutralized but they still have their use. The blood can be used to get a precise location on Harry

"I need to make a quick Scrying Ritual. I need maximum precision. Phoenix Ash will do the job, it's one of the benefits of having a Phoenix, limitless amounts of Ash that is incredibly useful for Rituals.

~ In the middle of the ocean. A boat was slowly sailing across the waves.

Harry was enjoying the weather and sun. It was the weekend and he also planned to skip classes Monday and Tuesday. There was less and less for him to learn at Salem. As soon as he finished his Ship, his attention moved from the wards back to his studies. He naturally went overboard and was now in his Final Year in Salem.

This summer he would reveal himself to the world and would turn 11. Which meant that he can go and get his gold from Gringots. But the Gold is not as important as the Potter Books and Artifacts. 

Suddenly Harry jumped up. He felt an attack on the Anti-Scrying Wards.

"Heh. So I have been finally found out. Let's see what Dviniation has to say about this"

Harry pulled out a deck of Tarot Cards. They are his go-to tool for Divination. The only thing that he can use somewhat accurately. Divination is a very fickle subject.

Tarot cards consist of the 22 cards from the Major Arcana and the 56 cards from the Minor Arcana. For a total of 78 cards

Harry spread the cards around and picked the ones that he felt a connection to. The cards he picked were: The Magician-Upright, Wands. Wheel of Fortune-Upright.

Two from the Major Arcana and one from the Minor Arcana. (Wands)

The Magician can be interpreted as a warning that someone is going to try to fool you.

Wands represent the element of fire. Which is about passion and creativity. They may also represent intuition and spiritual development.

Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of changing fate and a need to take action to ensure your destiny.

Harry hummed "Usually the name of the card doesn't signify much.

But the way I see is like this. The Magician or in this case, a Magician with a Wand will come and try to fool me and he has the element of fire. Fate is changing, signifying my escape from his clutches.

Huh.. I don't think I have ever gotten a reading as clear as this. This is Dumbles no doubt about it. Well if that's the case. Let's mess with him a bit. Time to show what this ship can really do"

~ FlashBack a few months ago.

"Harry... What is this" Melinda stared blankly at the Harbor.

"Our new home" Harry puffed up his chest with pride.

"Harry.. didn't you say you were going to enchant and ward a sailing boat."

"Yeah, I did say that" Harry nodded, his grin never leaving his face.

"Then why is there a Big Wooden SHIP floating on the water" Melinda grabbed his shoulders.

"It looks like a pirate ship" Hope commented

"That's because I designed it with something like that in mind. Ladies meet Lily's Dream. I decided to do something nice and name it after my mother. From Melinda's investigation, my mother always dreamed about having a big family and traveling the world. The ship is 20 meters long Caravel."

"Where are all the ropes that I see in the movies? Lily only has a few ropes." Hope pointed out causing Harry to grin even wider

"That's for old boats. This one might be made out of wood, but its much more modern, not to mention, that the ship is alive"

Melinda's head turned so fast to Harry that there was a neck crack "What do you mean!" 'Please tell me he didn't make a ghost ship'

Harry tapped on the wood " This is magical wood. It's the main reason why I scrapped the small boat design. The magical wood together with the wards and runes will make the boat a lot safer. Not to mention the little Peverell Family Magic I used. The boat has a slight sentience and will avoid danger at sea if it senses any.

It was hand built by expert muggle craftsmen. I drew runes and enchanted the boards before they were assembled.

The inside has dozens of rooms that have been magically expanded to its maximum. Each of us has our own room and workstation. This ship is fully equipped with all modern appliances as well as a motor just in case. All the sails can be controlled through motors or magic. I didn't want to risk it if we ended up in some weird anti-magic area. The 3 of us wouldn't be able to command this ship alone. So the motors will do the work for us. "

Hope and Melinda were just walking around, inspecting the ship. It was obvious that both of them were very impressed. This place was better than Melinda's fortified house. A fortress floating on the sea.

"So?" Harry asked them, even though he knew the answer

"Oh all right. Excellent work Harry. You might have paid people to built it, but I can sense the Wards and Enchantments. This ship is a work of art. You have outdone yourself" Melinda beamed with pride"

"Thanks" Harry nodded to the woman "Now lets go and have some fun. I can't wait to try this baby out" Harry jumped on the ship and started to untie the ropes before Hope and Melinda boarded the ship

~ Back to the Present.

Dumbledore slammed his fist on the table. One of his trinkets exploded.

He had used the blood to Scry for Harry Potter and Failed.

"Damn, even with the Elder Wand, I can't scry his location. Harry must be under some impressive wards"

Dumbledore prepared another ritual, he used even more Phoenix Ash alongside some precious materials to get a clearer reading.

~ On Board the Ship

"Hehe. Take this you old goat."

Harry Drops the Anti- Scrying Wards. Meaning anybody would be able to find his location. And that is the biggest reason he decided to get a ship

~ Hogwarts

Dumbledore succeeds in his second attempt.

Only to find it showing in the middle of the Ocean


No one can please Anti Scrying Wards on a boat that are strong enough to block.

They must be shifting his true location, showing false ones. That's a highly advanced technique. Who in the world kidnapped Harry Potter?

The third time's the charm


Harry was laughing his ass off while activating the wards again. He felt another attack that was blocked. Ahhh, I can't wait to destroy that old goat. I'm a proper Mid-Class right now. Even if its the very beginning of it.

Most wizards are Low-Class, which means they pose no threat to me. But Dumbles and Moldyshorts are Mid-Class as well, solid Mid-Class and they have more experience than me. 

Well if it's experience that I'm missing, then I just need to go and get some. I heard there is a Wizard Necromancer posing as a Dark Lord in Brazil. 

Might be interesting to go see and check it out. Might learn something new to add to the Peverell Grimoire. 

As soon as summer starts. Things are going to get a lot more chaotic and even more fun. 

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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